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People Like Us

People Like Us

Release Date: Jun 29, 2012

Genre: DramaComedy

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I thought I'd give this a try because it stars Mr Chris Pine from my favorite movie Star Trek but as a sci-fi geek I guess I should have known better. This movie is strictly for those who want to see every soap opera cliche packed into a 2 hour movie. There's the distant daddy, the long lost siblings, the will with money that needs to be transferred, the sad mother who never realized her dreams, and a troubled teenage boy who is driving his single mom crazy. Um, sad much? Yeah, really sad, especially since it's written by a guy who was responsible for some of the best sci-fi scripts of the last five years in Hollywood. I heard it's partly based on his real life story, but after the third (or 30th) tragedy, I just stopped paying attention. Maybe you can enjoy it if you like soap operas, but even those seem to be getting cancelled left and right. I hope that doesn't mean that all those melodramatic stories will find their way on to the big screen...
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    I really liked People Like Us....really good theme. Chris Pine's performance was good
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    A few months ago, Nicholas Sparks's "The Lucky One" had its lead keep a big secret from his love interest so that the film could keep up its unnecessary drama. Taking a page from that movie is "People Like Us", a drama written by the guys that wrote "Transformers". It's important to know this because director Alex Kurtzman shoots this movie like an action film, taking whatever drama there might have been out of it. Sam (Chris Pine), a self-centered salesman, flies to LA to attend the funeral of his father. There he finds two surprises: $150,000 in cash and a half-sister he didn't know about. He's supposed to give the money to her. Instead, he gets close to her and her son, keeping the secret to himself. Why? Because without it, there's no movie. But it's no good when I just kept thinking to myself, "Just tell her!" Instead of making the hard choice and laying this information out there and allowing the characters and audience to sort this stuff out, the filmmakers would rather trick us. I didn't fall for it.
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    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I am a guy and this film was a bit too soapy and sentimental for my taste but my girlfriend really loved this film so i guess it depends what kind of films you are into. I think the film was well made and very well acted but I just do not like sentimental films and I usually can not relate to them. It was also a bit too slow for my taste. When I told my girlfriend that I did not like this film I swear I thought she will hit me because she absolutely loved it. So I think you should see this film and decide if you love it or hate it.
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    I did not expect to like this film but i really had a great time watching it and I recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film is emotionally genuine and heartwarming and I think I needed to see a film just like this one. It is a simple and sentimental film that will draw you in even if you do not want that to happen. I think that anybody who has ever lost somebody will be able to relate to this film and will be touched by this movie as well. The dialogue in the film is great and three main actors do a wonderful job with their roles and definitely make this film that much better.
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    I loved Chris Pine in "Star Trek" so I thought I should see what he's like in a sensitive drama/comedy. I'm still not sure what to make of it since the movie is called "People Like Us". But I have to ask, who is "us"? I definitely did not feel like the characters in the movie represented me or my family or anyone I know, but I guess the writer was trying to say it's ok to be different and in a difficult situation. I think. Maybe? Maybe not.
    There's a pretty big secret at the heart of the movie: a recently deceased man leaves his son over a hundred grand which the son needs desperately to get out of debt. But the father instructs him to deliver the money to a young woman who turns out to be his half sister. She has her own problems with her young son who is a delinquent at school. Nothing we haven't seen here before and nothing I think I'll want to see again. Sorry, CP, call me when you're back in deep space!
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    I guess the best thing I can say about this movie is that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Is that a compliment? I dunno.
    What I do know is that since the whole thing is based on the lie of one man, so many truths need to be told and resolved between the characters that it becomes too much to bear. Too often the story started to feel like an episode of "All My Children" - and that's not a good thing in this case.
    Chris Pine gives a good performance, Elizabeth Banks gives a great one, and Michelle Pfeiffer is phenomenal in her small cameo. I'm not sure what the filmmakers were trying to get at with this story, but I think they lost their way despite obviously good intentions. I hope that their next movie offers more answers than questions like this one.
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    As a mother, I must confess that this movie really moved me to tears. Michelle Pfeiffer plays a lost mother (in the emotional sense) who gave up on her dreams and her child and was left with nothing except her own hope that the next day would be better some day. Though she's only in a minor supporting role, her performance is the one that stayed with me after the movie ended. It's Pfeiffer's best performance in years and I hope that they give her other such roles that allow her finesse to shine through.
    Overall, the movie is about two half siblings who never knew the other existed until after their father passes away. One is a slick salesman who is buried under debt, the other is a struggling single mother who needs a helping hand because her son is out of control. Of course they both end up being exactly who and what the other one needs, which sounds like something that only happens in the movies, but I've seen it happen in real life and I was able to identify with this story.
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    I wanted to get more into this movie than I could, and all because of one issue: why couldn't he just tell her he's her brother?? That would have spared us the whole two hours...oh yes, then there would be no movie, of course. Still, I don't get the what was the point of it all.
    The most poignant part of the film was watching the single mom played by Elizabeth Banks wrestle with her troubled son. Though it's kind of a typical storyline, it resonated the most with me as someone who grew up with a single mom. The whole part of a stranger showing up out of the mist and giving her money to save her life and he also turns out to be her long lost half brother was very soap opera-y. I think the movie is too ambitious for its own good. The performances are all good, but are buried under all the different stories. Less is more, especially in a situation like this.
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    I think this movie could have easily turned out to be like every bad TV movie you've seen on CBS but this one is handled very well and it works in unexpected ways. First of all, its stars the hottie Chris Pine as a guy down on his luck. He finds out one day that he's in terrible amounts of debt when his father dies. His dad leaves him a large sum of money which he thinks will solve his problems . . . but it's meant for a young woman he's never met who turns out to be his half sister he never knew about. How they forge their relationship and save each other is what the movie is really about.
    Chris Pine is great in the movie, as is Elizabeth Banks who plays his half sister. But I think the movie really belongs to the touching performance by Michelle Pfeiffer who plays the mother. She's a lost soul who wants to save her son from himself, but she has a hard time letting him save himself. It's a very touching performance and one which I wish Hollywood would let older actresses play more often. It's supposed to be based on the real life of the writer who wrote the script, but I am sure some of it is fictionalized. A sweet and heartfelt movie that should make you grateful for the family and loved ones you have.

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