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    Wow, this movie is hella loud! It has so many drops and cracks and screams and stampedes, I'm surprised that the little ones that sat through it emerged with their hearing intact. The story is pretty unoriginal - a bunch of smart talking animals go off in search of the fabled acorn and end up meeting a bunch of baddies that try to thwart their success - but the animation is well-done and a couple of the songs are hummable. It is, however, easily the weakest of the Ice Age movies and i'd be surprised if this one prompts them to make another one. Then again, stranger things have happened . . . like I hear they're making a sequel to "Green Lantern" even though it bombed big time. Who knows why Hollywood does what it does with its bottomless pockets. I won't pretend to know. I also won't pretend that this movie will be forgotten almost as quickly as you leave the theater - provided you were wearing protective ear coverings first. Ha!
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    I thought this film was alright but I am not sure if it is worth seeing in the theaters. I guess if you have children it is worth seeing but if you do not you might want to skip it. The film looked great and the characters were great but it was quite unoriginal and not necessary. I saw all the previous films and I really did not think that there will be one more. It is one of those films that desperately tries to please the audience and it is very appearent and kind of annoying. Overall, I had an alright time watching this film but I wish I saw it at the comfort of my house and saved my hard-earned money.
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    I thought this film was alright and if you have children I suggest seeing it. My little niece really wanted to see this film so I took her and she had a great time. We saw the film in 3D and I think it is worth the extra cash because it looked pretty spectacular and definitely enhanced our experience. I have not seen the previous films so all of the characters were new to me and I liked them all. I thought the film was fun and funny and it was fast paced and had pretty great characters. Overall, I think this film is worth seeing in the theaters.
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    I thought this animation was pretty good and I think it is worth your time and money. I have not seen the previous movies but I think I will because I liked this one. The film was fun, fast, it had great characters and an interesting story with a great message. I found this film to be very charming and I bet it will please a large audience. The visuals in the film were pretty spectacular and voice work is really great, Sloth is definitely my favorite character. I found the film to be very funny and the jokes were not gross or inappropriate it was just pure and innocent fun. Overall, I had a great time watching this film and I think you will too.
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    I really liked this animation and recommend seeing it in the theaters. I have seen all of the previous films and of course the first one is the best one but this latest creation is pretty good as well. The film looks great, it is colorful, fun and it has a great story with great characters. The message of the film is also very good and it stresses the importance of the family and friendship. THe film is fast paced, fun and if you have any children in your life I bet they will have a great time watching this film and they will learn some important messages as well. Overall, I had a blast watching this film and I think it is worth seeing in the theaters.
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    This is a cute movie, not overly clever like Shrek and maybe not as artistic as Up, but it still had me laughing and entertained throughout. The character of Scrat in this movie continues his search for the acorn, except that this time his search causes more trouble than it's worth. Scrat's craziness causes the rest of the gang - Manny, Diego, and Sid - to go on a fun filled adventure that brings Sid back to his hilarious and tough loving Granny. Of course, no story like this is complete without a villain, and this time we have a bunch of crazed pirates that want to stop the gang before they get home. The movie is a lot of fun and I think if you don't go in expecting a lot of sly one-liners you should be able to enjoy it. My boyfriend was kind of disappointed because he wanted more pop culture jokes, but why does every animated movie have to be like that? It's nice that this one is strictly for the kids. In some cases, that's just right.
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    I love the Ice Age movies, always have, all the way from when I was a kid. I'll admit that they're not quite the same quality as what Pixar usually does or even the rare good DreamWorks animated movie like Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon. I enjoyed seeing this in 3D because there's a lot of action in the movie and it all really pops out at you in 3D ... though I have to admit that I didn't see nearly as many people in the 3D viewing as I did in the regular movie, which I guess is because it now costs like $50 for a family of four to go see a movie in 3D. It's gotten kind of expensive but I think it's ok to splurge once in a while on a movie you have been waiting to see. My favorite guy in the cast is still Ray Romano - I just love his nasal, whiny voice and the way it comes out in a cartoon, it jst cracks me up thinking about it! I also really liked Queen Latifah's performance. She has a super cool delivery.
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    Man, this was WEAK as you know what (rhymes with 'smell')! After seeing some awesome animated movies this year - The Lorax, Madagascar 3, Arrietty, and my favorite, Brave - I was hoping that the new Ice Age would be another winner. But it turned out to be a loser and a dud! The animals are still searching for that magical acorn or whatever and suddenly a crazy band of pirates tries to stop them...yeah, didn't make sense to me either. The movie is pretty dull and you know exactly what the jokes are going to be, it's totally lazy writing on the part of the screenplay. None of the characters are memorable this time, even the one played by John Leguizamo who usually hits it out of the park. I think that this should be the last Ice Age EVER and it definitely isn't worth seeing in 3D. The animation is so-so and you can probably get do a lot better if you just go back and see Brave or wait for the DVD. Big time disappointment.
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    My kids triple loved this movie! I'm not surprised since they love all the Ice Age movies which are a lot of fun. There's a lot of action in this one and the animals tend to scream a lot (I mean A LOT) but the little ones seemed to like it a lot so I would recommend it to anyone whose kids haven't seen it or who don't want to go back and see Brave or Madagascar 3 again. I think this movie was made mostly for kids since it doesn't have many adult level jokes but I didn't mind. The animation is pretty neat, kinda offbeat but very detailed. It's less artsy and more stylish, I guess. The cast includes all the old favorites like Ray Romano and John Leguizamo, plus new voices like Queen Latifah and Aziz Ansari. Patrick Stewart had me in stitches every time he talked, I just love how he delivers his line in such a dry fashion, it makes the jokes that much funnier. On the whole, not as good as Brave but still a fun movie for the family.
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    Let's just be frank, shall we? The Ice Age animated franchise is no Toy Story. Heck, it's not even one of those charming shorts that plays at the beginning of every Pixar animated feature. And nothing proves this point more than the frenetic, off-the-wall, louder-than-all-hell movie that is the third Ice Age animated misadventure.
    Consider this: of the six movies that have been out-and-out blockbusters so far in 2012, three of them are animated features: The Lorax, Madagascar 3, and Brave. Clearly, audiences the world over enjoy the romp of a studio cartoon. If there is any justice in the world, Ice Age 3 will not be joining the list simply because it is quite plainly a very bad movie. At the screening I went to, there were a few dozen kids present and even they seemed to only laugh at a few moments (like when giant icicles fall on villains' heads or things of that sort) while the adults in the crowd seemed genuinely disengaged, checking their clocks and cell phones throughout and asking the little ones if they needed to go to the bathroom. Not a good sign.
    Though it has the voice talents of Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Wanda Sykes, Jennifer Lopez, Aziz Ansari, and Patrick Stewart, there is remarkably little character in the story: it's all pratfalls and high speed chases, especially with the main cast of acorn-hunting creatures being hunted themselves by a generic band of ragtag pirates. Strictly Saturday morning stuff here, folks.

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