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John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End

Release Date: Jan 25, 2013

Genre: ComedySciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (R)

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  • 3
    I thought this film is going to be awesome I liked the trailer and I really had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed and I do not think this film is worth seeing in the theaters. Actually, the first half of the film is awesome and it definitely starts with a bang but it looses speed quickly and the rest is just meh. I think the makers of this film were very ambitious which is a good thing, however it did not live up to it’s promise. It felt that the film did not have any direction and it was not cohesive, I wish i was writing a different review for this film, but I have to say what is on my mind...
  • 5
    I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a thirst for something genuinely different at the movies. We've all seen the Oscar bait movies that are out at this time of year. We've also probably seen more than our fair share of the trash that Hollywood dumps in theaters every January and February. I can't recall the last time I saw a movie that combined horror movie themes with hilarious comedy (the Scary Movies don't count since they sucked, well, everything) but this one really took the proverbial cake. I was astonished at how Paul Giamatti makes some of the scenes work that would otherwise have fallen flat. He just knows how to make scenes move forward with almost no dialogue. He is one of those rare gifted actors who can act with just a facial expression. I find him astonishing. The two leads are also good and milk the whole stoner/druggie meme for what it's worth. One of the best and most unique movies I have seen in many a moon.
  • 5
    This movie is a laugh riot! I was peeing myself at times (well, almost) when watching the two stars of this movie go in and out of consciousness as they abuse a drug known in the future as Soy Sauce. This drug, as it were, has the ability to transport users between dimensions. It really is a "gateway" drug. Some of the people who take it are loser stoners like John and David who can't do anything to make something out of their lives. They are perpetual, hapless losers. Which makes them turn to...ghost hunting. No joke, this is their solution to getting back on the right track. They tell their story to a journalist named Arnie played by the amazing Paul Giamatti who is one of those actors that can make the phone book sound interesting. I was surprised to see him in this movie given that he is such a big star, I guess he must have owed somebody a favor. In all, a great and hilarious ride.
  • 5
    Duuuuuude! This movie is freakin' awesome!!! I was laughing all the way throughout, even when I probably should have been scared out of my wits with all the ghost stuff and death and dying and what not. The movie has a hilariously original premise: two guys named John and David who dropped out of college and can barely make any sense out of their lives decide to start a business. What do they do? They become ghost hunters, of course! The do things like help people tell dead spirits to leave them alone so that they can get on with their lives. All the while, the two dudes are stoned out of their minds on a new drug called soy sauce that makes them whack out worse than any drug we know in the real world. There are some really hilarious moments between the guys and the ghosts, and also the journalist who is tracking their story. This one is gonna be a cult classic for sure!
  • 4
    So if you're wondering what happens to John at the end of this movie, you obviously haven't a clue as to what you're watching! This is a very interesting and different movie that you have never seen the likes of before. For one, it is a mishmash of horror and comedy, and rarely do we get to see two of the most popular cinematic genres so perfectly spliced together. It's very funny at times, especially when the two main characters go into one of their drug-induced trances (part of me thinks that these two had to have been high while shooting because they are just waaay too believable as stoners in the future). I also like how Paul Giamatti really plays his character straight and doesn't try for the cheap, easy laughs like other actors would have (i'm talkin' to you, Adam Sandler). The movie will be popular with younger adults and teens, and anyone who likes movies that are a bit out there.
  • 3
    My boys dragged me to this one much against my will so maybe I'm holding a grudge as I review this, lol. Truth be told, this isn't a bad movie at all, but I don't know that I would rate it any higher than "average" either. It has some funny moments (it will definitely take you back to your rowdier days when you indulged in illegal substances) but it should also be careful about making drug abuse look so causal and inconsequential. Not that I'm trying to go all 'nanny state' on you, but if the drug in the movie were real (they call it 'soy sauce' and it's supposed to be worse than crystal meth) then I think they should at least be careful not make it look like you can just have a normal life once you've done such a dangerous drug. Anyway, I'm just saying that as a parent I thought it was a bit irresponsible for them to glamorize drug use. All this talk about violence in movies should also be applied to drug use. For adults only.
  • 5
    My first thought as the credits began for Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End was that this would be a stoner film. I just had a hunch.
    So much for hunches, because this is waaaaaay beyond anything Seth Rogen and his stoned buddies could conjure in even the backseat of Snoop Dogg’s limo. John Dies has no formal plot, so to even attempt to describe a storyline would be futile. What it does have is a unique blend of established horror and comedy tropes that combine to make a movie that is admittedly very entertaining.
    Dave (Chase Williamson) and John (Rob Mayes) are a sort-of millennium version of the Ghostbusters. They spend their day doing things like tracking down the post-life versions of boyfriends harassing their still-living girlfriends. It’s very odd. It’s especially odd because the ghostbusting duo does all of this while tripped out on a drug known as “Soy Sauce”, a substance that makes the after-effects of crystal meth look positively benign.
    Their story is told primarily in flashbacks to a reporter named Arnie (played to hilarious effect by Paul Giamatti). This one will be popular with the stoner crowd, but it also deserves the attention of everyone else. Very unique and very, very entertaining.

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