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Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz The Great and Powerful

Release Date: Mar 08, 2013

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (PG)

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  • 5
    Very disapointed by the reviews 1st off its a dollar 2nd off Its one of the best films Ive seen in a while love the new twist on the wizord of oz tells the other side of the story. Was a great film over all highly recomend it :) if you want to see a good movie worth your time and money this is a great film to see :)
  • 3
    2 1/2 stars. First, I never cared one bit for the Original Wizard of Oz. As a kid, I thought it was totally boring. Thankfully, this movie really has nothing to do with the original movie, other than the guy in this movie is the Wizard of Oz.
    This movie is perfectly fine for kids 7 and up. My 7 year old liked it. Not too scary. Enough to keep the kids on their toes, but not enough to freak them out.
    From an adult's standpoint, the first half hour was very boring. Very boring. However, it thereafter picked up a lot of steam and was fun.
    If you are caught up in the prequel crap and closely analyzing how this movie matches up with the original, you need to get a life. It's a movie. Nothing more. It's worth seeing in a theater.
  • 1
    First of all, almost all of us have seen the Judy Garland version of the Wizard of Oz, and know and love the story. The later, Wiz version (80's) of the movie wasn't worthy squat, and this one is going to firmly be mired between these two.
    What was amazing, is that with the superb CGI quality other movies have shown, we know they can be good, but here we are fed a very bad version of it in this show. Example: there are numerous times when Franco is supposed to be looking at the little porceline girl and emoting...well, almost any emotion - instead you notice he isn't really looking 'at' the girl, just generally in that direction. Also, when she is carried by a human, it's too obvious it is just painted on the screen with pixels, and no real effort to have all the effects of the animated character impact anything around it.
    Acting? The standard over-the-top blech that seems to be de rigeur these days instead of real acting, was practiced most by Franco, and pretty much by the rest. This isn't the overly-earnest Dorothy, but the worst of carny shamaturisms carried from the canvas tent to Oz, by the shyster who becomes The Oz. The one decent job was done by Mila Kunis, going from a good-ish witch with great intentions but bad genes, to a Really Mean Witch-sister.
    Sorry, but this rates a Big No-No from me, especially if you waste your money on the 3D version. It's a real disappointment. See it on your 42in. at home, if you must.
  • 4
    "It wasn't a great movie, but it was a good movie." Not worth all 5 stars, but an O.K. movie to watch this weekend. I disagree with comments posted about special effects. Those were fantastic. Some of the effects looked fake, but I thought that was intentional and an homage to the original Wizard of Oz. The title sequence done in old fashion "diorama" style gave hints that this was a movie that would be influenced by the old turn-of-the century, slight of hand, carnival style of visuals. ....and for those who can't decide 2 or 3D, the title sequence is very much enhanced by the 3D effect. An example of the FX specialists' fantastic skills are illustrated by the porcelain girl. She was so skillfully drawn and executed that her (and the monkey's) acting skills far exceeded those of the human actors.
    This is area where the movie faltered. Franco and Kunis and the rest are normally skilled actors, but they played their roles one-dimensionally. Franco, as Oz had to play a smarmy carnie, a jerk, a lothario, a dummy, a wise man, and a gold-hearted wizard and pull the wool over both his fellow travelers and us, the audience. We saw this multi-role done skillfully by Jonny Depp in the original Pirates of the Caribean. But unfortunately Franco was just smarmy-funny-goofy throughout the movie. Same with Kunis. I never felt that she fell in love, or that her heart broke or that she became the evil witch...she played her part the same throughout the entire movie and only the green make-up gave us clue that she was evil.
    So if you like fun, interesting special effects and luke-warm acting skills go see the movie.
  • 4
    I went to see the new Wizard of Oz film last night. It was pretty good! Lots of flash and dazzle. It did kinda drag at a couple of places, but nothing major.
    It is a prequel to the one with which we're all so familiar. It's worth the price of a ticket.
    Just a little note: this is over two hours long. While older children will be able to sit through it, small kids, probably not. Maybe because we went to the late show, there was only one child that I could see there. And it has a PG rating due to an adult situation(tastefully done, however).
  • 4
    I took my whole family to see this film and we all had a wonderful time. We saw the film in 3D and I definitely recommend spending extra cash to see it in 3D, it was totally worth it. The film was absolutely magic visually, my sister’s children could not stop talking about it for hours after, I love that it boosted their imagination. I enjoyed the story and I liked the cast, i think it was a great family film and I know that people will appreciate that. I think my favorite thing about this film was its humorous screenplay and I know that my parents,my nephews and their parents all found the film to be funny and that says a lot. Overall, I think this was a good film to see with your whole family.
  • 3
    I went to see this film with bunch of my friends because we all love the story and we were all very excited. Well, I thought the film was alright, I was actually a bit disappointed with the story and I did not feel an emotional connection with it. We saw the film in 3D and it was totally awesome but by the end it was a bit too much, the visuals definitely overwhelm the film. I wish the makers of this film actually focused more on the story and less on the visuals, I bet the film would have been much better. I did like that he film had some humor in it and I think it will please children and their parents, however for me it was not a winner.
  • 2
    Like a lot of people In United States, I love the story of Wizard of Oz and I have seen countless films that try to re-imagine this wonderful story. I was excited to see this film and I hoped that it will not disappoint me, unfortunately it did and I do not think this film is worth seeing on the big screen. The film is visually over-crammed and I developed a pretty bad headache while I was watching this film. I also thought that the story did not really bring anything new and it answered questions that nobody was asking, so really the film felt kind of pointless. The film did not have any soul or real emotion and I felt that the makers of this film knew that and tried to hide this fact with visuals, but that did not really fool the audience.
  • 2
    I had very high expectations of this film, I mean Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite story and I was eager to see how Hollywood reimagined it. Well, I have to say that I was very disappointed with it, the film definitely did not live up to my expectations. THe film had no soul and no heart, it was one of those inflated Hollywood balloons full of special effects and overwhelming visuals. It was obvious that the director was trying to distract the audience from the fact that the film is emotionally empty with flash and spectacle, it was sad to watch. Overall, I do not recommend seeing this film in the theaters, it is not worth your time or money.
  • 4
    This movie was a special treat for anyone who likes the whole idea of classic being revisited without being trampled upon. A lot of people will think that this is a remake of The Wizard of Oz, but it's really a completely separate story. The idea of the story is to see what led to the Wizard of Oz becoming the great Wizard that he is...except of course that everybody knows he's just a fake by now. I like the idea of showing him as a struggling magician named Oscar who wanted to make something out of himself. These desperate men really suit James Franco, lol. The movie is kind of expensive to see on IMAX 3D but if you're an absolute diehard Wizard of Oz fan or if you simply want to see what they tried to do with one of the most beloved movies and novels of all time, then it's worth the ticket price. If you're a fan of movies that are really big and epic, it's also worth the ticket price.

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