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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Release Date: Feb 01, 2013

Genre: ComedyHorror

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 4
    I thought this film was pretty good and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I thought them was pretty interesting and quite funny and I had a lot of fun watching this film. It is a character-driven film with a great cast and the film won me over with it’s charm and humor. I liked the atmosphere of the film and I thought the message was good as well. I really enjoyed watching Nicholas Hault, he is a talented guy and a good actor and I am happy he is getting some attention in Hollywood, I am looking forward seeing more of him in the future. Overall, I think this was a cute and quite interesting romantic comedy with a twist and I recommend seeing it in the theaters.
  • 4
    I have to say that I kind of liked this film and I think it is worth seeing the theaters. I liked this film because it managed to add something new to the subject that seems to be everywhere. Even though Zom. cohas been done before, I thought this film managed to add something unique and I enjoyed that. The film has very subtle humor and emotion, even though it is not laugh-out-loud funny, I found it to be real funny and genuinely sad. Basically, the film was truthful to everything that it wanted to say and that was the best thing about it. I also really enjoyed Nicholas Hault’s performance, I think he is a great actor and I hope to see more of him in the future.
  • 5
    I suppose that a story like this one is fodder mostly for those who love science fiction. But the people I went to see it with are definitely not hardcore sci-fi geeks like yours truly and they still seemed to enjoy this movie. A lot of us were sort of propelled into a deep philosophical discussion in which we argued over whether we could or could not ever love a zombie,lol, not that it's a choice that really exists in the world as we know it. Still, it's an interesting concept to think about and to argue over with your friends. Some of us thought that we could if the zombie was fundamentally good- after all, zombies were once human beings, right? Just like the orcs in the Lord of the Rings were once elves who became corrupted. This is a good movie for the family, though I wouldn't bring young kids to it. They might not be able to tolerate the zombie's behavior. Everybody else will enjoy it, I'm sure.
  • 3
    I must be in the minority on this one because I genuinely have NO idea why everyone is so obsessed with zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc. now. When did our favorite ghouls and goblins suddenly become objects of romantic attraction? I think I have to lay the blame on JK Rowling, who made witches and wizards have full fledged romantic love lives. Only with Twilight, however, did it become nauseating. I liked this movie a whole lot more than I thought I would, though I think that the entire premise is pretty absurd. A zombie saves a human girl from a zombie attack and then the girl ends up saving the zombie from a human attack? Okay, okay, we get it. Humans and zombies don't like each other. I guess what bothered me most was that I thought this was basically a rehash of Romeo & Juliet but with feuding species instead of Italian clans. Go fig. It's entertaining, but not very logical.
  • 5
    I gotta say that I have never gone into a movie with lower expectations and walked out so pleased as punch! My gay bestie wanted to see this because he think Nicholas Hoult is totes cute and presh presh so I knew I had to go. But as much as I liked Hoult's performance in the movie, the thing that really swept me off my feet was how it portrayed people my age as being more than just emotional messes that only respond to hormones and what not. The two leads who are teens/young 20 year olds really have a strong bond. I especially loved how the girl was more than just another whimpering whiny damsel. She stands up to her father and she demands that he learn to accept the zombie R as more than just a freak of nature. John Malkovich kind of scares me a lot (he is INTENSE) but he plays his part well. I don't know the girl's name in the movie but she was the best of the whole lot, methinks.
  • 5
    Whaddya get when you take a teen boy zombie and let him rescue a cute human teenage girl? A human-zombie love story, of course! This movie is really great. I was smiling, chuckling, and even choking up occasionally throughout. It makes me kind of amazed that people are able to respond to such stories with so much integrity and ingenuity. It's not often that moviegoers think of zombies as anything other than flesh eating walking corpses. I think the reason the movie is so watchable is because of Nicholas Hoult. I knew that I had seen him somewhere before and then it hit me that he is the grown up of the kid he played in "About a Boy" which is like my mom's favorite movie! I couldn't believe it! He is a really good actor, and he has been his entire career. He makes the zombie believable and he also makes him sympathetic. I have a feeling that this will be the beginning of another supernatural romance franchise. It's really great stuff. Kudos to the team!
  • 4
    So let me just say categorically that as a dutiful mother I have sat through every single "Twilight" movie that has ever been made and I've done it for no other reason than that I love my kids and wanted to see with my own eyes what they love so much as the "greatest love story ever told" (their words, not mine). Well, the "Twilight" movies have come and gone and I can't say that I miss them at all, but I can say that as far as love stories between humans and non-humans go, this is probably the best one I've seen since Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". I am not crazy about Zombie movies, but this one really got to me because it has a tender heart. I like the whole idea of monsters being sweethearts deep down inside and I think that a lot of people will appreciate this message, especially given all the terrible news of late. The movie isn't scary at all, it's more sweet and funny than creepy. I would recommend it to all ages above 12.
  • 5
    Well, well: a supernatural teenage trans-species love story that is actually good? Even occasionally great? Yup. Put down the pitchforks, Twilight fans. This is one movie that proves teen love can do more than make you want to split your vampire coffin open. This is, quite simply, the anti-Twilight.
    At its heart (and it surprisingly has a lot of it), Warm Bodies is about how a zombie becomes humanized when he is shown kindness by a human girl who reserves judgment of his monstrous ways. Now, you might be thinking, well, that’s pretty dumb. He’s a friggin’ zombie, for crap’s sake. Yes, R (Nicholas Hoult) does things like eat human brains and speak in a manner that sounds like orgasmic moaning, but it isn’t his fault. He’s been rendered that way thanks to an epidemic that left much of the world’s population as zombies. But he sort of remembers what it was like to be human. Sort of.
    And then there’s Julie, the sweet and smiling pretty girl who is saved by R from an zombie attack. She sees him as something more than a monster, and soon the two of them are thinking of each other as friends. One of them might even want to be more than friends. Is that weird? Sure it is. But it isn’t cloying or emotionally stultifying like the Twilight series was. If you’re hoping I’ll stop bashing the Bella-Edward love story, fine. Let it be enshrined at this year’s Razzies.
    Warm Bodies is just right in its deft touch: tender without being sentimental, and funny without being farcical. Much of the credit belongs to lead actor Nicholas Hoult, whom you will remember as the troubled boy of About a Boy and the gay teen in A Single Man. He really sinks his teeth, so to speak, into this role, making it something to relish. He’s art Romeo, part Lone Ranger, and part Frankenstein. And that, believe it or not, is just right.

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