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Last Stand

Last Stand

Release Date: Jan 18, 2013

Genre: Action/AdventureSuspense/Thriller

Rating: (R)

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  • 4
    I must admit, I wasn't sure how the movie would turn out with Arnold returning to acting after being the Governor of California for the last eight years. The movie though was well done. To the lady who gave the movie two stars, you obviously didn't want to see the movie to begin with since you used the sentence, "MY BOYFRIEND DRAGGED ME TO A SPECIAL SCREENING." You also stated that Arnold was trying to act as if he was south of 40 in terms of the characters age he portrayed. Once again, you are wrong. Arnold plays a County Sheriff who is old and enjoys the peaceful life of the country compared to his former job as a L.A. police officer. He even made jokes about his age in the movie to recognize that he is old.
    The cast was that supported Arnold in this movie was good. One reason why I liked the movie was because even the good guys got shot or killed in this movie. In life, good guys just beat up the bad guys or kill them all with out casualties. The movie portrayed this well I thought compared to what would happen in real life.
    Does it have some of the usual action movie clique's? Yes, but what action movie doesn't?
  • 4
    I was looking forward this film and fortunately i was not disappointed with it. I thought the film was a lot of fun and I recommend seeing it in the theaters. It was everything I thought it will be, there are explosions, silly humor and Schwarzenegger blasting away bad guys, what else can I say... It is an old-fashioned film that is a lot of fun to watch, I had a blast and I think most people will as well. However, if you don’t like violent films, I do not suggest seeing this one because it is ultra violent. Overall, I found this film to be very entertaining and i think it is worth seeing in the theaters, especially if you are a fan of old-school action films.
  • 3
    So, my boyfriend really wanted to see this film and I get why, because it is full of explosions and chases and Schwarzenegger is in it and I believe that it is an ultimate guy movie. I thought the film was alright for what it was but it was way too violent for my taste, people didn’t just die, they exploded with blood gushing everywhere. The film had a great cast and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time and it translated on the screen. Schwarzenegger is still rocking and he is still a very believable tough guy with very enjoyable accent. The film is fast and I think it is very entertaining. Overall, I think this film was created for a specific audience that will eat it up and will want more.
  • 4
    Schwarzengger is back! I guess this one is mainly for fans of the man who made action movies a force to be reckoned with in the 80s and 90s, but he proves with this movie that he has staying power. He clearly understands that audiences want to see him beating up bad guys, and in this one he gets to beat up many baddies from south of the border. The reason it's called "The Last Stand" is because it's his final chance to prove to the world that he has done something more with his life and his career than just grow old. I think this is an important theme that will resonate with a lot of people who see the film, especially older viewers. The best advice I can give anyone who goes to see it, however, is to check the logic at the door. This isn't a movie for film connoisseurs, and I dare say it probably won't do that well at the box office. Still, it's worth watching just to see a legend in his element. Kudos, Arnie!
  • 2
    Ugh, seriously. My boyfriend dragged me to this for a special screener and all I can say is . . . ugh, seriously?! Who in their right mind would plunk over 12 of their hard earned dollars to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger (of all people) try to pretend he's still south of 40? PUHLEAZE. This is a trigger happy movie for people who like their movies to be as dumb as possible with only the slightest attempt to cobble together a story. He plays a washed up cop who wanted to be a contender (um, yeah) but who ended up being nothing special until a crazy cartoonish Mexican drug lord shows up at the border and escapes from the FBI. Don't even get me started on how over the top the villain was. It's so cliched. A couple of the action scenes were well done, I will admit, but other than that this is just a big waste of time and money. Strictly for fans of the genre and girlfriends who will do anything their significant others ask...
  • 5
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is da man! This movie proves, once and for all, that even though he's not the best actor in Hollywood, he is the greatest action star of all time. No other actor has so defined the genre and starred in so many definitive action flicks as has The Governator. He does it again as a sheriff of a small town in California that has little to no crime. He was once a big fish in a big pond (i.e. LAPD) but now he's had to settle for being a big fish in a small pond after an operation that left him with little of his old police gusto. He is kind of a sad case in a way but he's also really heroic in others. He's like the ideal cop or sheriff you'd want protecting your kids, especially in modern times like these when there are too many guns out there in the hands of bad guys. I liked the fact that Schwarzenegger really took the time to play his role right, which is more than just pounding and jumping up and down with a gun in his hands. A surprisingly good movie, gotta say.
  • 3
    Against my perhaps better judgment as both a film critic and longtime resident of the state of California, I find myself prone to proclaiming Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand a more than passably watchable movie.
    Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t in the league of Argo or even The Hobbit which is a made-for-the-masses action flick with a brain. But it is hella better than the last travesty that Schwarzenegger appeared in (The Expendables 2) and it makes us only want to gently poke ourselves in the eye when we conjure visions of him in the California Governor’s Mansion that he once occupied (before leaving the state in tatters with a massive budget shortfall and a crippled economy. But I digress).
    Schwarzenegger plays (and I use that term loosely) Sheriff Owens, a one-time LAPD cop who has had to resign himself to patrolling petty crimes in a sleepy California shanty town after a botched operation that ruined everything except his ability to make serious things sound hilarious in an Austrian accent. I say “loosely” because, like all movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is playing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Daniel Day Lewis he ain’t. He ain’t even Zac Efron.
    But lucky for him he only has to battle the world’s most wanted drug lord who has escaped the FBI and now wants to get back in the drug game. You can guess what happens after.
    Mercifully, Schwarzenegger is only called upon to deliver a very small number of lines and he gets to spend most of the movie doing what audiences like to watch him doing: shooting supersize guns out of the back of Hummers and beating up bad guys by the dozens. It’s all slick and slightly ironic, mostly because he’s pushing 60 (70?) now and he doesn’t mind the numerous jokes at his expense, many of them in Spanish. Hey, if Bruce Willis can handle the baldy jokes, it’s nice to know that Schwarzenegger knows he’s a rumpled piece of old man flap who still juices up too much.
    Ain’t Hollywood grand?
  • 5
    Call me crazy, but I really liked this movie. I am not a huge fan of the former governor of California, but I think he really nailed this part. He definitely seems to have gotten into the skin of a guy who used to be somebody and now thinks he's nobody...until he's called upon to be somebody again. I also loved the hottie mchot stuff played by Rodrigo Santoro who is like the hottest actor/model ever. I think the fact that the movie sort of deals with the whole issue of drug cartels in Mexico kind of makes it easy to stereotype Latinos, which I definitely did not like. But other than that I enjoyed the movie, especially the parts with Rodrigo. Remember how hot he was in "300"? The guy who plays the baddie in this is really scary (like REALLY scary) so I suggest that you brace yourself when he shows up on screen. I think older men and younger girls (with daddy issues, lol) will enjoy this flick.
  • 3
    I was surprised by how much this movie was not what I was expecting. I thought that it would be just another mindless brain drain of a movie starring an over-the-hill action star, but it actually has a decent storyline. Schwarzenegger is a movie star, not an actor; once you accept this, you know that to try to analyze his movies at an intellectual level is a folly. So just sit back, turn off the brain, and let the action scenes unfold. I do think that this movie is a bit too violent for anyone under the age of 16 (I didn't let my tweens watch it), but I did think that my college aged kids could handle it and they seemed to enjoy it. They did think that Arnold is too old to be playing these kinds of roles but that didn't stop them from enjoying the film. One thing that did bother me was the stereotyping of Mexicans as drug lords in this movie. I think it could have been more balanced, but then this is a popcorn action movie and you shouldn't try to be intellectual. Like I said earlier.

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