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Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill: Revelation

Release Date: Oct 26, 2012

Genre: HorrorSuspense/Thriller

Rating: (R)

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    I remember seeing the earlier versions of this movie which were entertaining and fun and definitely scary. (Well, ok, I was really young when I saw them but it still worked for me). The only thing I remember from the earlier movies was that I wished I had a dad like the one the girl had in those movies. He stuck by her no matter what happened and saved her from harrowing situation after harrowing situation. In this movie, the dad goes missing, and that leads to all sorts of terrible things for the girl at the center of the story, but in the end she manages to save him and get things sorted in the end. It could have been scarier, but maybe they were i a hurry to get the movie out so they just released what they had in 3D. I think it's mostly for hardcore fans of the video game or those who watch any and every horror movie. Otherwise if you skip it you won't be missing all that much.
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    This movie was a bust. It had like maybe five minutes total where it was actually scary but overall it was just weird and creepy and even boring. It's based on the video game of the same name and it tries to be like a hybrid between a thriller and a horror movie but it ends up falling in between. The whole idea of a girl losing her father and then finding out she's not who she thought she was is kind of intriguing but the movie doesn't go anywhere interesting. It just shows this girl Heather or whatever her name is constantly feeling like she's being followed or scrutinized by something and no one knows who or what it is. It's hard to care since we don't have an idea what's going on for most of the movie and then the pay off is so low for the investment that you feel totally cheated by the end of it. I wish there was something good to say about it...i guess the cgi was decent. The acting...not so much.
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    Wow, this one is for the history books! How did a responsible momma like me get suckered into not only letting my kids watch this drivel, but actually agree to sit in the theater with them as they watched it, our collective brain power falling by a good 100 points by the end of it. Is this supposed to be scary? Because I couldn't tell from how DULL this movie was. I let my kids watch one relatively scary movie every Halloween (how could I not?) and this was the one they chose this year. They said it was supposed to be a frightfest, unlike the one I wanted to see - Fun Size. But since we opted for this movie instead, we had to sit for there for 90 minutes pretending that we knew we weren't going to be bored out of our skulls and then just stare at each other in horror at the final credits. "That's it?" I said. That's it?? How can that be? Then my son said it was based on a video game and it all made sense. Never have I been so bored while expecting to be scared. NEVER.
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    I’m not sure why Hollywood ever makes feature length movies based on video games because they are always critically reviled and almost instantly forgotten by the audiences of teenagers that flock to see them in frappuccino-sucking packs on Friday nights across malls in America. Then again, these movies do make money (or at least break even) so that may be why there are so many sequels. Hence, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.
    I have no abiding interest in video games, so I admit I’m probably not the target market for this movie. It tells the story of a young girl named Heather who is running from “something” nefarious (I have honestly no idea who or what is after her, even after an entire 90 minutes of watching her run in terror). Her cohort on her journey into the land of made-up horrors is her father (played by Sean Bean) who mysteriously disappears on the eve of her 18th birthday. (Hey, at least she doesn’t have to get married like Princess Jasmine did). Suddenly, she starts to feel that she isn’t who she believes she is (though what she might be is still a mystery). There’s something about a broken family history and a bizarro cult thrown into the mix, mostly because I think the writer and director needed something to fill the movie with because how many shots of an emotionally disturbed teen can you include in one movie. It’s not exactly a novel concept.
    The movie will probably make enough money to justify another sequel, mostly because it’s only being released in 3D and that always provides a nice cushion for studios and theaters that know they’re selling garbage. Why people keep ponying up to pay, however, is a mystery to me.
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    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film is based on a video game and it really shows and not in a good way. I saw the film in 3D and it was way too much visual stimulation for me. This film had so much craziness that I could not digest it and I left the theater with an enormous headache. I am not a fan of scary films overall and I guess that influenced my opinion about this film but I think that even horror fans will find it to be trivial and silly. There are so many scary movies coming out this month and some of them are actually pretty decent, this film is definitely not one of them and I think it would be a huge waste of your time and money.
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    I thought this film was totally awesome and if you like scary films I definitely recommend seeing this one. I saw the film in 3D and I think it is worth the extra cash because it enhanced my overall experience. The world that is created in this film is scary, intense and insane and watching this film was definitely very entertaining and thrilling. I think that this film was made for a very particular audience and that audience will enjoy the crap out of this film. However, I can see how most people will find this film way too overwhelming and crazy.
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    I have not seen the previous film but i have heard that it was pretty weird and not good. My friend dragged me to see this one and i agreed just because halloween is close and I thought it would be fun to see a scary film. I thought this movie was alright but I was not impressed much by it. The story had some interesting details and turns and I thought the characters were pretty good because the actors did a good job but I was kind of bored throughout the whole film and I felt that it was predictable and unoriginal. That is the problem with these types of films, the filmmakers seem to be running out of original ideas and that is just sad.
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    This is a horror film about Heather Mason (Clemens) and her father (Bean) who are always on a run from forces that Heather does not fully understand . On Heather’s 18th birthday she loses her father and discovers something about herself that leads her deep into a demonic world. I really liked this film and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters if you are a fan of scary films. I thought the first film was pretty bad but i liked this one and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I thought the film looked pretty awesome and the story was interesting. I also found this film to be pretty scary and that was a nice surprise because i did not expect it to be scary at all. Overall, it is a great film to see in October because Halloween is so close and that is a great way to celebrate it.

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