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Release Date: Sep 07, 2012

Genre: Comedy

Rating: (R)

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  • 5
    Boys will be boys, which even in the UK apparently means that boys will behave badly. Thankfully for us in the audience, the bad boys in The Inbetweeners are a bunch of socially awkward and sexually frustrated nerd alerts that decide to go on vacation to, well, get some. After all, no one in their own country will so much as look at them, so there's got to be a girl abroad who will like them...or at least give them a second peek, right? Well, not exactly, so they spend a lot of time talking about going up to pretty girls but then losing their nerve at the last moment and drowning their sorrows in buckets of alcohol that they cannot possibly hold (there's a lot of barf in this movie). In the end, the movie is not about the hijinks of the four friends but the deep bond that they share and how that will sustain them as they move into adulthood. Sometimes what you want most in life - and even what you need most - is already right in your possession. You just have to wake up to the reality of your life!
  • 4
    Okay, so sue me, I'm a sucker for an awkward teenage boy! There's just something about the Urkel types that just really gets to me. It must be the reason that people like to root for an underdog, and in this movie we have four of them. They remind me of myself when I was younger though I'm a grown woman now. Part of what makes this buddy comedy so fun is that the main characters are so hilariously awkward and out of their element that anyone who was never head cheerleader or quarterback of the football team should be able to relate. Mind you, this is hardly high brow cinema so don't buy your ticket thinking you'll be privy to some kind of elevated form of British mass entertainment a la Wallace & Gromit. This movie is plain raunch and fun all throughout and it doesn't make any apologies for being silly, stupid, and senseless. As long as you bring your sense of humor and your memories from high school, you will have a joyous time.
  • 5
    I have had the good fortune of seeing the original British si. coon which this movie is based so I knew immediately what to expect and where the movie would go with these four hilariously nerdy dorks. They are the best of buds in high school though they love to tear each other apart with ribald jokes and trash talk that would make anyone even remotely sensitive blush with embarrassment. My friends and I all talk to each other like this which is why I enjoyed the movie so much. It's so relatable to anyone who's ever had a bunch of best buds in high school. I hope that when I graduate high school I get to take the trip of my dreams though I promise to myself and my folks I'll behave better than what they show in The Inbetweeners (haha). This is a fun movie to see with your buds and see how people from all over the world really are very similar in the most basic of ways. A lot of fun!
  • 2
    Heaven help me if this is what I can expect my teenage boys to be up to once they graduate high school and head off shore to vacation with their friends. My boys insisted that I take them to see the movie because it looks "so funny, mom!" and I relented (hey, I'm a softie) and I now regret my decision. The movie shows four teenage boys acting like lewd and randy bunny rabbits that want nothing more than to drink and ogle girls they are too scared to talk to or touch. It's supposed to be cute in a "aren't they so nerdy?" kind of way, but I wish they would make a movie that showed teenage boys on the cusp of manhood had more to do than just think about their own gratification and objectifying girls and young women. I remember being that age and even though some of what they show is true, it's a gross caricature and I think anyone who is halfway responsible will know that this is too much farce to believe. Role models, please!
  • 4
    The boys in this movie may be British but they remind me of every guy in my high school. All they seem to care about is breaking out of their inner nerd and becoming some kind of ladykiller cassanova, lol. Of course, none of them have a prayer and I think in that sense this movie is true to life. Of course, there are a few stipulations like how the guys involved go to Crete to drink and find pretty girls to mess around with, but since they are such dorks, they mostly just drink. I think it was funny how the group of friends tried to help one another get over their individual insecurities, but that's what you expect in a buddy comedy. It's not unlike a lot of mainstream Hollywood movies like American Pie or Superbad, though this one is smarter and I think funnier. It's supposed to be the most successful British comedy of all time so I guess it resonates with the Brits as well as some of us americanos.
  • 3
    Woe the weight of expectations. I went into this movie (for some reason) thinking that it would be a smarter and wittier version of the many Hollywood comedies about gawky, awkward teenage boys who seek the pleasures of the flesh while on vacation (or any random party night in the grand ol’ U.S. of A). This British teenage comedy about four male friends seeking a good time is pretty much the same thing – nay, it’s exactly the same thing – except that they say “holiday” instead of “vacation”. Hollywood is notorious for taking edgy British entertainment and dumbing it down for American mainstream audiences. For once, the inverse is true, and there’s nothing to brag about in the end result.
    I am not a native of Britain but I am told that the movie is based on a cult TV hit in the UK that ran from 2008 to 2010. The “inbetween” part of the title suggests that these are four young men or old boys on the cusp of adulthood who aren’t quite ready to give up their yen for behaving like unbathed and horny bunny rabbits. Their only concern
    is losing their virginity (or what’s left of it) and yet somehow these movies always end up being about the bond between friends. Four British teens take a holiday to Crete where wackiness ensues. There’s many a bum joke, a few times when erections won’t happen despite their best efforts, and plenty of scatological humor. It’s basically a British rehash of Superbad and elements of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Intermittently amusing, I can sum up the whole movie in one word: “meh”.
    The whole thing would hardly be above the level of Saved By the Bell Goes to Hawaii were it not for the pitch perfect comic timing of Simon Bird, who plays the uber nerd Will McKenzie. His facial expressions in every close up communicate more than the other three possibly can with punchline after punchline. But apart from Simon, there is much to be desired from the rest of the movie which could certainly benefit from the presence of a parent or authority figure and a female character who was more than the sum of her flirtatious body parts. I doubt this review will change much (if anything) to the legions of raunchy bromance comedies being made as I type, but maybe next time they can opt for the path less traveled: make the foursome female, or gay, or handicapped, or Mormons.
  • 3
    I kind of liked this film and had fun watching it, I am not sure if it is worth seeing in the theaters but you might enjoy watching it at the comfort of your home. This film reminded me of American Pie but it is a British version of it and I definitely learned some hilarious slang. Some people might find this film to be vulgar but I thought it was really funny and it also had sweet and heartfelt moments which I really enjoyed. Overall, I think that a lot of people will be able to relate to this film and enjoy it as much as I did.

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