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Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

Release Date: Jun 01, 2012

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 5
    This Movie Was Amazing Alot Of Action Best Kirestin Stewart Movie Ever
  • 5
    I think this is the best reinventing of a fairy tale in a long time. I saw Mirror Mirror and was less than impressed, to say the least. Then there is that show on ABC called Once Upon a Time which is pretty good sometimes but totally unwatchable at other times. This movie gets it right, thanks in no small part to the peerless performance put in by Charlize Theron. We all know she's beautiful and we all know she can act, but boy does she bring the goods in this role. She is utterly magnificent as the Evil Queen, a feat that I doubt even Angelina Jolie can pull off in the upcoming remake of Sleeping Beauty where she plays Maleficent. Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth are also good in their parts as Snow White and the Huntsman, but the movie is so dominated by the Queen that you might as well forget the others are even there. I hope she at least gets an Oscar nomination - Theron deserves it and more!
  • 3
    Hmmm, how do I review this movie? To be honest, I feel pretty ambivalent about it. Yes, I get what they were trying to do: take the Snow White story and make it all dark and sexy (like The Dark Knight does with Batman) but I'm not sure that it was necessary. The movie stars Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" fame as Snow White. She's a lot pluckier than we're used to seeing Snow White be, which I think is good for little girls and teens in the audience (like my daughter) but there isn't much in the movie that's very fun. I know I missed the original animated classic while watching this.
    Charlize Theron is incredible as the Evil Queen. She's downright terrifying at times - I know I jumped back in my seat a few times and I'm almost 50! She gives a great performance as she usually does, though I think the movie could have made some of the sequences less scary. A lot of kids were in the audience and I suspect they didn't know what to make of Snow White wielding a sword and chasing down the Evil Queen. Chris Hemsworth is good in his role as the Hunstman, though I think they may have wanted to cast someone older.
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    I thought this movie was excellent - really just superbly done. A lot of movies nowadays take traditional stories and fairy tales and reinvent them as darker and more dramatic stories. This is one of them. There are no cutesy dwarves or singing princesses in this one - there's just a girl on the run, trying to save her life, and a Queen who will stop at nothing to kill her. Pretty bad ass, right?
    Charlize Theron does a great job as the Evil Queen, though sometimes she seems a bit too young to be playing such a scary woman. The best character, however, was Chris Hemsworth's Hunstman. He is sent to kill Snow White but ends up admiring her and does not kill her. Instead, he tries to save her by taking her into the forest where they meet the dwarves. You know the rest of the story.
    Overall, a great retelling of a classic tale with lots of new excitement and action. I hope they do the same thing for other stories like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.
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    I enjoyed watching this film and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I was in a mood for a movie like this one and I had a great time watching this film. I like that the director put a dark spin on a very old fairy tale and because of that it felt more real. The film was amazing visually and it was well acted. Charlize Theron stole the film like usual and she remains the greatest actress of our times in my book. I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart and usually find her quite annoying but in this film she was alright. Overall, the film was entertaining and interesting and i recommend seeing it in the theaters.
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    First of all, yeah Chris Hemsworth is pretty freakin' hot. And Charlize Theron is drop dead gorgeous and can act the heck out of anything. But Kristen Stewart as Snow White? Really?
    I guess it might have to do with the fact that I really don't "get" her as Bella Swan in the "Twilight" movies. All she seems to do is sulk and frown all the way throughout, which I guess is supposed to mean that she's deep or something. All I can gather from her moody pouting is that she's annoying.
    The same thing holds true for "Snow White and the Huntsman". I like the fact that they made the story about the relationship between a hired killer and his would-be victim, but Stewart makes Snow White so different from anything I expected her to be like that she might as well be playing Bella Swan. Yeah, it's dark and glamorous and all that, but I'll take the Disney version any ol' day. Even "Mirror Mirror" was more fun than this dreck!
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    If you liked the very saccharine "Mirror Mirror" that came out earlier this year starring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, you probably won't much like this twist on the classic story of Snow White. But let there be no doubt: this is a far, faaaaaaar superior movie, kind of like a Peter Jackson-esque interpretation of a classic fantasy adventure tale that gets told with dark undertones and becomes essentially a story of survival.
    Charlize Theron literally owns the movie with her awesome portrayal of the Evil Queen, a woman so vain and insecure that she is driven to bloodlust and madness in her desire to be the "fairest" one of all. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Theron is quite possibly the most talented actress working today whose name isn't Meryl Streep. She's just awesome to behold in this film.
    My favorite sequence in the film was the one in the forest that's an obvious homage to the Disney animated classic from 1937. The way the elements of the forest come alive, with animals that seem almost more human than the human characters, is really something to behold. I'm hoping for a sequel, so long live The Queen!
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    Very good. Not quite the Snow White story I grew up with. I enjoyed how they developed a story so different to keep with today's interests, but managed to parallel the story we all know. I must agree with the other reviewers the Charlize Theron was superb.....loved to hate her! I recommend seeing this in the theatre. Enjoy!
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    I liked this film and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I am a sucker for fairy tales and i really loved this film. I thought that the director put a nice kind of dark spin on my favorite fairy tale and it was absolutely beautiful visually as well. I am not the biggest fan of Kristen Stewart but she was alright in this film, she plays a damsel in distress pretty well. Charlize Theron is amazing as the evil queen and she is no doubt one of the best actresses of our time. Overall, I think the film is worth seeing in the theaters because it is interesting and beautiful.

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