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Release Date: Feb 22, 2013

Genre: Action/AdventureSuspense/Thriller

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I went to a special screening in Austin. I was disappointed in the film. It is supposed to be based on a "true story" but I didn't buy the fact that an Attorney General would let some average Joe go out to find drug lords on his own.
    This is supposed to be Dewayne Johnson's dramatic breakout role. HIs crying scenes were embarrassing and the scenes that were supposed to be dramatic weren't convincing. The scene where he tells his wife that he's dealing with the drug cartel is lame and not believable. It's supposed to be a HUGE secret and he caves after a few questions.
    I also didn't believe that 3 punk kids could beat up this beefed up guy. He didn't even fight back. Didn't make sense at all.
    Some of the acting was good. Michael Kenneth Williams is proving to be a solid performer. He was scarey as the drug dealer. Daniel James and Lela Loren were the two best as far as I'm concerned. Their chemistry was HOT.
    I thought the action scenes were lame. How many times can an 18 wheeler bump cars and have them flip and catch on fire? The director is an exstuntman. He should have spent more time on developing the dialogue and making it more realistic instead of wasting time on stunts.
    I know this film was supposed to be a statement against mandatory sentences, but it was so lame I walked out not caring about the issue. I was more concerned with the fact that this guy was given 15 million dollars to make a mediocre film with good actors. I know 15 filmmakers who could have taken a million apiece and made 15 better films.
    All in all, I would say wait until it's out on DVD or Netflix. Don't waste your money at the theater.
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    Traditional storytelling begins with an exposition. The story told in this movie, however, is hardly traditional, so the exposition in this movie abruptly segues into the key event triggering all subsequent conflicts. Presumably, this reflects the way it would have happened in the true story this movie is based on: suddenly, unexpectedly, with no time to brace for impact.
    And that impact has ripple effects. A college-bound teenage boy makes one mistake, gets into serious trouble with the law, but makes the idealistic moral choice not to drag anyone else down with him, even though he faces the dire consequence of serious hard time in prison.
    His father (Dwayne Johnson), determined to keep that dire consequence from becoming reality, not only goes the direction opposite from his son's, but along the way double-crosses a man who works for him.
    Though selfish in this regard, he is willing to subject himself to hazards far greater than those faced by his unwitting accomplice, all in order to save his son. For that, he even reaches out to the seedy, violent netherworld of international drug cartels.
    The moral dilemmas his action get him into on several fronts, he doesn't think them all through. But then the times don't call for thinking; they call for action. And action this movie delivers galore. Pragmatic and moral choices engage in a sort of oblique arm-wrestling, and the prospect of emerging victorious competes with that of utter devastation of innocent lives.
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    Well, I'm torn. It's not often that I find myself wanting to see a movie starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson (still reeling from that Tooth Fairy movie) but I heard this one is decent so I decided to check out the midnight showing with my friends last night (or this morning, to be exact). It's decent as far as a typical Hollywood action movie goes, but it kind of tries too hard to be something more than it ever becomes that it's a bit of a letdown. I like the idea of the Rock not being just a big brawny bunch of muscles going around and throwing punches, but they didn't need to make it so lifeless for the first hour or so. It's just a lot of family drama and its not until the last 45 minutes that the movie starts to feel like a decent flick. And then the ending is definitely 25 minutes too long. I would say that this is strictly for action movie fans who don't mind it when they don't get that much action.
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    This was totally not my kind of movie, i would have never went to see it but I was with a group of friends who wanted t o see it so I was kind of forced into seeing it. I thought the film was not horrible but it was not good either, it was just like I expected, sadly mediocre. The dialogue was very preachy, the drama was not believable and it felt forced, the action was not that good either, finally, the dialogue was very preachy and annoying. However, Johnson was trying hard to save the film and I actually liked him in this film, he was the only entertaining factor in this film.
