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No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

Release Date: Nov 16, 2007

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (R)

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User reviews on No Country for Old Men

  • 5
    If one expects a neat little conclusion to this, then better to stay with Disney. As others have said, and I most certainly agree, this film's suspense is based on its silence, which is more menacing then any loud "shoot em up" scenes. Yes, there is violence, but it is theme oriented, and not over the top. In fact, some of the violence happens "off stage", and the viewer is asked to accept that the film suggesting a death. The "bad guy" played by Javier Bardem, is so menacing that the terminator is an easy comparison because the bad guy kills with as much emotion. The acting is so convincing and believable and I think the three main actors have given Oscar winning performances. This was not a film I was looking forward to seeing, but I am also very glad that my husband persuaded me to come with him and watch what I consider to be one of the best films of the year.
  • 5
    A profound movie. Anyone who does not appreciate this movie should go back to watching daffy duck. This one is a winner. Cast well, dramatic, strong message, and a surprise ending. What a fabulous ending to a cinema. Those who get up and leave without a pause, well, they missed the whole thing.
  • 5
    Great flick. VERY peculiar ending. Interesting insight. Lots of blood. The main character was absolutely psychotic. Tom Lee Jones was hilarious and great. Woody H. had a very small part...I have thought of him the same since Natural Born Killers. Worth the money, but probably not an award winning movie. Kept my attention, until near the end, then slow--until the ending...when it ended the theater was astounded, quiet, no one moved. I think everyone was surprised. Go see it. No kids though, too violent.
  • 3
    I went to see it last night and was pleasantly surprised. It was definitely a movie that kept you eyes glued to the screen expecting the next unexpected killing or event. Javier Bardem was masterful as was Josh Brolin both the stars of the film. Tommy Lee and Woody were not impressive. Overall - good movie but terrible ending. I was hoping for some finality but sometimes in life there are no neat final endings.
  • 3
    At first I was really into the movie, picked up on all the nuances about what was going on in Tommy Lee Jones' head, was aghast at the killings but then the end came. The directors could definitely have done a better job of trying to get their point across about the injustices of life and the realities. True the world is not perfect and their are those that never pay for their inhumanities to man but the Coen brothers could definitely have tied it up a little neater.
  • 5
    Though a simple plot outline of the Coen Brothers' new film, based on Cormac McCarthy’s spellbinding novel, sounds like a thousand others you've heard before [guy stumbles upon briefcase full of money, keeps it, is hunted by men with guns who will stop at nothing to get the money back], NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN stands out as the best film I’ve seen this year. It's also one of the most exciting films in years, and will go down in history as one of the few cinematic masterpieces of the new millennium's first decade. Here's why: It's made clear within the first few minutes that nothing in this film is safe, and no character will be held in the delicate care of the filmmaker's protective hand. Once this is established, viewers are suddenly lost at sea in dangerous waters, no longer able to rely on past viewings of traditional thrillers, westerns and horror films--all genres from which NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN draws its influence--to prepare themselves for what is traditionally supposed to happen next. It’s a wonderful and thrilling sensation. The people in this film must rely on their wits and their plain dumb luck to survive, both of which, the film seems to suggest, will eventually run out for just about everyone. There's a feeling here that the director is at the mercy of actual events, constantly struggling to keep up as the story unfolds in ways that surprise and frighten even him. And the film IS frightening. One of my favorite chilling scenes takes place when Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) finds himself chased onto the deserted main street of a small Texas town in the middle of the night. Though his life is being threatened in the very center of town, there is nobody he can turn to for help. Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson and Kelly Macdonald are all excellent in the film's key roles, and a number of terrific bit parts played by actors of various shapes and sizes help paint a convincing, sometimes humorous picture of rural Texas in the early 1980s. But it’s Javier Bardem's menacing turn as Anton Chigurh that sits at the center of the film. At once soft-spoken and polite, aggressive and ruthless, Bardem plays Anton as equal parts Michael Meyers, Buster Keaton, The Joker and Sonny Bono. There have been few villains in cinema that can compare. There will be people who will dislike this film, of course, precisely because it does confound expectations that have made audiences feel comfortable and complacent throughout the years. Others may find the story unrealistic or too far over-the-top. But as Tommy Lee Jones' Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says, just open the local newspaper and read what sorts of horrors are taking place in this country every day. You'd hardly be able to make this stuff up and be believed.
  • 5
    Hey Ron,
    anybody who has at least an iota of appreciation for cinema knows that No Country for Old Men should be worshipped. This is obviously a best picture. Tommy Lee Jones played his part well, wonderful acting. And woody harrelson has only been the psychotic killer in one movie, guy. Go back to what you know; Bee movie is still playing. enjoy
  • 1
    A waste of time and money. I think the theater forgot to show the last reel! Unless they're planning on a sequel. Best Picture? ... oh, please! Tommy Lee Jones walked through this movie. Woody Harrelson must be sick of getting type cast as the psychotic assassin. Besides, he's being replaced by Javier Bardem. Couldn't wait for it to end ... and still waiting.
  • 4
    Laugh out loud funny. Still discussing Llewelyn's fate and that of his wife. However, only one question, Where is the money??? Moving to Del Rio soon.... or not.
  • 2
    I was enjoying the movie when it abruptly ended. Had I known it was coming, I would have paid more attention to the scene in which the Sheriff is explaing his dream. I have to watch it again because it slipped past me. The ending was a let down; the audience I was with was shocked and people just laughed as if to say, "we've just been had."

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