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  • 5
    I saw this today. I thought it was great. I've been waiting a long time to see Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. It was very dark just like The Order of the Phoenix. but it wasn't as entertaining as The order of the Phoenix. The movie moves at a slower pace. I like how Draco Malfoy has a huge role in this film. The way he fights Harry Potter with Magic spells is cool. Seeing Narcissa Malfoy (Draco's mother) was a real treat. Her hair was 100% blonde in the book, but in the movie it's half blonde and half black. It looks cool, but it's suppose to be all blonde. Ron Weasley was very funny. Lavender Brown is a good girlfriend for Ron. Her arguments with Hermione Granger was entertaining. Nymphadora Tonks was cool, but her role was smaller than it was in The order of the Phoenix''. Natalia Tena is hot as hell, i like her a lot. I like Luna Lovegood's Magic 3-D spectrespec glasses. Fenrir Greyback was cool. Werewolves rock. I like this movie a lot.
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    I'm not a Harry Potter fan by any means, but this was a good flick. I read the first four books and then lost interest by the time the fifth one came out so I can't verify how accurate this movie was to the book. But when comparing this to the first four movies and their likeness to the books my comment would be that it probably had every necessary element for the plot but left out some of the better parts of the book. To finalize I'll give it five stars based simply on the entertainment view of the film but if you've read the book and want to compare I'll let you be the judge and then hopefully leave a review so the rest of us who haven't can know. haha =)
  • 5
    I love this movie! It is building up to why Voldamort cannot be killed... Harry, Ron and Hermione finally have love interests, which of course puts a cute twist in the story. Has a couple of interesting new characters and of course beloved (and hated) old ones. I thought it was well done.
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    Amazing visual effects. Daniel R., Emma W., and Rupert G. keep growing as the years go on. I like how relationships are starting to grow between the characters. The headmaster tries to prepare Harry for the final battle. With deatheaters on the move, it makes it very hard for them to get off their trail. Also they go back into the past of Tom R. which I thought was very well executed by David Y. (the director). I give this film A-
  • 5
    BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! but i technicaly didnt see it all. i saw half of this in tinnseltown on the midnight showing. it broke. what i saw of it was quite swell. i wish i saw the ending but unfortunetly oh watever i am going to do simething else
  • 2
    As a movie the Half Blood Prince was very captivating and enjoyable. From the perspective of a follower of the books I was greatly disappointed and angered! The 6th book is one of the bests books i have ever read. Not only did the filmakers leave out important details they added pointless scenes, such as the burning of the burrow, and changed the details of many others. Time was wasted on made up scenes and lavenders and ron's relationship when the detail of voldemorts past could have been included and made just as good of a movie. I understand that some details were left out to keep the movie a reasonable length, i just feel that many of the wrong things were left out and altered! Hopefully the 7th book will be better, because it is being made into two movies!
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    This movie is darker & heavier than its predecessors, just like the book it's based on. This movie lacks a lot of the light-hearted banter found in the previous movies, which is to be expected if you read the book. There is a lot of dialogue, but it's essential to furthering the plot and setting up the final 2 movies. You won't enjoy this movie if you want a whole lot of action with very little talk; I also don't recommend it if you are a newbie to HP, you must be up-to-date to appreciate it. Don't get me wrong, it's not all talk, there is also action, some scary images, and even a (non-graphic) death, so don't take the little ones. Warning: you are left hanging at the end; it reminded me of how I felt when I was a kid and saw "The Empire Strikes Back," except we only have to wait 1 year and not 3 to see the story continue. The previews put too much emphasis on the "teen love" aspect, I found it to be minimal to the plot, which was fine with me. My family thoroughly enjoyed it, but we're die-hard Potter fans, books and movies. We recommend it and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  • 1
    This movie is a waste of time. It was so boring(no actionlike the other movies). My kids feel asleep half way through it. Thank god we seen it at the drive-in in west chicago(cascade) because the second movie was worth the money. DONT WASTE YOU TIME
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    Latest installment is very slow and plodding with an unfocused and weak storyline that strays everywhere.
    Apparently that pesky Voldemort is still alive due to him splitting his soul and hiding it unknown items which took about an 1:45 minutes to explain. The last 45 minutes was spent on Harry seeking one of these items, with the help of Dumbledore, only to find at the very end it was a fake.
    I am still scratching my head as to why this film was titled the "Half Blood Prince", Snape's erstwhile nickname, for if this was truly relevant to the story its importance completely escaped me. Why this book of Snape's was casually available in the '"potions and spells" classroom to be coincidentally discovered by Potter made no sense.
    Why there were 3 wizards flying about burning down houses and creating havoc, abducting wizards, made no sense to me either other than showing their hatred of anything not them. One of these flying hell mongers was played by Helena Bonham Carter playing the smallest role I have ever seen her in.
    Why so much film time was spent on pointless teen love-angst was also a poser to me.
    Why a dozen wizards were completely powerless to put out a fire that was burning down their home- also a major curiosity.
    This latest Potter film is by far the slowest moving, with the least amount of action or entertaining values.
    Why after 10 years neither Harry or Weasley seemingly have not found their spines is both unbelievable and infuriating.
    The 2 standout characters were Lavender Brown (played by Jessie cave) and Slughorn played by Jim Broadbent who created a rich and complex character despite the weak script.
    Go to see ONLY if you are true die-hard fan of this franchise and wish to take in the wonderful art direction on the big screen.
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    I want my 2 & 1/2 hours back.

    The effects in the movie are good. I'll give it that. The acting was excellent, as always. And this is the first time I actually had some understanding of the Quidich (sp?) game. Although my daughter, who has read the books, still had to explain some of the finer points to me.

    Having said all of that, this movie stunk. It was disjointed and, as with all the HP movies, they did a horrible job of relaying the passage of time.

    Additionally, while there was some closure with the other HP movies, this one had none. It made you feel like you'd been dumped in the middle of the plot- and you had.

    It seemed scattered, disconnected, and like they tried to cover too much in the period of the movie. Either they should have made it a longer movie with more time given to the separate sub-plots, or they should have left some of the sub-plots out and embellished more on the ones they kept in.

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