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Red Hook Summer

Red Hook Summer

Release Date: Aug 10, 2012

Genre: Drama

Rating: (R)

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    I really hated this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. First of all, this film is extremely gory and if you are not completely desensitized then I suggest you skip this movie and remain a tiny bit more human. I can see that how some people will absolutely love this horrible film but I consider those people to be monsters who like to watch blood being spilled and people being killed, no offense that is just my personal opinion. The film was also extremely long and it was hard to watch so much gore for such a long time. The film also became more and more chaotic by the end and it was kind of hard to understand what exactly was going on.Basically, this was not my kind of film and I did not have a good time watching it.
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    Red Hook Summer was not a movie for me. It follows the story of a kid from Atlanta who spends the summer with his deeply religious grandfather, which is odd for him. The kid is not very religious and his grandfather continues to try to convert him into a religious boy. The main character is not very use to living in the ‘hood’ and quickly figures out how difficult it can be. I didn’t really understand the plot of this film, but i’m not very religious myself. I wasn’t sure what point the film was trying to make either. Red Hook Summer is a movie by Spike Lee, and it wasn’t my favorite by him. I wouldn’t much recommend this film to anyone because i didn’t very much enjoy it.
  • 5
    I usually find these kinds of movies sappy, but this one is a surefire winner, I must say. I remember being young and thinking that all the adults in my life knew nothing and that they were just screwing up my life, lol. But of course, as I aged, I learned better and began to see the world in fuller terms. "Red Hook Summer" highlights this experience by showing the full transformation a kid from the south makes when he is forced to live with his religious zealot grandfather in New York. It's also great how Spike Lee shows that older folks (even the extremely passionately religious ones) can learn from the fresh and innocent eyes of children. Spike Lee isn't exactly known for making movies about innocent young people, but he really gets it right in this movie. Who knows, maybe this means that one day Quentin Tarantino will make a soft and sentimental movie...weirder things have happened!
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    A lot of people who see this movie will probably want to compare it to "Precious" not because it's about an obese girl who is abused by everyone in her life, but because it paints a disturbing but hopeful portrait about life in poverty as an African American. Precious ultimately got her life together (sort of) but she had two kids and was HIV positive...the main character at the heart of "Red Hook Summer" is a tween boy who gets sent up to New York to spend the summer with his preacher grandfather who simply wants him to become as Christian as possible. Of course, he resists, but ultimately he finds that maybe there are things his grandfather says that are worth listening to. The beauty of this amazing movie lies in the fact that it shows that there are miracles in every facet of life, even if life is difficult and unglamorous. If you've seen "Cosmopolis", you will see that being poor is probably better than being ultra rich.
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    What can you say about a movie that feels like a cliche? A bratty little kid gets sent to spend the summer with his Jesus crazy grandfather and he ends up falling in love and having a change of heart. Heard this before? Yeah, I thought so. I was especially disappointed because one expects more from Spike Lee...I don't get what he was thinking when he chose to make this. He should also have gone ahead and cast more experienced actors as the kids. Sometimes it sounds like the kids are just reciting their lines, there's no performance in their acting. I guess he was trying to capture their freshness but it seems to have backfired. I've seen better acting from the kids in my high school drama class! The guys who plays the grandfather is pretty good, at times great, though he can't save the movie from falling on its face. Only for diehard Spike Lee fans, which I am no longer.
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    Spike Lee movies are known for being some of the most audacious movies around: remember Malcolm X? How could you forget it, with that powerhouse performance from Denzel Washington? This movie isn't anywhere near as tough or bold, but it does have its own charm. It's like Spike Lee tried to tell a kid's story with a adult bent. I liked the grandfather character because he really seemed to "be" his part, unlike the two kids at the center of the story. The child leads seemed to be in their first movie and you could tell that they weren't that comfortable in their first movie. Some might find their lack of finesse refreshing, I thought it was off putting and ruined the best parts of the movie. Still, the story is interesting and it's nice to see Spike Lee try to do something different. Unlike a lot of Hollywood directors, he's not just a one-trick pony. He has vision in different genres, which makes him a visionary.
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    Be still my heart! A Spike Lee movie that affirms the value of family?? Imagine that! I was never a big fan of his movies, they were just too raw and gritty for my tastes, but this one is decidedly sweeter and warmer than anything he's done that I've seen. I think the kids who play the leads are really great in their parts, especially the young girl who seems nervous but assured at the same time. The thing I like best about this movie is how it shows that no matter where you come form or where you're headed, you can never escape your roots. I think it's easy for kids to relate to the main character because he has to put up with a religious fanatic grandfather who drives him crazy (who hasn't had that experience?) but in the end he realizes that no matter what their differences, he loves the grandfather as much as he loves him. This is a great family movie, which is shocking because it is, like I said, a Spike Lee movie. Brava!
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    Remember Spike Lee? Famed writer and director of serious black-themed movies that taught and entertained audiences in the 1980s and 90s? He’s been in hiding lately, playing the landscape by making doc**entaries, but he returns to form in his new release Red Hook Summer. The movie is unlike a lot of other Spike Lee movies because it deals with an adolescent protagonist named Filk (played by newcomer Jules Brown) who is sent up to Brooklyn from Atlanta to spend the summer with his frankly lunatic religious priest of a grandfather. Things go from grudging to worse almost immediately: Film doesn’t want to be there or have anything to do with his grandfather; his grandfather (who is drunk on Jesus Juice) wants Filk to become a serious Christian who understands the reason of his existence is through sin. And there is a lot of sinning that goes on, especially when Filk discovers the sweetly unassuming Chazz (Tony Lysaith), the young girl he meets who actually has a soft spot for his grandfather. Clearly, there is much to be learned for Filk and his ilk (rhyming pun intended).
    The movie has a wondrous and unaffected quality about it that is quite endearing, even when it seems obvious that some of the actors (especially the young leads) are in their first movie ever. Lee has always wanted to bring audiences a slice of life that they probably had no idea existed and this is certainly one of those films. It goes without saying that the movie does what all Spike Lee films do: bestow dimensions and humanity upon African American film subjects that are too often relegated to crude stereotypes – and yes, this remains an unrelenting problem even in the era of Obama and movies like The Help and all those Madea travesties. Now that Lee has returned to mainstream movie making, it will be nice if he inspires a bit of self-respect and uncompromising artistic integrity in other filmmakers making movies about similar themes.

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