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Safe Haven

Release Date: Feb 14, 2013

Genre: RomanceDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 5
    It's Nicholas Sparks. That spells GREAT in itself. However, he didn't write the screenplay but produced it, in part. Filmed where he lives in NC. If you know his life, he writes from true-life experiences. A lot of tragedy and hard-luck in his life. I HATE chick-flicks. However, for Nicholas Sparks, I'll see it. His characters are based on his own real-life experiences. Although composites, they ring very true. Thoroughly enjoyed the flick. And I'm a happily married guy. Not a chick. Bring plenty of Kleenex, all!
  • 3
    I thought the movie was great buy heard that the book was better!
  • 3
    I went to see this film with my girlfriend because she wanted to see something romantic on Valentine’s Day.Now, usually, you would never see me watching a film like this in the theater, however it was Valentine’s Day and I was trying to be nice to my girlfriend. The film was not as bad as I anticipated it to be, it was actually pretty enjoyable, that is if you prepare yourself before mentally that you are going to see a film about love and feelings and all that emotional stuff. My girlfriend really liked this film and that made me happy, therefore I had pretty good time watching this film. Overall, if you want to score some points with your better half, i would take her to see this film.
  • 3
    I was craving for a film about love, hurt and romance, what can i say, Valentine’s Day does that to me. This was the only film that seemed to be offering that so I decided to see it. I have to say that I had a pretty good time watching this film and if you are in the mood for a mediocre drama, this film will be to your satisfaction. The film was suprisingly enjoyable, I liked the scenery, the story was not half bad and the acting was good, I was impressed and I liked that most the actors in this film are not of Hollywood acting central . I did not like the ending, it was way too cheesy for me and I wish the filmmakers went the other way. Overall, I think the film is worth seeing in the theaters if you are looking for a romantic film.
  • 2
    Every girl likes a handsome guy, right? Sure, but I think all of these movies based on books by Nicholas Sparks are starting to send the wrong messages to males and females. I don't want my daughters thinking that they have to wait for a man to show up after every crisis to save her and I don't want my sons thinking that every girl out there is just waiting for them to come along and make them whole again. It's kinda silly and frankly very retro. I wish that the movie would have flipped the parts so that the guy was recovering from an abusive relationship and the girl was the one who was doing the saving. I know I sound ungrateful, which I shouldn't because my husband took me to see this for Sweetheart's Day, but if you think about it, these stories all make us women look weak and needy. Some of us are, yes, but some us are totally strong and able to take care of business. Hey Sparks: write that story!
  • 3
    I thought this movie was ok. I remember my girlfriend was reading the book a while ago and she said it was going to be a movie with that cute blondie from "Footloose" so I agreed to see it. It's kinda sappy, yes definitely, especially when it comes to the scenes between the single dad and his kids. I wish it didn't feel so sitcom-y sometimes. I think the whole thing about people being afraid to love is kind of played out now in movies and they should just stick to telling straightforward love stories. Do we really need to see a movie about a girl who should just call the police and then go to therapy to get over her crazy ex? Josh Duhamel is decent in his role, though frankly any young actor could have played it. I mean any actor between 30 and 35. I wish that they had included fewer love songs in the movie because it became really obvious when they were going to play them every time the two leads stared at each other. Kinda funny, now that I think about it. Eh, not too bad, but not great by a mile or three.
  • 4
    Okay, first things first: the ONLY reason to see this movie is because of Josh Duhamel who is a total dreamboat and is like the ideal guy. He really know how to play a casual, All-American sweetheart dude who saves the girl at every turn. Why can't guys be like this in real life, ha! My bestie and I were totes drooling over him during the movie. And omg, his body is fiiiiiine! I wish Ryan Gosling had his body, then he would be *PERFECTION*. On the other hand, the story is kinda weak but I still liked it. It's a sweet romance and ideal for everyone who wants to take their honey out for a 2 hour movie that reminds us why people go to the lengths they do to fall in love. Julianne Hough has the cutest smile ever and she reminds me of Meg Ryan back in the day. I am not sure if there is a book this is based on but if there is I will totally be reading it. Until then, my search for a real life Josh Duhamel continues, LOL!
  • 3
    I guess your reaction to this movie will depend upon how you felt about the Julia Roberts starrer "Sleeping With the Enemy" way back in the early 1990s. Mind you, that one was actually somewhat watchable while this one takes all the suspense out of the story and makes it a super sweet and overly romantic story. If you don't like traditional hollywood romances, you won't like this one. Julianne Hough plays a young lady who moves to a small North Carolina town where she seems very guarded because of her past. Turns out she was in an abusive relationship and is being stalked by her crazy lunatic ex. She ends up falling for a single dad played by Josh Duhamel. The story is about how he helps her not only escape her ex, but how he helps her learn to love again after being so deeply wounded. It's standard Lifetime movie stuff, and probably will only be liked by teens and young women.
  • 2
    This one is strictly for the ooey gooey romantic couples out there that believe in a prince in shining armor riding up to save the princess from the evil wizard. If you've seen any of the movies that Hollywood likes to release every Valentine's Day, then you'll probably want to skip this one because this is arguably the worst I've ever seen. Seriously. If my girlfriend hadn't absolutely BEGGED me to see it, I wouldn't have gone along. But it is Saint V's Day so I had to be the good guy and relent. In the end, she hated it more than I did, though she insists she only wanted to go because she likes to ogle guys who look like Josh Duhamel (note to self: work on my abs). Julianne Hough is cute, but she isn't a very good actress and I think she needs to go back to acting class. She's a much better dancer than an actress. Duhamel is alright, but he doesn't have to do anything other than stand there and look handsome.
  • 1
    As a film critic, I am quite used to people (mostly readers) telling me that my take on movies is just “off” sometimes; that I’ve missed the point completely, or taken a movie too seriously. Or not seriously enough. Or all of the above.
    Fine. But where I am steadfast is when it comes to any movie based on the writing of one Mr. Nicholas Sparks. I have no doubt that Mr. Sparks has many a romantic and nurturing bone in his body. What I cannot tolerate, however, is how those nurturing romantic yearnings manifest themselves in blatantly misogynistic ways in every feature film/novel/tv movie he has ever written.
    His movies follow a basic pattern: take a female who is by necessity haunted by something in her past, usually a lover or an abusive husband. Occasionally she meets with an accident or an illness. Move her to a new town. And then have her fall in love with a handsome stranger who promises to love her the “right” way.
    In The Notebook it was Alzheimer’s she needed to be saved from. In The Vow it was amnesia. In The Lucky One it was a douche bag of a boyfriend. In Nights in Rodanthe it was the ghost of a failed marriage. And so on and so on. Sparks seems incapable of understanding women as anything other than damsels in constant distress who need handsome male saviors to redeem them and deliver them their happily-ever-afters. In 2013. Hiss, spit, and groan. And vomit. And spew.
    The same forces are at play in the hideously saccharine new Sparks-written feature, Safe Haven. This is basically a retelling of Sleeping with the Enemy, only less grisly and more cutesy. Julianne Hough is no Julia Roberts, and she seems literally bored into one expression. The same is true for Josh Duhamel who seems more preoccupied with his tan than he does with his romantic foil…until she needs to be saved, that is.
    Sparks is an awful writer: derivative, clichéd, and utterly catering to the lowest denominator, common or otherwise. Much has been made in recent months about the Republican war on women; I humbly submit that Nicholas Sparks has been waging a war on women in film and on the written page for the last decade.

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