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Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Release Date: Aug 21, 2009

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (R)

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  • 4
    Personally, I thought Inglourious Basterds was a very entertaining ficiontal version of the true events of World War II. It captured the pure essence of the horror of the time, making you cry and laugh a lot, expecially because of Brad Pitt. He was absolutely fantastic. However, others i spoke to that I somewhat agree with said that the movie had too much speach and too little action.
  • 5
    i thought this movie was great it was funny, sad, bloody it definitly is a must see for anyone and the plot was very creative and i thought brad pitt's accent was kind of ridiculous when i first saw the preview but once i saw the movie it actually suited him perfectly so go see this
  • 5
    I loved this movie. I thought there were only brief moments when I really noticed the hand of Quentin Tarantino. But they were just enough to delight me. Some very funny moments, though I think I was the only one in the theater laughing - quite black humor. Excellent story - many times I was just shocked at the turn of events. It was very violent in parts but it didn't feel gratuitous, rather I felt it was necessary. The opening half hour was absolutely outstanding - suspenseful, evil and brilliant acting - Christoph Waltz stole every scene he was in. The two lead women were also brilliant. Though a little wary beforehand of the length of the movie, I didn't think it was too long - it was evenly paced and the climax rewarding - and darkly funny. I wish I could be more eloquent - but suffice to say, I loved it.
  • 3
    This could have been the next great WWII film after "Saving Private Ryan". Heck, it could have even been an Oscar contender! But what we get instead is trademark Tarantino. One day perhaps Quentin Tarantino will straighten up just long enough to make a truly great film, stripped of caricatures and easy jokes.
    The problem in this film is everything involving Brad Pitt. It isn't that I dislike him, he's a fine actor. But his cartoonish character in this film is distracting, poorly played and unnecessary in what would have otherwise been a really top-notch, suspenseful WWII actioner. In fact the whole premise of the Inglorious Basterds is the very weak kink in this film. Fortunately, the "basterds" are on screen only part of the time, with most of the scenes from the trailer taking place in the first fifteen minutes.
    What's most frustrating is walking out of this movie with the realization that there were large parts of an excellent movie that were filmed and put on the big screen, but that great film was intercut with poorly acted and poorly sketched characters called inglorious basterds. And don't even get me started on the decision to cast Mike Myers as a British General.
  • 2
    This is a good movie with one full hour of fat that needs trimming. Tarentino is in serous need of an editor with the balls to say: "Q-man, Less is more, pacing is more important that getting every word you wrote on the screen."
  • 5
    This film is classic Tarantino and could go down as his best! Contains very long scenes filled with tension building dialogue and action. Violence and gore still exists, but is alittle less than in other movies. Music, direction, cinemetography are excellent. Acting by Brad Pitt, and particularly Christoph Waltz as Col Hans Landa, is superb! Highly recommended with caution for violence.
  • 4
    The only drawback on this movie was Brad Pitt. Were there no Jewish actors available...I think it would have added much more passion to the part. The Hans Landa character was superb, Tarantino's direction on this role was spot on. The way he focused on Hans drinking milk, eating strudel really annoyed the s*** out of me, which it was supposed to do. A true Nazi that really enjoyed himself. We all know people like him. All other aspects of the movie were well done, mostly predictable, you knew when the girl got away she would reappear, and when the theater was chosen for the premier what was going to happen. The basement restaurant bar scene was by far the best part of the movie. Real Tarantino action, well directed and well played out. At the end, I would have like to seen Pitt have a Bald Eagle carved into his forehead by Hans...but it didnt work out that way. Would I see this movie again....yes, both in the theater and on Blu Ray. Would I recommend to my 83 yr old mother? Probably not...but yes to the rest of my friends and family.
  • 5
    I usually like Tarentino movies and my wife doesn't. We both liked this one.
    Very Tarentino without being very Tarentino. Not what you would expect. Not a typical war movie and not a lot of blood and guts. But enough. Pitt is very good, but also not the major character. Just the draw. The real substance is with the two strong female leads, both wonderfully played.
    Very cool music choices. don't let the ideas of some sub titles put you off. Having everyone speak in the appropriate language just adds to the drama and story telling. I didn't realize until it was over that is was a 2 1/2 hour movie. when you can lose yourself in the tension leading to the climax that is great movie making.
    I'm going to see it again. (And don't worry about the historical accuracy. In a way this ends the way you always wanted the war movies to end.)
  • 5
    This was a great fictional film and somewhat tame for Tarentino standards. I had expected more blood and was disappointed, not that I love blood and gore, just that it is usually done with such comedic flare as in "Dusk until Dawn", but was surprised by the effortless comedy of Brad Pitt. It was a great script and I loved the Red Dress and flames at the end. I wish that QT would make more films MORE OFTEN.
  • 4
    Oh yes, Inglourious Basterds does contain violence and even gore, too graphic for my liking at times. On the other hand, both the commercial trailer and NPR's Quentin Tarantino interview will have you believe the violent scenes are pervasive or excessively frequent, which they aren't. And that's good!

    This movie has plenty of intricate storylining and dramatic complexity woven into it. The opening scene shows very effectively how the day-to-day Nazi occupation of France may have operated in its sophistication and ruthlessness, penetrating even the remotest rural areas, and how that may have felt to those subjected to it--namely, to a Jewish girl named Shosanna. This scene alone explains a lot of the extremes to which Shosanna will go at the end of the movie.

    While the action scenes are certainly fast-paced, the dialogue scenes are never hurried. They allow for ample character study, with the bizarre finding that some of the Nazi "dignitaries" exude a vibrant humanity (and I don't mean that the featured SS officer speaks four languages fluently), while some of the "good guys" remain flat and bland. Specifically, Brad Pitt's redneck accent (we later learn his character is supposed to be from Tennessee) seems forced and gratuitous. And while we are on the subject of Brad Pitt: Is he being groomed to be another Clark Gable? If so, then it isn't working.

    The nature of the story dictates that you would find characters speaking French, German, and English with one another, and Quentin Tarantino does a bold job approaching the challenge of integrating these languages (as opposed to prescribing the generic use of English). Whatever dialogue is not in English gets subtitled in English, so you will be reading a lot of subtitles. When French and German speakers interact, they generally end up speaking French, although sometimes with the aid of an interpreter--which bears a certain irony because that interpreter won't help English-speaking audiences.

    Since I happen to speak both German and French, I found those dialogues inspired and conducive to good storytelling, especially with the German and French delivered by actors who are household names in their countries. However, the expectation of many scenes being subtitled wasn't set in the trailer, and some people might find their unexpected and frequent occurrence annoying or exhausting in a two-and-a-half-hour movie. But again, as far as I am concerned, the "naturalism" of multiple languages worked for me and even added to the gravitational pull of a compelling plot.

    It's neither good nor bad that the script takes considerable creative license with historical facts. We all know that at least the ending didn't happen that way, although you wish it had, so I admit this may be bad. The soundtrack also reminds us every so often, by going back and forth between historic shellac favorites and today's sonic imagery, that this is a story tailored to engage present-day audiences. The plot has intriguing twists to it, and the overall craftsmanship of the movie is solid, so yes, this movie has managed to engage me for two and a half hours.

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