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Release Date: Nov 12, 2010

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerSciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (PG-13)

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    What a train wreck of a movie, terrible plot, laughable special effects, the attack planes looked like amateur radio control airplanes, actors did the best they could with such a terrible storyline.
    I sat through the entire movie hoping for some redemption but as bad as the movie was the ending was even worse.
    Really...Really.. I want my money back.
    Seems like producers just said "to hell with it" especially the end where the two main actors get sucked into the mothership in a Titanic like kissing event. Bahahahahha!
    Aliens come to our planet because they need our brains to control their bodies??? what a contradiction, in the last scene they rip the brain out of the main guy and plant it into an alien body, the main guy in the new alien body starts attacking the aliens to protect his wife and unborn baby!
  • 3
    good effects, but I've seen each variation of the monster in other movies... good ending, but the whole movie was predictable. The monsters were just re-arranged and re painted versions of matrix, alien, independence day, and the thing. Not worth 10.50. wait for file share....
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    This film is worth a watch. None of the 2 or 3 dozen at the 1 o'clock showtime walked out.
    This movie is part of Operation Blue Beam. It is psychologically front loading people to expect that there will be no real chance of escape.
    Along with District 9, there is a message that a person can become one of the alien beasts and, "It's still me." Skyline, like D9, also imprints the idea that becoming an alien grants one special strengths and abilities.
    There is strength in knowing Jesus Christ. Do not "pray the rosary". Beads and trinkets, candles for "saints" (pagan gods, really), and little statuettes of saints (read, "idols") will not help you. They are dead articles. A child can knock them over.
    Google for Man from Modesto and Blue Beam fake rapture. This is a dream vision from the Holy Spirit more than 10 years ago. I posted it recently-- before this movie came out.
    Trust in God, not beads, not in a fake catching up to the clouds.
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    This film is below mediocre. Here's why. The beautiful babes with large breasts and vacuous expressions are all right if you don't care that they can't act. Lots of guys will like them. The dialogue is idiotic, in the correct sense of the word, which is, "senselessly foolish or stupid." No truly adult male can possibly identify with any of the characters. Of course the film will make a lot of money because a lot of people don't care about such things. This is another Hollywood film in which the filmmakers failed to realize that most film audiences really do have some sort of intellectual capacity. If that doesn't matter to you, this film is for you. The special effects were not bad, but they didn't play a very significant part in the film. The filmmakers apparently believe that if their work causes the audience to feel frustrated and stressful, that it's the same as suspense. The alien creatures are interesting, but they are not developed. And you'll never guess what wonderful power humans possess that succeeds in defeating them: brute physical force. Sure. This is not a convincing picture. The plot doesn't work. It's not realistic enough. And the characters are based on Hollywood lowlife, not real people.
  • 5
    BEST science fiction movie ever!The previews really got me insrested.It was totally worth waiting threw lots of previews for other movies (witch I really don't like doing).All the aliens piloting those giant alien "dogs" and the mindcontrol light was so cool!!The movie was great and I hope to work with the Strause Brothers.And it was worth more than 6 or 7 $!
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    I could not wait for this movie to come out after watching the previews! I had my wife purchase tickets for us in advanced. After watching District 9(which i really liked) I couldn't wait for another alien sci fi to come out so opening night I was ready, got to the movies and expected a long line for this flick, there was no line. Got in the theatre expecting it to play in a big theathre, it played in one of the smallest and finding seating was not an issue.......these were all signs of a low budget movie possibly not so great movie.......and so it was.
    SKYLINE was like watchin a mix of Independance Day with some cool graphics and an old Godzilla movie with cheezy aerial battles with fake looking millitary aircraft. The movies starts very slow and never really takes off as far as a good storyline is concerned. You don't really
    find out much about the aliens, their operations, and reason for arriving on earth till like the last 2 minutes of the eat brains are you kidding me! If you want mild sci fi entertainment, okay go watch it, but if you want to watch anything that matches or surpasses Independance Day type movie RUN AWAY as fast as you can!
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    Worst movie ever! I feel much anger that I wasted my time on this steaming pile of suck! I had to sign up on this site to make myself feel better by venting and hopefully save at least one poor soul from seeing this epic failure! Learn from my mistake, please run the other way if you are thinking of going to see it. You can thank me later.
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    One of the WORST movies of the year!!!!!!!! Do not waste your money. It was so bad I don't know were to begin. Wait for it on the Syfy channel and if you don't have anything better to do (like laundry) maybe than you can waste an hour and a half. Maybe I'm being to hard on it, but it was really bad. Little kids might like it. There was no story line to speak of just special effects and even those could have been better. Stay in and watch tv, you'll have a better night:)
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    The Brothers Strause started as visual effects artists. It's pretty obvious watching Skyline that they might end there too. This low budget Independence Day lacks the fun and cheese of that earlier alien invasion film. Actually, it lacks just about everything.
    Eric Balfour plays Jarred. He and his girlfriend go to LA to visit their friend Terry, played by Donald Faison. They awaken from a night of partying to a strange light. That light belongs to alien invaders, who use the light to attract humans like moths to a flame and abduct them. The rest of the movie pretty much involves our group trying to escape (but maybe just staying put) and watching the government fight the aliens.
    You'll notice that the main actors are mostly TV actors, and that's what Skyline is: while its effects can be pretty cool (I'm sure that's where most, if not all, of the money went), it's just a bigger budgeted SyFy Channel movie. The dialogue is laughable, and not in a good way. There's not much for actors to do with that except to scream and react to stuff that isn't there. Even at just over an hour and a half, this movie goes on way too long, and I started wishing for commercial breaks. I would have even settled for being abducted at that point. It probably would have ended quicker than this movie did.

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