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    Truth is .. my mother got me started on this series and I ended up growing attached to them .... Even Kristen Stewart lol. Very nicely done end to the saga. Won't disappoint.
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    I am just trying to find out if I will be able to watch this movie I really really really want to but am not able to see the times because I have to write a stupid review to a movie I havent seen
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    omg twilight is the best movie collection of all time and when breaking dawn part two was released it single handedly took over the world imean serously most people thought this was the last movie and when that ..... accured imean whoa i dont wanna say to much to let people know what happend their gonna have to see for their selves i love bella and edward but if this movie was surranded around jasper and alice it would be awesome too ! thanks for putting on a great show and please make plenty more and dont break our hearts !
    love one of your biggest fans Brionna M.
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    The most popular and most awaited movie series of our generation will soon come to an end this year 2012, this month November, the twiglight saga the breaking dawn part 2 will be release. Many people watch out for this movie, not just teens, not just girls, but everyone, no matter what the age you are. who's not enjoyed watching a story of a woman fall in love with a vampire?
    Who would not be glad and happy when someone protects you and would do everything to defend you, even to sacrifice his own life? many people, specially the girls are hoping for it.
    People watching twilight since the beginning, (from first encountered between bella and edward, how they first confessed their feelings and love for each other, their ups and downs situation, but in the end, nothing is impossible in the named of LOVE (which many people admire),the first encountered between bella and jacob, (that so many people assume that they'll be having a relationship),the effort that jacob made to proved his love for bella, even though he renounce his own clan,so many people are so excited to watch the last part of this movie.
    last year, the movie, twiglight saga the breaking dawn part 1, is where bella and edward got married. so many sacrificies and decisions to be made. at the last part, bella got pregnant, resulting for Her body to became weak as the days passed by, and as the baby inside her grow and came to life. in the end her body can't take it anymore, so the last option that can edward be made is to turn bella into a vampire..(and many people became excited. what will happen if bella turns into a vampire? can their little baby be save?)
    and then, when edward turned her into a vampire, nothing happens, so they thought that its too late, they just save the baby and thought that bella died..
    (but i know, many people has a feeling that bella is still alive, and she'll be come back to life before the movie ends. (whahahaha, i thought that also) .. so before the movie ends, bella open her eyes!
    that's the end, leaving people so many thoughts and exciting feelings.leaving them the same questions, "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? But one thing is for sure, that they can't wait to watch the part 2 of this movie. they'll be looking forward for a beautiful ending of this most amazing movie series of all time.
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    Honestly the movie is better than all the others. I found it a little cheesy but it gets better. If you read the book you will be at the edge of you seat thinking "no way" "no this.." "what" "how"...... I use to be really in to the Twilight books, not really anymore I mean they are okay but I just got over that type of story I guess, so I was not sure if I really wanted to see this movie because the past ones were not filmed very well. But all in all I did enjoy it. I would go see it again with a friend who had not and not feel like I was being tortured.
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    My friend is a complete nut about these movies and it is embarassing to admit but I kind of enjoyed this last one as well. I have only seen the first movie of the franchise and I thought it was pretty horrible so I did not see the rest of the films. My friend just broke up with her boyfriend, being a good friend I decided to cheer her up and go see this film wit her. I went into the film knowing that it will be pretty bad but to my surprise I did not hate it as much as I thought i would. This last film is definitely over the top but it has a nice flow to it and it was eventful and quite exciting. Overall, if you are a fan of these movies you will absolutely love this last installment.
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    Dear god in heaven, what is this?? I only went to see it because my girlfriend insisted that we watch it for her birthday and I now I feel like the movie ruined our otherwise perfect date! Yea, there's a little more action in this movie than in the other ones, but otherwise it's basically the same old moody teens sulking and skulking around at a negative speed! Why do people think these stories are entertaining? It's not about Good Vs. Evil like Harry Potter or even The Hunger Games; I guess I just don't get it. My girlfriend who is a big fan of the series likes the books a lot more than the movies so she always gives the movies a try to see if they can meet her expectations. She left disappointed (just as she did the previous three times) so even she thought it was lame. On the whole, I'd say that this whole thing deserves to be wrapped up sooner rather than later and hopefully this is last we have to see of these teen vampires...
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    Yeah, I know, I'm hella old to be watching this movie, but i gotta give it props to the cast for making this movie watchable. Yeah, it's not Citizen Kane, but then it's not trying to be, so I think we should all just sit back and appreciate it for what it is: a teenage love story for teens. I think the movie works well because of the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Whatever their real life issues are (I don't even know if they're still together or not), they obviously share an intense connection that translates well on screen. I would say that Taylor Lautner is almost incidental to the story here, he doesn't have much to do but show his face because we expect him to. The relationship between Bella and Edward is much richer this time around because they have married and are having a baby and Bella has given up her mortal life. It's kind of sappy, but it's entertaining sap.
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    Okay, you guys, just ignore the haters - this movie is AMAZING!!!! I have loved the love story of Edward and Bella for as long as I can remember and Breaking Dawn 2 is a brilliant finish to one of the best love stories I've ever seen in recent years. The Cullen clan is battling the Volturi, just as Bella is expecting her vampire baby (it's not a spoiler to reveal this). The movie has an awesome, mindblowing climax. It's so action packed and full of adrenaline, I get chills just thinking of it! It's nice to see all of our favorite characters back on screen together where they get to kick bad guy booty like it deserves to be kicked! Robert Pattinson walks away with the movie, and I think that even though it's Bella's story in the books, it's definitely Edward's story in the movies. The director made sure that girls would fall in love with him just by the way he is presented - he's too darn pretty to be real! I loved it, and will see it again. A+ all the way you guys!
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    This is easily the best of all the Twilight movies. I grew up reading these books and watching the movies and even though they're not as good as Harry Potter (especially the last two flicks and ALL of the books), Twilight has its own charm that too many people dismiss just because it's cool to be too cool for Twilight. The stories are actually really interesting when you break them down. I liked how the author takes a really basic teenage love story and makes it something super special by making the hero a vampire. This is the final culmination of the story and all the good guys are back to battle all the bad guys, which makes the movie a lot more fun and action driven than the last couple ones. Kristen Stewart is really good in this one and finally owns the role, though I think Robert Pattinson is easily the best actor of the bunch. Taylor Lautner is also decent in his part and manages to keep his clothes on for most of the movie - watch it!

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