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Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps

Release Date: Dec 07, 2012

Genre: ComedyDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    This was honestly one of the worst films I have seen in a very long time and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters, in fact I recommend you stay as far from this film as possible. The film was extremely stupid, lazy, predictable and quite creepy and I could not wait to get out of the theater. The tone of the film is completely insane and it kept shifting from a rom. coto a crazy family drama, I felt so exhausted after this film. Dennis Quaid was very bizzarre in this film and it looked like he was under the influence of something. I felt really bad for the actors in this film, they deserve something better but also I don’t understand why all these great actors agreed to do this project. Overall, this was a very bad film that is definitely not worth your time or money.
  • 2
    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film is not funny, not romantic and the worst thing of all is that it treats women like they are stupid and I found that offensive. The film is sloppy, it is not focused and I was not sure what was the main theme, it was all over the place. I do not understand why all of these great and talented actors picked up this script and thought that it was a good idea to be in this mess of a film, it makes no sense at all. The film also feels phony from the beginning to the end and I left the theater feeling frustrated. Overall, this film is not worth your money or time.
  • 2
    I was in a mood for a silly romantic comedy and this film looked alright judging from the trailer. However, the film was really bad and I wish I did not spend my money and time on this misguided and offensive film. It treats women like idiots and the film is unfocused, unfunny and overall just bad. This movie had so many great actors in it but it was a complete waste of talent, even great acting could not save it. The characters are all over the place and I was not sure exactly what was the main focus of this contrived film. I also did not find this film to be romantic at all. In conclusion, do not see this film in the theaters, I suggest renting the DVD if you are very bored one night.
  • 3
    So, first things first: Gerard Butler is totes my boy. I loved loved LOVED him in 300, my all-time favorite movie. But when he makes these kind of wishy washy movies like Playing for Keeps, I just kind of wince because he can do so much better...He's an action hero, not a sensitive leading man for romantic comedies like Tom Hanks used to be and Paul Rudd is now. He should only be in movies like 300 or Troy, and not always playing these macho dudes who used to be great at sports. He just played a former great surfer in Chasing Something and now he plays a washed up soccer player who wants to reconnect with his little boy. He also gets a lot of action from the ladies, which is interesting to say the least since all the women who like him seem to be crazy or married.....or both. Jessica Biel is smokin hot in this like always, though I think she's a bit young to be playing opposite Gerard Butler. What ever happened to Renee Zellwegger?
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    Awwww! This one was So cute, you guys! Seriously, the little boy who plays the son is totes adorable and you just want to eat him up! He's an even cuter version of the little boy from Jerry Maguire in 1996...I think his names is Jonathan something? Anyway, the movie is sweet and cute in the way it portrays the relationship between the father played by Gerard Butler who used to be a big time soccer star and his son who lives with his ex wife in Virginia. Jessica Biel plays the ex wife of Gerard Butler. The movie has a lot of great sports scenes, especially when everyone is on the field playing soccer- I love movies about kids and their parents reconnecting, especially when they find a way to weave in the whole sports theme because you rarely get to see it anymore. Catherine Zeta Jones, Uma Thurman, and Dennis Quaid are also good in their supporting roles. I recommend this for anyone who loves kids!
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    I'm kind of torn about rating this movie: on the one hand, it does make women like silly oversexed hens that will attack the first decent looking guy who happens to be available within a ten mile radius, and on the other hand, I gotta admit that I did in fact enjoy this movie, though not for the reasons you might think. Yes, the story is pretty cliche and I don't get what Catherine Zeta Jones is doing in it since she's a great actress in a mediocre role, but Gerard Butler is hella hawt (Yeow!) and I loved the scenes with him and his son where they try to rekindle their relationship after the downfall of his marriage to Jessica Biel's Stacie (why is spelled with an "ie" instead of a "y"? I hate that!) And then there's the whole story with Dennis Quaid which I thought was tacked on just to make the movie more appealing to men, though I don't think they succeeded on that front. A definite chick flick for girls who like cliches.
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    After watching Gerard Butler in the dismal new romantic comedy Playing For Keeps, I had to ask myself: has he ever starred in a decent mainstream Hollywood movie? The thundering success of 300 notwithstanding, it was still a pretty lame narrative, and would have crumbled in the dustbin of John Carter-like action mega duds had it not been 90% animated.
    So, no: Gerard Butler has never been in a good movie. But that’s sort of beside the point when you’re watching something that feels as positively retro and misogynistic as does this movie. It doesn’t help that two of Hollywood’s most glamorous and popular leading ladies – Catherine Zeta Jones and Jessica Biel – headline the cast in parts that are far below their pedigree. Then there’s Uma Thurman (read: certifiably insane) who leads the pack when it comes to an obtuse lack of self-awareness. Seriously, somebody (anybody) tell her that she should consider retiring from acting. Her screen persona has all the warmth of a half-melted igloo. Yes, those cheekbones are amazing, but cheekbones do not an actress make.
    It’s almost embarrassing to try and retell the plot, but since that’s one of my duties, here you go: George Dryer (Butler) is a hasbeen soccer star who moves to Virgina to try and reconcile with his ex-wife Stacie (Biel). They have a young son who likes to play soccer because he wants to be like daddy. Why he wants to be like daddy is a mystery because Daddy spends most of his time tossing back his messy mane of Irish hair as the other soccer moms (Zeta Jones and Thurman) throw themselves at him because he’s supposedly the manliest hunk of man to have ever stepped onto a child’s soccer field.
    That, in essence, sums up the story: a damaged divorcee shows up in a sleepy Virgina suburb, and suddenly every woman (married and single) has to readjust her diaphragm because she must have him. Apart from aggrandizing the sex appeal of Gerard Butler, I cannot think of any other reason that this movie should exist. Nor can I imagine what Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta Jones and Dennis Quaid were thinking when they signed on for this sprained kickstarter of a movie. This one’s a flop for sure.

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