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Release Date: Jan 28, 2011

Genre: Drama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    So the movie was whatever, it was good at some moments and really boring at others. The storyline is not original of course and unfortunately nothing is original in this film. All the possession scenes are re-used from other exorcism movies and it was plain boring to watch them. I have to say that the movie was beautiful visually and the camera work was brilliant. Anthony Hopkins was really charming and good as father Lucas. However, Colin O’Donoghue as father Michael Kovak was not very good, he was sort of boring to watch and his face had only one expression throughout the whole movie- blank. This movie failed to impress me and failed to entertain me. Therefore, I do not recommend seeing it, maybe renting it is a better idea.
  • 4
    Loved this movie! I am the biggest horror movie fan and this movie didn’t disappoint. Anthony Hopkins always seems to scare the crap out of me in any horror movie he is associated with. I guess it is just something about his face or his acting that always makes me scared of him. The movie had a very religious theme. Generally, I don’t like very religious themes but there’s not really a way to make a movie about exorcisms without it being religious since they are religious by nature. Hopkins costar was not excellent but didn’t detract from the movie. He played the non-believer in the film. This role is always necessary because scariness comes from when the non-believer finally starts believing in whatever happens. I can see people who don’t love scary movies possibly not enjoying this film, but I really had a great time seeing it.
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    The Rite is the newest horror film starring Anthony Hopkins. He plays an exorcist who has done hundreds of exorcisms. Even though he has already done so many exorcisms, things finally start to go wrong with him and he starts to resemble the people who he was exorcising. Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorite horror movie actors, especially because of the faces he is able to make which are downright horrifying. I really did not like his costar in the film though. I felt he should be in a teenie bopper show rather than costarring with Anthony Hopkins. I just did not believe him in this film. Although the locations of the film were very pretty, the film did feel a little low-budget. But I guess you don’t need a lot of money to create a scary movie. The main problem with The Rite is that it was about exorcisms, which has been done to death and especially because it didn’t bring anything new to the table.
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    Anthony Hopkins stars in another horror film in The Rite. I feel like he has been in more horror films in his career than any other actor on earth dead or alive. I guess this isn’t a terrible thing if he found the thing he is really good at. I really enjoy scary movies but I was somewhat let down by this film. The main scariness came from “jump scenes” rather than deep psychological themes that scare because they make you think. Those are the types of things that get me really scared. For example, Silence of the Lambs which Hopkins was in was terrifying because it could be real. Sure they had jump scenes as well but mostly it was scary because of the content, not how loud they can make the speakers in the theater. There were some pretty good parts of the movie and the locations where they shot looked amazing. However, for the most part this movie was not as good as I was hoping for.
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    A very well prepared movie. Hopkins is still very good in his roles, and he stretches just a wee bit on this one. Great part played by the Brasilian acress Alice Braga, and I only wish they could've had her more involved in the film, instead of the forever-brooding part played by Michael Petroni. I admit I'm a fan of Miss Braga, and her familial chops in the biz are well-established...she never disappoints. Not a classical beauty, but attractive to the nth degree.
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    If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. At this point, there's not much you can do with a movie about exorcisms. You know what's going to happen: someone loses their faith, someone gets possessed, and some crazy old priest is going to try and scare the devil away. The Rite follows the same template, and other than having Anthony Hopkins in it, it doesn't have much going for it.
    Colin O'Donoghue (way too subdued and WAY over his head here) plays a man who, after four years of studying for the priesthood, has lost his faith. He's sent to the Vatican to study exorcism under Hopkins' Father Lucas. A local teen girl comes for help, and does the requisite writhing and verbal spitting. Eventually, Lucas is overtaken, and O'Donoghue's Kovak must go from student to exorcist.
    This is supposedly based on a true story, but I can't imagine that liberties weren't taken, i.e. completely changing everything to make it more "cinematic." Yeah, it's not bad to look at, but if you're going to make a movie that follows along with everyone that came before it, you need to throw in a couple of curveballs. This movie has none. Not even Hopkins, who tears into this role with reckless abandon (mind you, not in a good way, but at least entertaining), can save this from just being the same old same old.
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    The Rite is a new horror movie starring Anthony Hopkins. In my opinion, Anthony Hopkins is one of the best actors, especially in horror movies. I started loving him in horror films after Silence of the Lambs. He scared the crap out of my in that film. Same goes for The Rite, he is absolutely amazing in this film. The Rite follows a long list of exorcism films such as The Exorcist. One aspect of The Rite that really struck me was its simplicity. It didn’t try to do too much with special effects or in your face gruesomeness but at the same time it was just as scary as films that do use those techniques. I enjoy much more films that scare you with premise instead of visuals. This movie definitely did that. The story was great and believable. Being a horror movie super fan, I was very impressed. Excellent film.
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    What an awesome movie! I have been waiting for a good horror movie for such a long time. The storyline is not original and the whole movie is pretty predictable, but it’s good nonetheless. Visually the movie was totally awesome and beautiful as well, no wonder, the locations such as Italy, and Hungary have a natural charm and mystery about them. Anthony Hopkins was so freaking good in this film! He totally blew me away with his performance and he should be in more scary movies, because he is so good in them. His co-star Michael Petroni kind of disappeared and I felt bad for the guy. He could not compete with Hopkin’s performance and it seemed like he did not try too hard to do it either. Overall, I really liked the movie and I recommend seeing it.
  • 5
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