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Release Date: Jan 25, 2008

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (R)

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  • 3
    Rambo was pretty typical for a Stallone film. The violence was over the top. My husband turned to me a one point and laughed...not that it was funny but that it had gone to such an extreme that was the reaction it stirred. It was just o.k.
    It's time to call it a day for Rambo...
  • 3
    Rambo was the typical Rambo movie with all the blood and guts and blowing stuff up, that his movie goers LOVE. iT'S good a decent plot.
  • 3
    Going Nuclear This is the second best movie of 2008, a close second to "Clover- field" (see below review). It follows the Rambo formula, but it is easily the best of it's sequels. I hope there is another one. In Stallone's research for this project, he contacted his many resources in the fraternity of elite military operatives and found that the consensus for the most under reported conflict in the world today is the ongoing civil war/genocide in Burma. That is where co-writer Stalone has placed this newest Rambo. The movie opens with an atrocity committed by the Burmese military. Unfortunately, at that very same time, another atrocity was being committed by some selfish, young morons in my row. They were talking. I was compelled to walk over to straighten them out. I felt that waterboarding might have helped their sense of movie watching etiquette, but the film was on. There wasn't time. The near disastrous consequence of this distraction was that one of my own men had fallen. I was down to only 5 of the 6 airplane bottles of fresca that I had included in my provisions. As the battle had already begun, I had to make a tough decision. Of course, no man gets left behind. I figured that he had found a dark, safe place to hide. A search and rescue operation to extract him was not critical at the moment. I would find him later; unless an urgent need for his services arose. I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the filim, although I had to flash the light of my Ipod at the rude bastards in my row a few times when they were interfering with the soundtrack. The credits ended and I was able to find and extract my fallen soldier from his hiding place, safe and sound.
  • 1
    I truly like the Rambo series but I hated this film. It did not have much action until the end. Alot of time was spent boating down the river. It seemed like a drama more than an action film. I agree the violence rocked and looked cool, but everything else was bad and slow. The only good part was the action at the end. Too bad this series closed on such a low note.
  • 5
    If you are considering to watch the newest Rammbo film then it should come as no surprise on the level of violence depicted in the film ("Saving Private Ryan-type graphics"). Other reviews have ripped the film on this fact, but remember this is John Rambo and you dont want to get John Rambo angry. The "revenge" our hero gets is against a demented army of genocide thrashing Burmese infantrymen. Rambo behind a 50 cal. machine gun and th Burmese have no chance!!! The gruesome violence depicted in the begining must be to sway the audience in a fever pitch of hatred for the genocide executing army that Rambo must battle to save American missionaries caught in the jungle.

    If you truly like the Rambo series and understand what "Saving Pvt. Ryan" level violence looks like....you will not be disappointed
  • 1
    This movie was all about senseless violence. Don't get me wrong; I'm all about violence but the blood and gore depicted here was silly. The movie is a good revenge against the enemy flick, but it pales in comparison to the early Rambos. In my humble opinion, Stallone is getting too old to play believable "action" characters. He made this film in order to pay his mortgage.
  • 5
    Alright in responce to the guy below me..is that RAMBO is a "ACTION" movie and is known to have lame acting except the first one and come on who really goes to a RAMBO movie for the story seriously there rather plan but thats not what we want we want the ACTION and this movie delivers the ACTION like no other movie has before. This movie is for the action junkie like me and thats it nothing more nothing less its just for the action not the story or character development and thats why its so awsome they just threw all that stuff away and had the most intense and exciting action scenes ever and yes Stallone really did not have a hard time remembering his lines but Rambo is a Bad A$$ like that so it does not matter. Go watch it for the awsome action but it may be to gore for the weak soo enjoy a really great movie!! i might see it again really soon!!! its worth the money
  • 2
    Going against my better judgment, I went to this after reading the two reviews and seeing 5-star ratings from both. Big mistake. To start, I'm a huge fan of the Rambo franchise. And although I think all three films were great, they definitely lost something as they progressed. First Blood was an intimate film that really denoted Rambo's inner struggle. Rambo 2 kicked things up a notch and focused a bit more on the action, while keeping Rambo human. Rambo 3 was primarily action-based and I felt the emotion was kind of dwindling from Rambo, but the element of "finesse" in using his brain (along with brute) to overcome the situation was still present, that the two prior films had. Now onto Rambo 4. In a nutshell, the story is thin and foolish, the acting (even by Stallone) is very bad, there are far too many redundant and ineffective reaction shots, the majority of the supporting cast perform the lines with nothing behind the words, and the movie has no pace. Stallone wisely chose to keep his shirt on the entire movie, but without seeing straining muscles and and tan, sweating flesh, it just didn't feel like I was watching a Rambo film. In addition, the fact that this film lacked any finesse in destroying the bad guys left me cold. It was just loads of mindless killing and explosions where you you got to see body parts being strewn all over creation. If you simply want gore and action, go into the film the last 30 minutes. The first 30 minutes is boring setup, the next 30 sees some bad character development consisting of question/answer , question/answer , and the final 30 reminded me of a 3rd-person shooter, like Quake or Doom or Serious Sam. You just see bodies get blown to bits. I felt very detached from Rambo, whereas in previous films I was right there, feeling his pain and cheering him on to win. In this film, I couldn't care less. Everything else aside, Rambo just seemed like a big old dork stomping around the jungle. He looked slow and tired and out of sorts, and the intensity of his stare and expressions weren't there. I don't see how the other two reviewers could've given this film 5 stars. I could barely bring myself to give it 2. A waste of money. Rating: 2 = Story
    2 = Pace
    2 = Acting
    2 = Emotional involement
    3 = Music
    3 = Action
    4 = Special effects
  • 5
    This movie was simply amazing!Possibl e the best Rambo ever with its amazing graphics and war scene! Would definetly recommend this movie to anybody who is wanting a movie with a lot of action.
  • 5
    I actually sat through this picture twice to get the full effect, and I haven’t done that since Black Rain with Michael Douglas or the Jackal with Bruce Willis hit the big screen. Truly one of his best pictures. Not since Rocky 1, have I seen such a film directed too where you become part of his character and understand why he is the way he is. A work of art by the writers, and the director to allow us time to absorb the violent nature of war and why it's to avoid at all cost. No punches pulled in this film, and it’s definitely not a film for the young or the weak of heart. Not only the best Rambo to date, but one of best truly graphic war films ever, and I have seen them all from the Deer Hunter, too Apocalypse Now, too the Guns of Navarone. You are able to see through his eyes the pain acc**ulated over the years, why he lost his faith in humanity only to be shown that he really is one of the good guys and regains his faith in humanity but has to come full circle in the process only bringing all around him within that circle thus making him even stronger to where they are also able to see the light. The director did a superb job in orchestrating the flow in sequence after sequence. If you watch close, you will be able to see a little piece of each of his successful films in this film, all brought together in such a graphic nature matched only with the right tone of background music that it only reminded me of the greatest films in the past when you practically were begging for the hero to come, and he sure comes all right, but remember once its started there is no turning it off, and he sure brings that point across very graphically ‘being the best combat solider we have ever had’ in only the way that John Rambo knows how to.

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