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Release Date: Jan 27, 2012

Genre: Action/AdventureDrama

Rating: (R)

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    I have mixed feelings about this film, mostly i liked it but some of the scenes made me kind of angry and I found the to be also silly. The film is very nice visually and there are some great action scenes but i id not like the philosophical side of this film, I felt that it was forced and it did not really make me think but it did annoy me. I also found it pretty ridiculous that the men were pursued by wolves and that they actually fought them, if one knows anything about nature then one will realize how unrealistic this film is. Wolves would never attack people like that and I find it alarming that this film used real wolves during the shoot, I know wild animals are very hard to film and I wonder i the wolves were harmed during this film.
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    I truly wonder why some people ever write reviews. 1st of all let me say this .... do a little research and you will see wolves driven to starvation would def eat a lone crash victim ... yes def ... that is if the crash victim was alone and unable to fight and or wounded and or out in an open field where it could be attacked by several of the "pack" if there were even one..... HOWEVER MORONS..... that want to pick this apart its a story ....and thats all..... "STORY" got it now f***tards???? predictable yes exciting yes. Great acting? meh .. Liam is a true icon and one that gives an entertaining watch. Ok tards schools out. You can get back to making mtns out of molehills again... go see it for the fun folks NOT the realism ....
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    I thought the film was pretty good and i recommend seeing it in the theaters. I was entertained most of the time and even though there were some silly moments in the film i think overall it was well done and well acted. The film was interesting and entertaining, i could have done without philosophical wanderings but I guess it gave this film some depth. One have to understand that this movie has nothing to do with reality and if you accept that you will have a good time. I found the film to be pretty thrilling and suspenseful and I was on the edge of my seat a lot of times. Overall, if you are looking to be entertained and see some man versus wolf action, this film is for you.
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    I think the film was alright but it was so predictable that it took away half of the joy of watching it. I also thought that the film had way too much of philosophical mumbo jumbo and it did not feel natural but rather forced and silly. I think this film will mainly appeal to male audience because it is about tough men talking tough and acting tough as well, it did not have much for me. I also did not like that they used real wolves for this film because wild animals often get hurt during filming and there is no way of telling if wolves did not get hurt during this film (there are rumors flying that wolves indeed got hurt and that is extremely sad). Overall, I do not think this film is worth seeing in the theaters.
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    I thought this might be a great Adventure film but as it was not terrible it lacks.
    great cinematography, the present of liam was good not great but good enough however the wolf situations were not believeable. And the scenes felt rushed except for the beginning.
    I kinda wished I would've seen it on Video
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    Truly horrible! Liam Neesom should be ashamed. There are only two good things about this movie 1) the beautiful scenery (I’m guessing British Columbia) and 2) the realistic chaos of the plane going down.
    Inconsistencies between scenes when there’s a blizzard one second and the next they’re sitting around in hoodies with no gloves. Monster alien sounding wolves stalking the men one second and the next all are peacefully sleeping. The predictable systematic elimination of characters. Unnecessary vulgar language. I had absolutely no sympathy for anyone in this movie. They needed to either make it a really explicitly grisly monster movie or make it more believable.
    Don’t go. Don’t waste your money
  • 4
    Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors, one that had a solid career in dramatic roles before Taken turned him into an unlikely action star. I've always felt it was his honesty and passion that allowed him to make the transition into films that would have suffered if not for his presence. The Grey isn't a standard action film, but one that is certainly elevated by Neeson's presence. He stars as Ottway, a man who protects the employees of a far off Alaskan oil refinery from wolves. When he and several other employees are stranded in the wilds after a plane crash, they must find their way out of the wilderness without getting eaten. The Grey tries to be a little too existential, with the men in the group taking on a pack mentality themselves at times. It could all be a bit much, but Neeson and the rest of the cast do a good job of keeping things interesting. Director Joe Carnahan also creates the right sense of peril. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.
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    I think this film was great and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. It is a great surviving in the wild film and it also has some philosophical aspects, i bet some people will not like that part but i thought it was pretty great. Liam Neeson definitely rocks this role and I can not imagine anyone else playing this role but him. The film is pretty dark and serious and you should expect to be shocked which i always like. The film is also beautiful visually and i really enjoyed watching it on the big screen. The scenes with the wolf are pretty awesome and at one point a wolf gets literally punched in the face and that is bad ass. Overall, i think this film was worth my money and my time.
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    This is a film about an oil drilling team that struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild, the film is directed by Joe Carnahan and stars Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo . This film was absolutely great and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film had great action scenes and it was philosophical as well and i absolutely loved that. I hope people will not ignore this film because it has some ponderings about God and nature. The film is very intense and the cast was great, Liam Neeson was wonderful in this film and once again he proves what a great actor he is. The film also looks great and has the best ending I have seen in years. Overall, it is definitely worth seeing this film in the theaters.
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    I have no idea why everybody is raving about this film, I thought it was pretty bad and i do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I saw the previews of the film and I pretty much knew what will happen in the entire film and i was not wrong, it was so predictable! I do have to admit that Liam Neeson was great in the role of Alpha male and the film did look pretty great but everything else was totally mediocre and i do not think it was worth the price of the ticket. I do not like watching animal getting hurt and this film definitely had a fair share of that (I also heard that actual wolves were hurt during this film and that is just despicable). There were a lot of philosophical mumbo jumbo and i definitely hated that. Overall, it was not worth my time or my money.

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