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Release Date: Mar 18, 2011

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 5
    very lifelike and wasn't even IMAX. Rarely does Deniro get upstaged. awesome.
  • 4
    This was a really good movie! It's fast paced and the premise of being able to access the full capabilities of our brain is an intriguing idea. Of course, there was a price to pay for the amazing effects of the NZT pills as there always are for mind-altering drugs. The ending leaves you wondering if Eddie is on or off the drugs that have brought him such success. Definitely worth seeing.
  • 3
    Does a movie have to have a message, a moral? If not, then limitless was thoroughly enertaining eye candy. Bradley Cooper adeptly plays the the part of a down on his luck writer, however, when he is given the opportunity to be smarter than most by receiving an illegal substance from a drug dealer, his superior intellect does not guide him to do anything posivite for society or anyone else. [Cure for cancer perhaps]. He does come to the conclusion that he will need to figure out how to make more of the drug for "himself". Superman, Steve Job, Bill Gates, I think not. What happens to Robert De Niro's character, who appears to have amast great fortune/success on the power of own non-medicate brain? He ends up to be the loser and referred to as the drug user's future b*tch. The visual effects are riveting and I highly recommend this movie to those who need some perspective on greed and the state of morality in the world.
  • 4
    I highly recommend seeing this film in the theaters because it is very entertaining and fun to watch. I have missed movies like that and I was very happy after seeing this film, it literally made me happy. I love how the director chose to show how Eddie’s brain function increases it is perfect visually and makes sense as well. The plot of the film is excellent and it keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout the whole film. I think this was a perfect role for Bradley Cooper and he was very believable as a genius and as a regular Joe. Overall, I think it was a great film and I will most definitely buy a DVD when it comes out.
  • 3
    Most movies where the hero gets a "super power" involve the physical. Limitless is different, in that Bradley Cooper's Eddie get the super power of the mind. That alone peaked my interest. Concepts don't always make a great movie, but there are enough twists in Limitless that the movie isn't just about its concept.
    Eddie's a down on his luck writer who has just lost his girl. It's at this point that he runs into his ex brother in law, who has a pill that will open up the brain's potential. Eddie uses this new found power to make it in the financial world. Of course, this being a thriller, he is soon being chased by guys who want the drug for themselves.
    I'm not normally a fan of Bradley Cooper, but his c***iness as an actor actually works for him here. Robert De Niro tempers his recent overacting to actually be good here. While the film can't sustain throughout, director Neil Burger does a good job of taking us into the mind of Eddie and making us really see what it's like to use all of your brain. Or at least enough to make a pretty entertaining movie.
  • 4
    I thought this film was a perfect sci-fi thriller and I was very entertained and i happily recommend to see this film in the theaters. I mean it was not a masterpiece and it will not blow you away like “inception” did, but it is a well made film that has a good story and great actors to support that story. I am officially in love with Bradley Cooper, who looked amazing in this film, and he also did a superb job with his character who was interesting and likable. Robert De Niro was great as usual and I always enjoy watching him on the big screen. Overall, this film was great and I think it is made for everybody’s taste.
  • 4
    Limitless is the new Superman for the information age. The movie is about a down and out writer who has a massive case of writers block. This writer, played by Bradley Cooper, has a long overdue novel he has yet to write and a laundry list of other negative things in his life. This is where a pharm dealer, also his friend, gets in touch with him to try a new drug. This new drug allows humans to use the other part of the brain that is generally never used causing him to be super smart and anticipate future events. He instantly becomes rich but the drug wears off quickly. He fiends for more and must go after it. I really enjoyed the visual effects used in the film to illustrate the vision someone who is that smart must see. That was one of my favorite parts of the movie, I really believed he was able to be that smart. But all good things must end and such is the plot of the film.
  • 3
    Limitless is the new action-thriller film starring Hangover star Bradley Cooper and one of the greatest actors of all time, Robert De Niro. The idea behind this film is really fascinating - a person takes a pill that basically puts their brain on steroids. The plot of the movie revolves around Bradley Cooper’s character who starts taking these pills and suddenly becomes rich and powerful because he can “think 50 movies ahead” of normal people. I do really like the theme of this film, which illustrates a shift in American thinking away from idolizing athletes and more about idolizing Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The movie could have been much smarter than it was. I feel like there was a lot missing but it really did have that “cool” effect going for it. The entire time I was watching I was wishing I could have a pill like that. Overall a pretty good movie but I definitely think it could have been better.

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