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Release Date: Sep 07, 2012

Genre: RomanceDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I actually really enjoyed this film. I’m a semi fan of Bradley Cooper. The rest of the cast of Words is really good as well including Olivia Wilde and Jeremy Irons. This film is about a writer who is struggling (surprise, surprise) and finally writes the novel of his dreams, which means it is successful. However, he didn’t actually write the novel, he found it. The story follows the odd telling of his story along with the story of the book he wrote. The reason I liked this film is because it was original. I don’t think I have ever seen a story like this. It was interesting and exciting and kept me focused through the entire film. Definitely a movie I would recommend to friends
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    This was not a good movie and I don’t think it is worth seeing in the theaters unless you want to waste your time. The story within the story within the story is not an easy thing to do and it is not the most original thing to do and the makers of this film failed on both ends miserably. The film lack fluidity, it is was hard to watch and follow and it was also unintentionally funny (and trust me it was not meant to be funny). The film was smug and over-plotted and even though it had a great cast it did not utilize them in the best way. Overall, i felt like I was wasting my money and time watching this film and that is not a good feeling when all I wanted to do is have a good time in the theater.
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    “Did you really think you could steal a man’s life and expect there would be no price to pay?” So asks a mysterious but angry figure known simply to audiences as The Old Man, played masterfully by British thespian Jeremy Irons. If only the rest of the movie carried as much gravitas as Irons is able to convey in this simple line when the full revelation of the story comes to head.
    The Words is a movie that is much better on paper and in theory than in actuality. It plays as a basic game of cat and mouse, except that Irons isn’t playing the cat. Bradley Cooper’s Rory Jansen is both cat and mouse, chasing himself and tormenting his wayward soul with his own deep seated sense of guilt and moral failings. He has, after all, gone from a struggling writer to an overnight literary sensation with a story that it turns he did no write but merely stumbled upon, presented as his own, and reaped the maximum benefit. When The Old Man reappears on the scene – haggard, homeless, and full of quiet rage – he promises to make Rory pay for his obscene transgression.
    It all sounds like it should be thrilling and full of suspense – how will Rory extract himself from the clutches of a man who has seen not only greatest life’s work taken away from him, but who has been hardened by failure, death, and poverty? He has nothing to lose, while Rory has everything to lose. Oh, the suspense.
    Alas, it all boils down to one thousand shots of Bradley Cooper looking dazed and confused, which is a pity because it could have been so much more. The movie never allows itself to go deeper because it thinks the only thing that Rory should be feeling is fear. What would compel a man to throw away everything he’s worked so hard for without so much as a thought as to the potential consequences? It’s something that The Old Man has had to live with, but only dawns on Rory once it’s far too late.
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    I'm not sure exactly what happened to Bradley Cooper's career. but lately he seems to be picking all the wrong projects. He had a good run with The Hangover and Limitless (and arguably The Hangover 2) but after that he's been seen in mostly duds. His supporting role in Hit & Run was good, but the movie isn't going to be seen by as many millions as saw either of the The Hangovers so if he benefits from it at all remains to be seen. The Words is the latest dud in his resume. It tries really hard to be something that it thinks is pretty cool and captivating but is really just another droll stroll through the land of Hollywood's favorite suspense story device: the mind. I like Bradley Cooper, but he seems hella confused in this role, just looking perpetually perplexed when he should know by now to try other facial expressions. Jeremy Irons is spot on, but even he can't save the film from total irrelevance.
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    Nice try, guys, but no cigar. Actually, no cigarette even. This movie is a novel concept (pardon the pun) but it never really takes off the way it should. You keep waiting for something big to happen, but mostly it's just Bradley Cooper looking scared and out of breath in scene after scene and shot after shot. I guess it makes sense that the character he plays thinks he's being chased down by a man who wrote the book he ends up saying was his writing (he stole it) but it seems like he's mostly just running away from his own sense of guilt. If anything saves this movie from total abyss and obliviousness, it's the masterful work done by Jeremy Irons who plays his part like a crownless king, one who knows his position but who has seen it snatched away by an unworthy usurper. His performance is the only real reason to watch this movie: he makes it walk even when the situation insists that the movie trip over itself and fall to the ground.
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    Wow, could Bradley Cooper be ANY dreamier??? I doubt it, because with each movie he's in he seems to just get sexier and more suave... be still, my heart, lol! No, but in all seriousness, I really liked him in this movie because he plays a character who isn't like anyone I've ever seen him play. His character has shades of grey and he isn't a bad man but he isn't exactly a stand up guy either. He's very flawed, and one of the mistakes he makes on his way up the ladder to success is to take credit for the one thing that makes him a national sensation as a writer. His character is very believable because we've all been in a situation where we could have done something bad and nobody would know (or we thought nobody would know) and then the truth comes out. I think Jeremy Irons is superb in the movie and I hope he gets nominated, he gave me chills in every scene!!! EEK!!!
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    This movie was the cat's pajamas yo! So suspenseful, it had me on the edge of my seat in the theater all throughout, I was so curious as to how it would end! Suffice is to say it did not disappoint, thanks mostly to the awesome chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons who plays the leads. I totally bought their relationship as thief and owner and I could see what the director and writer were trying to do by showing how guilt ridden Bradley Cooper's character was but also why Jeremy Irons's character was so unforgiving. It's pretty scary stuff at time but nothing my boy B Cooper cant handle (actually, doubt me when I say that!). Zoe Saldana is good too, though she's mostly there so that B Cooper has someone to get the original book from. I thought this was much better than "The Possession" and somehow managed to scare me a lot more than a ghost story.
  • 5
    I was shocked to see that this movie garnered only 17% on rottentomatoes. I had seen the trailer and was deeply intrigued by the story so I knew I had to see it when it came out. Boy, am I glad that I didn't listen to the critics because this movie is SUPERB. It has it all: intrigue, suspense, romance, and the story of a man who tries to right but ends doing everything wrong. Basically it's the story of a struggling writer who happens upon a fantastic story written by somebody else but which he claims he wrote. The book goes on to be a smashing success and then one day, voila, the original author walks into his life and demands that the man pay for stealing his work. Bradley Cooper if good in his role as the wayward writer, but the scene stealer is Jeremy Irons who plays the part with such perfect relish that you can't help but root for him, even if he's kinda the bad guy. Just like when he played Scar in The Lion King. Really great movie, I'd even take my kids to it.
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    I thought this film was way too confusing and pretentious and I did not like it at all and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. It is a story within a story within a story and it is all way too literate and way too confusing and remarkably boring all in the same time. The characters are not developed enough and I did not really care for any of them to succeed or fail. The main problem is that Cooper’s character is a real jerk and there is no way to like him which makes the whole film pretty pointless.
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    The Words is a film starring Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons, Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde and more. The movie definitely has an all star cast to boast. The Words revolves around a struggling writer (Bradley Cooper) who finally catches his big break and writes the next great novel. However, the twist is he didn’t really write it. This movie is a combination, or rather gracefully switches between a romance, thriller, and drama. I really liked this film. It was very interesting and a story I hadn’t really seen before. I can imagine this would be a great movie for novelists but honestly everyone would enjoy this film in my opinion. The movie was clever and fast paced and kept me interested the entire way through.

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