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Red Tails

Red Tails

Release Date: Jan 20, 2012

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I did not like this film and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I think that the film was not realistic, did not seem genuine and it was also trying to manipulate the feelings of the audience. The film is based on a true life events and it is sad that nothing in the film looks or feels remotely real. HBO film was much better than this one and I do not understand why this film needed to be made because it did not add anything to the old one and did not show anything new or better either. I think that the film is kind of meant for television and it was odd to watch it on the big screen, it did not work.
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    Well I am a male and I didn't think much of this movie and the story it attempted to tell. I have to say that I watch a wide variety of movies and this is the first one that I've written a "review" for. The reason I am offering this is simply because I know quite a bit about WWII and aviation as well. When I first saw the theatrical trailers for this movie, I was skeptical simply because of the overdone methods simulating combat in the CGI framework, much like the farcical ones utilized in the movie, Pearl Harbor a few years ago. Planes simulating speeds and maneuvers that they simply weren't capable of in reality. When I went with my wife to see the film, my skepticism was validated right off the bat before the initial drama unfolded when there on the screen was the qualifier, (read: "Inspired by true events"). Well that right there is essentially taking "artistic license" to tell practically any fool thing you want to---true or NOT!
    Now the intention of the story and plot of the film is entirely valid and one which really does deserve to be told, albeit authentically so, just don't expect one to come from the mainstream Hollywood film industry, perhaps one could look to a foreign film for truth and accuracy.
    My second misgiving when viewing the film trailers was that George Lucas had any involvement. Now on the face of it, given his history with such iconic blockbusters as the Star Wars movies, one might think potential viewers had real hope for a bang-up rendition of the first all-black fighter squadron in history to be given their due credit in a long-overdue motion picture. However I see Lucas for the same "over-the-top" style that Steven Spielberg has also become known for, flashy and exciting to be sure, but truly believable? Unfortunately, not really.
    Admittedly there were some very good CGI renditions of the aircraft that were accurate as well as some of the flying scenes,--but certainly not all of them. As an example and one that truly demeans the much-vaunted German aircraft, the Me-262 ( the first jet aircraft to participate in combat ) the viewer is expected to swallow a farcical combat scene of the P-51 Mustang-equipped black fighter squadron tangling on almost equal terms with an aircraft that was a quantum leap ahead of it in performance---and firepower! In one scene where one of the dastardly German pilots is on the tail of one of the black pilot's Mustang, the German's cannon shells merely pop BB-sized holes in the canopy of the fleeing P-51. What an absolute joke! I have photographs taken of what a single 30 mm cannon shell would do to an entire fuselage of an allied fighter aircraft; almost complete annihilation. No the poor pilot being chased wouldn't have a BB-sized hole in his canopy,-- he wouldn't even have a canopy left---or a head on his shoulders either for that matter. But that's Hollywood for you. Regrettably so. Somehow after fine films such as "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Saving Private Ryan", they have managed with "Red Tails" to regress back to the propaganda-era style of films meant to elicit patriotic fervor rather than accurately depict events as they really happened--warts and all.
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    Red Tails is a movie that does not deal with the events that were a part of the ORGINAL film made of this World War II subject. Yes there was an orginal version of this film. It only deals with a part of the facts that caused this to happen. The one was made to sell tickets not tell the ACTUAL story in full. Remember the statment in this film that said "the Germans never successfully shot down a bomber defended by the RED TAILS" is true. The Germans recorded that they knew who they were and when seen as defensive of bomber they cease attacks. The also shot down JET AIRCRAFT of Germany as depicted in the film. This group of Fighters was very effective and I can say this film from that point of view is very good.
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    What's not to love about this movie. Great action and meaningful story. Unless you are totally jaded and cynical you will love the classic film making. It is an action war movie with a little love story and a lot of heroes. You have to see it on the big screen!
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    all the above is exactly why i did not waste my $$. The trailers gave it all away.
    Borrowed from every fighter plane movie before, and though Im not black, I also agree with the first poster, and and the last poster, female.
    I agree with the guy, b/c i know who these guys were. And if you're trying to uncover past historical racist wrongs, then don't put it in a comic book, George. And if was told the right way in a 2 hour, dramatic War Horse? type package, it would have me falling asleep.
    Someone needs to come along and blend the action with the reality, this would be powerful movie if done that way
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    Red Tails is supposed to be the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the famed African American group of World War II fighter pilots. It's a story that should was meant to be told in a way that explains who these men were, and what their importance was, to a generation who probably doesn't realize they even existed. Instead, we get this movie, which substitutes flash for storytelling. Unfortunately, this wasn't surprising, considering it was a pet project of George Lucas, a man who has spent the last 30 years making nothing but flash. Instead of learning about the history of these brave men and their rise to glory in the face of racism, we get an incredibly bland, comic-booky look at fighter pilots in World War II who just happen to be African American. When we're in the air, we couldn't care much about these guys, since the filmmakers seem more concerned with making the fights look cool, and when they're on the ground... The biggest problem with this film is the script. Man, it's bad. It's cliched, and does nothing to explain what made these men so extraordinary. Yes, every once in awhile someone will mention that they are African American, but everything about this script is so over the top and jokey that it's hard to take it seriously. Hopefully, someone else will one day make the film these men deserve.
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    This is a drama about a crew of African American pilots who are called into duty under the guidance of Col. A.J. Bullard, the film is directed by Anthony Hemingway and stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Gerald McRaney and David Oyelowo. I was really looking forward this film and it did not disappoint me. The film was absolutely amazing and I am so happy that the story of these brave men are finally told. It is a real shame that African American children do don not know this part of the U.S history and that there were black heroes as well. I am very glad that this film is finally here and it is definitely worth seeing in the theaters. i thought the film was very well made and also very well acted. Overall, I urge you to see this movie in the theaters.
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    This film has a great story and it is full of patriotism and good intentions but i did not like the way the story is told and I think it diminishes the importance of it. The movie is full of war film cliches and it make this film look silly and kind of cartoonish. I do have to say that the action scenes in the sky look amazing and it kind of reminds of Star Wars (George Lucas just could not help himself) but when the film is on the ground it is not good at all. The dialogue in the film was pretty silly and very simplistic and I felt that the issues of race were addressed very one dimensionally and that is a real shame. I think the film should have been more about the heroes and less about the action but it was not and I did not like that.
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    I liked this film and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I though that the film was fun and entertaining and I had a great time watching it. The film is patriotic and i loved the story and I think it is important to know that part of the history. You should not expect this film to have too many facts and a lot of things in the film are fiction but I did not mind that and I think it will reach a wider audience that way. The film was fast paced and I loved the action scenes in the sky, it looked very real. I think the film was acted very well and I could see that the cast was really invested in this film. Overall, I recommend seeing this film in the theaters.
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    I am sad to say this but I did not like this film and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters.I thought that the film was pretty good as long as it stayed in the air and the action scenes with the planes were totally awesome but when the characters were on the ground something did not click and the film was kind of boring and messy. I felt that the film was kind f lifeless and it is a real shame because these guys deserve a film that is way better than this one. The intentions of this film were good and I admire the filmmakers for trying to tell this story I just wish they did it in a different way.

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