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    I did not think I will like this film but I actually had a pretty good time watching it and I recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film is based on a true story which is pretty scary and it definitely had the weirdest of the real life and I liked it. The film is terrifying at times but it is also relatable and that’s good, I also really liked Johnson’s performance in this film. I know, it is a weird thing to like, but I have to say that he might just be an actually good dramatic actor, I was truly impressed. Overall, the film was a pleasant surprise and i think it is worth seeing in the theaters.
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    "Snitch" is not only the best movie Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has ever done, it's also the best role he's ever been in. And the shocking thing about this movie is that the man can ACT! Yea, he's not exactly Brando but he's still someone who knows how to pack a punch- and I don't mean with a fist. He's a big muscley brawny dude but he's also capable of showing depth and sensitivity in ways that are really surprising. It's also kind of shocking to see him hold his own with an actor like Susan Sarandon on screen with him. I have a new found respect for the Rock and I think this should definitely open up new doors for him. The best thing about this movie was how it focuses on the story and not the typical action guy stuff that you would expect. In fact there's only like two beat-em-up sequences in the movie. This movie and role will do wonders for his career.
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    A lot of my teen buds who came with me to see this movie were expecting something more action-y I guess, and were disappointed that the movie actually had very little action. But I was far from disappointed. Yes, it's not what I expected, but it's still really good and I think that if you go with an open mind you will be able to enjoy the film in much the way I did. A lot of my bros were expecting a lot of pow-bam-bang em-up type stuff and when the movie didn't deliver that much of that they felt cheated. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Rock Dwayne Johnson is really trying to prove that he's so much more than just a pair of giant arms connected by an 8 pack. He really takes it on himself to prove that he can act, and act he does. Okay, he's not Daniel Day Lewis. He's not even Matthew McConaughey, but he is very talented and should get points for trying to be something more than just another action hero.
  • 5
    A lovely movie! No, really, I mean it! You'd think that a movie starring the Rock would be either silly or stupid or both, but this one is shockingly smart and even touching. As a parent, you will be touched to see just how far the father in the story played by Dwayne Johnson is willing to go to keep his son free from the wrong and long arm of the law. His kid does something stupid for a friend involving drugs and the police want to incarcerate him for 10 years. He's just a teen so that would mean an end to a bright future. His mother resents his father because after their divorce he wasn't exactly there for him in that paternal way. So the dad strikes a deal with the district attorney (Susan Sarandon) to deliver her drug dealers that she wants in exchange for his son's freedom. It all is a bit much toward the end but the thing that is most touching is the relationship between parent and son. I would recommend it whole heartedly.
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    If at first glance you look at any of the promotions for Snitch and mutter to yourself, “Oh gawd: an action thriller starring The Rock? This one’s gonna be as smart as a glass of water!” you should look for some humble pie. Snitch is, contrary to every expectation, a well-made, well-acted, well-written and surprisingly non-violent film.
    The story is not about a big hulking macho guy played by The Rock who is out to get the baddies or avenge some helpless victim. It’s about a sensitive father named John (The Rock) whose son Jason (Rafi Gavron) gets caught up in the wrong crowd and must do whatever he can to get him back. His son will have to serve 10 years in prison for the seemingly harmless crime of accepting a box full of ecstasy for a friend who wants to trip out with his girlfriend. Jason is too scared to tell the truth, so he must either turn evidence on the real drug dealer or risk a decade in jail. His father ain’t having that.
    So John hatches a plan: he will deliver drug dealers to the state attorney in exchange for his son’s freedom. It’s an interesting gamble – and downright bizarre when you really consider it – but it seems to be the only way out. This is one family melodrama that really puts a strange spin on the father-son relationship.
    To many who simply want to see The Rock beat up goons, this movie will be a major disappointment. The first punch isn’t thrown until well into the first hour and even then the action scenes seem to be deliberately spare and brief. Dwayne Johnson proves he has the mettle to be more than just a walking embodiment of testosterone and masculine menace; and that, in the end, makes the movie eminently watchable.

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