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    as a person who enjoys watching movies and finds entertainment and art in cinematography. this movie was alright. the ending was pretty intense but to get to that point was kinda boring but it kept me interested here and there. the drive of the main character was great. the idea of calling it OPERATION GERONIMO... *sighs* as a native american, that's kinda offensive. haha! and so those who read this. natives are not happy about that one...
    as for zero dark thirty. pretty neat to watch.
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    I can honestly say that this is the best film of the year and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. I went to see this film with my boyfriend and did not expect it to be good at all, I thought it will be just another action film about catching a really bad guy, boy was I wrong. The film was very suspenseful and it was made in a very interesting and unique way, I was very impressed and I liked that the director did not manipulate the audience. I also think it is a great film to share with your daughters, that is if they are old enough to watch very explicit torture scenes. Overall, I thought the film was very innovative and very well made and I think it must be seen on the big screen.
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    My boyfriend really wanted to see this film so I caved and went to see it and I am very glad that I did. This film was really good and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters, it is definitely worth your time and money. The film was made in a very interesting way, it did not rely on audience manipulation and built suspense in a very different way, I really enjoyed it. I think it is one of the most innovative films of this year and the director Kathryn Bigelow deserves a nomination for it. The film is very interesting, smart and relentless, the whole 157 minutes of it I was on the edge of my seat and I loved it. Overall, this is a must see film and it is worth your time and money.
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    This is a drama about how an elite team of intelligence and military operatives took down Osama bin Laden. This was an absolutely amazing film and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. I have never seen the film made this way, it was innovative and imaginative, the way the filmmakers built suspense was very different from regular action films, it was so refreshing. I could not find anything wrong with this film and that is a very rare thing for me. The film is hard to watch and in the same time it is impossible to look away, I was glued to my chair the entire time. The film is very smart, fast, and I can honestly say it is the best film I have seen this year. Overall, this film is a must see and I will most likely see it again.
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    I give Zero Dark Thirty a lone star. Why? It is lying propaganda. The Director, Bigelow, bases her film on the efficacy of torture in finding Bin Laden, which is a big totally ugly lie. The American people once more are fed lies and will accept torture because it works. But torture did not lead to finding and killing Bin Laden, and torture does not work.
    One more point: torture is wrong, totally wrong. If you support torture, what wickedness will you not support?
    This propaganda film opens with 911. How sad is that? I'm so fed up with our national bs.
    Zero Dark Thirty will make more bs popular. Do you want more of this? If you don't, don't go to see it.
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    I thought Zero Dark Thirty was a much better movie than Bigelow's Oscar winning movie The Hurt Locker which I found to be very overrated. This movie is about a CIA officer named Maya (played by Jessica Chastain) who is hellbent on uncovering where Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan. She is totally obsessed with finding the whereabouts of the world's most wanted man, and she will go to any lengths possible to find out. She will even torture those she suspects may know. It's almost chilling to watch the coolness with which she watches terrorists, she just doesn't seem to care and she is almost robotic. The best parts of the movie happen after she arrives in Pakistan where she comes face to face with bin Laden. I hope that this movie doesn't get drowned in all the controversy because the movie is just a movie -it's entertainment, not fact, and should be treated as such.
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    Personally, this movie just really shocked and even repulsed me. Maybe it's because we're so close on the heels of that horrible shooting in Connecticut, but I just couldn't stomach the scenes of violence and torture. My husband couldn't either, which is why he almost walked out. I'm glad, however, that we both decided to stay and finish the film because it is riveting even though it says things that I have difficulty accepting. For example, the movie implies that torture works. Does it really, though? And if it does work even in a small percentage of cases, does it matter if all it does is help us hunt down evildoers that will be replaced by other bad guys the moment they're taken down? This movie makes you think and will propel you into political and philosophical discussions that you probably didn't have after watching 'The Hurt Locker". I think it's a shoe-in for a Best Picture nomination, though it probably won't win.
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    This is a very difficult film to review. That it is high art is not the point of contention. That it solidifies Kathryn Bigelow’s position as one of the best directors on the scene today is also not the argument. What is important is that it is a fictionalized retelling of a non-fiction event that collides with history and fact.
    Maya (Jessica Chastain) is an almost zombie-like CIA analyst who wants to hunt down Osama bin Laden. She isn’t motivated by bloodlust or ambition. She operates only out of a sense of duty. This is her job, and no one will outdo her at her assignment.
    She watches stone-faced as suspected terrorists are tortured in front of her; she doesn’t wince or blink when the men begin producing information that she believes may or may not be true. History tells us that the torture techniques known as “enhanced interrogation” produced mostly false confessions and convoluted intelligence. "Zero Dark Thirty" says that may be true, but that it also helped us capture and execute bin Laden.
    Maya gets the golden nugget she is looking for, and finds herself on the path to bin Laden in Pakistan. The movie then spends the rest of its second half dramatizing with superb tension the capture and murder of bin Laden.
    Many are up in arms at the fact that the Bigelow seems to imply that intelligence elicited via torture was helpful in uncovering bin Laden’s whereabouts. It is important to remember that this is fictionalized account of what really happened. It is also equally (if not more important) to remember that torture – no matter what its justification – is antithetical to humane values in the modern world.
    If Bigelow’s dramatized account of what happened to bin Laden becomes a definitive piece of dogma in the nation’s continued quest to grapple with its enemies, it may be time to wonder if the pursuit of our enemies has any other purpose than to simply make us what we despise.
    And if so, is there a fate more cruel than that?

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