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Total Recall

Total Recall

Release Date: Aug 03, 2012

Genre: Action/AdventureSciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 4
    I'm not sure why people would be comparing it to the "original" file with Arnold S. - I don't think it was meant to be a remake of that one. Nonetheless, I found the movie entertaining with all the special effects.
  • 2
    So my boyfriend was really excited about this film and even though I have never seen the original film I agreed to come with him. I did not like this film and I thought it was a waste of my time. The movie was boring, it was all about the special effects and it had no heart or soul. My boyfriend was disappointed as well and told me that the original film was million times better. I did not like Colin Farrell in this film, he was so boring and did not do anything with his character and Jessica Biel was never a good actress and she proves it one more time in this film. Overall, I do not recommend seeing this film in the theaters because it would be a waste of your time and your money.
  • 3
    For a comic book nerd like me, there's nothing so thrilling as a movie that lets a hero live out his fantasy of being a true blue spy and a rogue rebel. Alas, this movie tries and tries (and then tries s'more) but it never really takes off. I am not exactly sure why they decided to try to remake this movie because there's really nothing in the new one that improves upon the original. They don't even really try to add anything new to the story, except that there are a couple of strong female characters in this version that weren't in the original. I think the script could have been much stronger if they had just tried to be a little more ingenious and try something off the beaten path. Instead, we get a ho hum action movie where a guy thinks everyone is out to get him and you really don't care if they do because he's frankly not that interesting. I was half rooting for the Chancellor character to win because he was far more interesting than the hero, which is rarely good for a movie like this. I'd say skip it or wait for the dvd.
  • 2
    The original movie from the 90s was way better than this one, I have to say, and that includes the terrible acting by Arnold Schwarzenegger! My boys like action movies and I think Colin Farrell is pretty hot so I figured, what the hey, there's something in it for all of us. Sadly, I was wrong, because this movie is just a whole lotta hot air. There's mostly action sequences where there should be dialogue and the dialogue that is there is so lame it sounds like it was written by eighth graders trying to their best at comic book language talk. Even my teens boys thought it was pretty laughable. And Kate Beckinsale as a three-breasted alien? Um, ok...yea, that's totally plausible. I like Bryan Cranston as the villain but the rest of the cast was whatever, as my kids like to say. Do yourself a favor and rent the original. You'll like it much more and you won't have to fight stay awake. What a snooze!
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    Whenever you're watching a remake of a movie, you should always ask yourself the every basic question of "Why does this exist?" In other words, if the film is a remake of a movie now considered a success or a classic, the remake must at least make an attempt to better the original - or maybe take a different tack on a fundamental element of the story. Otherwise, there's no point in t he remake, is there? Sadly, we can't say that about this remake of Total Recall. In fact, it should be called Not Even Half Way To Total Recall.
    The story is basically the same, though kind of watered down to include a family angle that I suppose is to make you think more highly of Colin Farrell's character Douglas Quaid, a factory worker who ends up experiencing a facsimile reality that goes terribly, horribly wrong. Quaid's dreams of being a spy are suddenly real, and his worst enemy, it turns out, is his kick ass wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale) who is hellbent on delivering Quaid's ass to Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston), the villain of the piece and leader of the so-called "free world". There he meets up with Melina (Jessica Biel), another booty-kicking female, who leads the resistance to take down the villainous Chancellor with Quaid's help.
    It's not that this is a bad movie - far from it, really, especially when the story really gets going and Cranston joins the proceedings. But what the film has in terms of action and adrenaline it is sorely lacking in dialogue and the development of relationships between characters. The dialogue sometimes sounds like it was lifted out of David Hasselhoff's Knight Rider.
    The best element of the movie are its many action sequences, especially the ones between Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, both of whom throw caution to the wind and destroy their foes with an almost delicious zeal that makes you wonder why there aren't more female action movies made. Maybe that'll be the dominant trend next summer. Or the summer after that.
  • 4
    I never saw the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger so if you're looking for a comparison, you'll have to ask someone else. The thing I liked best about this movie was the fight scenes between Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. Apart from Angelina Jolie, we never get to see a real action heroine and this movie has two of them together, kicking booty hardcore! I never really cared for Kate Beckinsale's action movies but this one has an interesting twist that makes her character much more relatable. She plays the wife of Colin Farrell who tries to live out his dream as an undercover spy with the help of a company that promises to let him live out a fantasy. Unfortunately, things go way waaaay wrong and his fantasy ends up becoming a nightmare. Colin Farrell is pretty good but I think the star is Kate Beckinsale. She's really super and I hope that if they make a sequel, she's the main character.
  • 2
    If you are a fan of the original film I am pretty sure that you will not like this one. I thought this film sucked and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. The movie was bombastic, soulless, numbingly repetitive and overall bad. It is one of those Hollywood films that try to numb you with dazzling images so you do not see how pointless and dumb the actual film is. This film seemed dead to me because there was no humor in it, no grace and the characters were also kind of dead and the dialogue was laughable. Overall, I had a horrible time watching this film and I think it was not worth my time or money.
  • 2
    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I was really hoping the film is going to be good because i loved the original and I figured with all the advances in movie technology this film is going to look amazing. It did look amazing but everything else was pretty terrible. This movie had no soul, no humor and no point and I left the theater very disappointed and slightly angry at the filmmakers who obviously did not care about this film too much. I was also disappointed with the cast, especially Farrell who was very bland in this film. Overall, ths film was not good and it is not worth your time or money.

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