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Last Airbender

Last Airbender

Release Date: Jul 01, 2010

Genre: Action/AdventureFamily

Rating: (PG)

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    I never listen to reviews on MKnight Shylaman movies because most people don't like them. Those who do love his movies. They all have underlined meanings. Sometimes I just want to watch a movie just for entertainment, those times are when I don't watch a M Knight Shylaman movie. You'll like it or you won't. I did. He makes you pay attention and think. The Sixth Sense get rave reivews but it's a cookie cutter, mainstream movie to put some money in his pocket, it wasn't typical MKS.
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    I enjoyed this movie. The young star is an amazingly good actor for his age, assuming at least some of his performance isn't just digital graphics. The movie reminded me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. After I saw it I was told it was based on a cartoon and it was not good enough for guys who were into the cartoon. But taken on its own it's an enjoyable and well made movie.
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    hi i am 47 yrs old i loved the the last air bender i have seen it three times and want to see it again and again.I th.remeber he fiink the bad reviews came because people expexted it be exactly the cartoon.but the would be impossible because book one would have beeb 5-6 hrs movie.people c/o it has bad story line i thought it was great.the special effects were great.i have seen the cartoon series and i stll loved the movie.people are saying all he did was makea tidal wave to get rid of the fire nation boats people expected hi to destroy the whole nation but if you reall listen to what the sprits told aang as the avitor he cannot harm others just protect them.also c/o that he did not smile like the cartoon.remeber his whole racewas wiped out and he is told its his job to protect the four nations as a 12 yr old would you be happy.also people c/o about his tatoo nor being blue. i thought the tatoo they used in the movie was great espciaaly when it lights up and his eye turn white was awsome.i cannot wait for the sequels.
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    If we've learned anything in the last 10 years, it's that M. Night Shyamalan is a one trick pony. The Sixth Sense was a great movie with gut punch ending. Since then, he's made a couple of interesting but flawed works, and a few absolute stinkers, sinking to the bottom with The Happening. All of which makes you wonder what the heck Nickelodeon was thinking when it signed him to write and direct the film adaptation of The Last Airbender.
    The film revolves around Aang, a kid with the power to bend air and use it as a weapon. He must use his powers to stop the firebenders, who have decided to make war on the others. All of this gives Shyamalan the opportunity to do what he does "best": make the amazing seem downright boring. There's something to be said for his wanting to make the extraordinary seem ordinary, butreport this review for TOS violatione on, this is a special effects spectacular waiting to happen. Instead, he gives use his normal stilted, faux-spiritual dialogue, bad acting (I'm blaming it on Shyamalan, not the actors), and some camera work and editing that would have gotten laughed at in my film classes in college.
    There are a lot of great filmmakers out there (and some mediocre ones) who could have taken this interesting premise and turned it into something pretty cool to watch. Shyamalan can't even make something watchable. Hollywood: Please stop letting this guy make movies. He's never going to make The Sixth Sense again.
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    do not watch this movie it is the worst movie everer in the history of worst movies it would be beter to rent the cartoon series because you get more of your moneys by far
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    Well I have both good and badreport this review for TOS violationmentary on The Last Airbender. I, personally, am a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, on Nickelodeon. So I had extremely high expectations for the movie since Avatar is one of my favorite TV shows. So I have a lot to say.
    First of all,report this review for TOS violationpared to the series the movie was not very accurate. They changed so much stuff that was unnecessary. For instance (no this is not a spoiler) the Firebenders can’t bend of of thin air like they can in the show… Isn’t that unnecessary?!
    Also since the movie was based off a TV show, you would think they could get the names right. They pronounced Aang (rhymes with “sang”) AH-NG (rhymes with “song”), which was weird. Sokka (Sah-ka) was pronounced So-ka (mocha?). And Iroh (eye-row), as Ee-roh… What’s up with that?
    Now don’t get me wrong. I thought the movie was pretty epic. The effects were good, they cast the actors pretty well (though there wasn’t muchreport this review for TOS violationic relief from Sokka.) I mean the movie was good if you aren’t a fanatic like myself. I mean everything was awesome but they could have been more accurate to the story and added at least 30 more minutes on for scenes that were necessary. Like meeting Suki!
    The acting portrayals were pretty good. Katara was very good. I thought she was dead on. Aang was a little too serious for me, but all the same Noah Ringer did a fantastic job. Sokka was pretty good, you could tell Jackson Rathbone tried to be funny, and succeeded in some places. All the other actors did a good job. But I think that Yue and Zuko were amazing!!!
    I didn’t have the opportunity to see this movie in 3D, but I am going to see it in 3D. So I will tell you if it was necessary.
    So overall, loved it, hated it. Whatever. It all depends on if you watch the series.

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