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Release Date: Jul 27, 2012

Genre: ComedySciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (R)

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    Ben Stiller has been in some good movies in the past. Because of this, and a kind of fun description of the movie at this site, I went to "The Watch". With out exception, it was the worst, most disgusting movie I have ever been to. I suppose I should have been given notice when I had never heard of the movie and then suddenly it was at the Dollar movie. If you are planning on a fun comedy, don't go. If you are planning on a well presented movie with an intriguing plot don't go. If you have anything else you want to do with $2, don't go. If your favorite word is F___, then you might like the movie.
  • 2
    I did not like this film at all and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I am so sick and tired of films like this one and I wish they just stop making these stupid films. It is a predictable and lazy film that uses disgusting humor that is not funny at all. I guess guys (in my opinion stupid guys) might like this film and might even find it funny but I can not imagine that anybody else will. I think the filmmakers did not care about this project too much because the whole film feels sloppy. Overall, I regret that I spent money on this film and I hope you will avoid this mistake.
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    No wonder our kids are the way they are. What a gross example this generation is showing them.
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    Worse movie my wife and I ever saw. Can't believe those good actors would stoop so low as to be involved in a movie like that. Stayed until the end and it never got better. Was thinking of leaving after the first 10 minutes and demand a refund. Anyway, don't waste your money.
  • 5
    Did you see "Pineapple Express"? Remember how totally hilarious it was? If you do, then you'll want to check out this new movie with Ben Stiller where he plays a straight laced suburban Costco manager who goes a little bonkers when one of his employees gets killed. He decides that it's his duty to save the community by starting a neighborhood watch group which is where Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade all come in. They are the hilariously crazy group of neighbors in town who decide that they have to take their town back from the sc** that's making their perfect suburb a less than ideal place to live. There's a funny twist in the story that you won't see coming, but it makes the movie that much more enjoyable (it's definitely not something you saw in The Hangover). Stiller is the star of this muy funny movie, but I think Jonah Hill stole the show. He can do anything with his perfect comic delivery!
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    Maybe it's just me, but all these gross-out movies about male bonding are getting lame. If guys are so desperate to bond with each other, then JUST DO IT, I say! Why do they have to wait for something like the murder in this movie before they decide they need some quality man to man relationships? This movie was eh, sorta funny, sorta suspenseful, though since it was written by Seth Rogen, I guess you should expect tons of pot jokes and female characters that are really not that interesting. This one is about the guys and only about the guys - the women in the story are just there so that the guys can have someone to complain about to their bros. I wish they would make a movie about men bonding with each other that didn't portray women as drab, dull, and drags on the men. It's just so reductive and simplistic (and also sexist!) that I think men start to believe that the best way for them to be happy is to keep women at bay at all times. Is this really what we call entertainment?
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    My boys are HUGE diehard fans of Ben Stiller, thanks mostly to the "Night at the Museum" movies that they loved when they were kids. I also enjoyed his movies like "Meet the Fockers" and "Meet the Parents" (it's always nice to see Barbara Streisand on screen, such a rare treat) but this movie should come with a warning: not for kids! I took my kids to see it since they're teens now but it turned out to be too much of a stoner movie and a lot less of a comedy movie. My boys thought it was ok, even they didn't laugh that much, so I guess they weren't that impressed with Ben Stiller's act as a goody two shoes husband and father who thinks he has a duty to protect his community (I won't give away what he thinks he should be protecting them from, because that gives away a lot of the story). I thought Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn were pretty good, but it was Richard Ayoade who stole the movie - he was the one character we all wanted to see more of!
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    Watching Ben Stiller's latest comic misfire, The Watch, was a very personal experience for me because it seems to be based on the Chicago suburb in which I was raised: Glenview, a very nice, clean, and self-satisfied portion of the North Shore known for its wealthy residents and their almost limitless ability to throw their weight around (stop by any local store and stand in line at customer service - oh the stories you'll have to tell!). It also doesn't help that co-star Vince Vaughn is a native of the area as well. Alas, I wax too much ineloquence.
    The state has been changed to Ohio, but the level of crazy among the residents is the same, thanks in no small part to the lead character Evan, played by resident straight man Ben Stiller. There are his 'bros', Bob (Vaughn), Franklin (Jonah Hill), and Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade). Evan is a do-gooder manager at a local Costco who believes that of a man's house is his castle, then his affluent community is his kingdom. And when an employee of his is found gruesomely murdered, he does what any rational human does in 2012: start a neighborhood watch. A king must defend his kingdom, especially when it sells 36-pack supplies of jumbo toilet paper.
    The movie is really not about violence or guns or murder. It's really just an excuse to get four guys to start a group together to show how sensitive men really are under their skin and how they so deeply and desperately want to bond despite their inability to express or even acknowledge their feelings. Oh, and they throw an alien into the mix because it's a summer movie and that makes it exciting . . . I'm guessing. Needless to say, you can see the jokes coming from miles and leagues and continents ahead of their arrival (it's written by Seth Rogen) so if this is your thing, you will get your fix of pot, p****, and poop jokes.
    By the way, I don't know who managed to do it, but somehow they got the brilliant Rosemari DeWitt to co-star in this lowest common denominator buddy movie as Stiller's wife (which essentially means she has nothing to do but stand there as proof as a hetero normative male). Whoever talked her into doing this should be lauded and then fired. Lauded, for pulling off the feat of getting her in an unthinkable project she'd almost surely otherwise never touch, and fired . . . for getting her into an unthinkable project she should never have touched.
  • 5
    LOL you guys, and by that I mean you'll be laughing out loud when you see this movie! There has been a lot of bad and ugly news lately related to the movies (you know what I am talking about) but this movie will help you forget those troubles. My boyfriend and I totally love Jonah Hill, he's just so freakin' hilarious! He plays an offbeat do-gooder type in this movie and you just want to high five him after every line, he's SO spontaneous and natural. If you loved him in 21 Jump Street (and who didn't?!) you should see him in this. He gets to share screen space with such comic legends as Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, which is my favorite part of the movie. They are all super hysterical together and you can just tell that they had a total blast shooting this movie. I didn't really care for the whole alien thing in the movie, but I still laughed a lot and I think you will too. Bring your funny bone, it's gonna get tickled!
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    Ben Stiller's movies are known for being (how shall I put this?) less than artsy fare. Apart from "There's Something About Mary" and the "Meet the Fockers" movies, there is very little on his resume that makes you want to watch him on screen at all. In fact, I'd say that he's one of those actors who is a better celebrity than a movie star: he's funny on talk shows and at award shows, but in a straight movie he usually just doesn't bring the goods, even though he's a pretty talented and funny guy. The trend continues in his latest comedy wannabe "The Watch" where he plays the straight man to a group of funny weirdos that includes Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. This movie is funny in parts (though not as many parts as I would like) and it's basically another buddy comedy about male bonding like "The Hangover" or "Due Date" but I think the trend for those movies has passed. Nobody wants to see a bunch of middle aged guys (and Jonah Hill) pretending to be high schoolers playing pranks on an alien. I would say that this movie will probably only be watched by uber diehard fans of Jonah Hill. It's not bad, but it's not exactly good either. A toss up.

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