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Release Date: Jun 08, 2012

Genre: SciFi/FantasyHorror

Rating: (R)

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  • 1
    You've got to be kidding! That's about the only thing to be said for this BORING movie. I kept waiting for some plot to unfold, but it never did, other than some scientists traveling to a far away planet to find the origin of an alien race. Why in the world Charlize Theron keeps making these stupid movies is beyond my comprehension - what a waste of talent.
    This movie blows, big time! Don't even bother Red Boxing it, unless you are having a hard time falling asleep; this movie will cure insomnia.
  • 3
    I had heard a lot of great things about this movie - especially that Michael Fassbender is amazing in it - but I have to say that it did not live up to expectations. Yeah, it's epic, I'll give you that, but it's also very confusing and leaves more questions than answers in the end. I'm sure that means that they're planning a sequel (every movie that makes any money these days gets an automatic sequel, it seems) but that left me feeling like I had only seen half a movie. It's like that old saying: "Where the beef?"
    A lot of people will think that this is a sequel to "Alien" since it's set in outer space and it's directed by Ridley Scott but that's not the case. Not by a long shot. It's set in the future and kind of reminded me of "Wall-E" because the whole of humanity seems to be run as a corporation on a space ship. The movie never finds an answer to the question of where we may have come from (that's the whole point, I think) so I guess I'll have to wait for the sequel. Still, Fassbender is great in his part, as is Charlize Theron, who never disappoints.
  • 5
    David Fassbender is an AMAZING actor. I'd actually go so far as to say that he's the best working actor in movies today. Every role he plays is done to perfection, and "Prometheus" is no exception.
    He plays a perfect human-alien android of the future, one the humans do not trust because they are so perfect and could well mean the end of the human species. The movie also stars Charlize Theron as a corporate captain who takes a giant space ship known a Prometheus into space to discover where life may have began (the movie hints that life on Earth did not start as we now think it did - at least it probably did not).
    There are a lot of interesting storylines in the movie, though the one that stays with you during and after is the question of where we may have come from. This is a smart movie with action that makes you think and be grateful that some things are maybe best left unknown.
  • 5
    I'll admit that I'm generally not a big fan of the alien genre of movies, but this one was utterly fascinating. It's about the beginnings of the human species and where we may have come from - except that it's set in the future and it implies that life began far, far away from Earth and just sort of accidentally happened to take root on our planet. It also talks about the future of humanity where intergalactic travel and humanoid beings are the norm.
    Michael Fassbender is fast becoming the best actor in Hollywood. He is amazing in his role, as is Charlize Theron who stuns yet again after her terrifying portrayal of the Evil Queen in "Snow White and the Huntsman". This is definitely a movie for adults but I don't think there's any reason why a family would not enjoy seeing it together. My kids weren't that interested in it because of the preview, but when it comes out on DVD, I will be sure to get it for them. I have a feeling it'll be one of their favorites in no time.
    Three cheers to Ridley Scott for yet another awesome "Alien" movie!
  • 1
    This synopsis is a lie. This entire movie is a lousy re-write of Aliens. Same dopey Black guy. This time he's the captain. Same crew of misfits. Same octopus eggs. Same female hero. Same evil robot. Same company-owned ship. Same octopus laying eggs in everyone. Same alien ship. Same giant aliens without blown out chests. Lousy, lousy, lousy. Rent "Aliens". Much, much better.
  • 4
    I thought the film was amazing and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film had some flaws but overall it was an incredible experience watching it and it made me think, basically i had a blast watching this film. It is not as good as Allein was but i like that it is not trying to be, it is a film of its own and it is a good one. The visuals are haunting and mesmerizing and the score was perfect, and I was in awe for most of the time. I know there will be people that will find many things wrong with this film but they are just haters. Overall, I think this film is definitely worth seeing in the theaters.
  • 4
    I had very high expectations going into this film and even though it was not as great as i imagined it will be i still had an amazing time watching it and recommend seeing it in the theaters. It is one of those films that just have to be seen on the big screen because it is mesmerizing visually and it takes you to a different world that is so well created and executed. I loved the story of the film because it made me think and I will definitely see this film one more time because I think I missed some details the first time. Overall, I think this film is worth seeing in the theaters because it is interesting, it is very well made and you will be definitely entertained by it.
  • 2
    With films like "Blade Runner" and "Alien" on his resume, Ridley Scott now says he's very happy to have a story like "Prometheus" with which to return to the (science fiction) genre. Really? Very, very little was new; most elements in the film, while perhaps new with "Alien," have been used repeatedly since. The H. R. Giger-inspired design and the visuals and special effects are first rate, but so many opportunities for character development or conflict between crew members that would heighten the tension and help the viewer relate to the crew are totally overlooked. The conflict between the geologist and the biologist that is evident as the crew comes out of stasis? Ignored. Disagreements between the scientists and the space ship's crew? Nonexistent. The Charlize Theron character -- the corporate suit in charge of the expedition -- has lavish, separate quarters on the ship, including an emergency, robotic surgery pod, but when the Noomi Rapace character attempts to use it for a female procedure she's denied access because the machine is programmed only for males. Someone should have noticed that inconsistency. Want to put two hours to good use? Go to the library and check out "Moon."
  • 4
    "Prometheus" is not "Alien". Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can tell you what it IS: pretty darn cool. "Prometheus" is just loosely based on Ridley Scott's earlier film and the sequels it spawned, so you don't have to worry about knowing that story to enjoy this one. Here, a couple of scientists (including Noomi Rapace from the original "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") find clues here on Earth that man came from alien beings, so they convince a billionaire to fund their trip across the universe to possibly find the origins of human life. Once reaching their destination, things go bad quickly. This is a horror film through and through, though it's more creepy than it is gross, which for me is a good thing. It's not an actor's movie, but some of the performances are very good, especially Michael Fassbender's "Lawrence of Arabia" loving android and Idris Elba's ship captain. Though it's got some weird twists and riddles, as you'd expect from writer Damon Lidelhof, though they don't always pay off, and the story has a tendency to take a backseat to mood. Scott, however, is at the top of his game. The movie looks incredible, and his still got the skills of a top notch storyteller. There's a couple of scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. While it may not have the visceral impact of "Alien", "Prometheus" still cuts its own course while reminding me of what made the first film great.
  • 4
    My boyfriend was dying to see this film and I have to admit that I was excited as well. I remember the first time I saw “Aliens” I was blown away and scared to death and I knew that this film will not compare to the first one but it was actually very close and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters. The film had an enormous budget and it definitely shows bt not in an annoying “Transformers” way, it is grand but somehow tamed in the same time. The film not only looked great but it had a great story and it made me think and wonder, i love when films do that and I honestly did not expect that from this movie, it was a nice surprise. Overall, i had a great time watching this film and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters.

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