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Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

Release Date: May 10, 2013

Genre: DramaRomance

Rating: (PG-13)

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    You sum this one up in a couple of words - a really boring movie. DiCaprio and Maguire are great actors it's just that the movie itself was not very interesting. (I actually dozed off during part of it.) Most are familiar with the story line, but nothing really new - or even remotely exciting - was added to this feature. I wonder what the director thought as he viewed the final product? ...I hope we can break even on this, with fingers crossed...
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    Hated the book, utterly despised the 1974 film version, and went just for the Luhrmann spectacle -- only to find myself engaged in the story for the first time in my life.
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    I would actually give it a 3 1/2 but I gave it a four in hopes that people watch it because it is a great love story and plot. I had an epiphany, when Daisy makes up her mind towards the end, about how brutally selfish and wishy-washy some people can be. I had read the book in High School but honestly never got it (didn't finish it either) so I was not prepared for the ending. WARNING!!! The dressing and word choice used doesn't resemble the time period of the movie's setting. Also, the beginning is a little slow moving but it really works up the audience as the plot develops. If you are patient please watch...It is a great movie to enjoy, especially on a girl's day out.
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    Incongrous, as costumes, sets, cars, media, all of an era eons before rap and head dancing/twirling (charlston, peabody). simple case of trying to be overly creative (or cute),and failing.
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    I liked this movie better than a lot of critics apparently did - it's trending pretty mediocre on Rottentomatoes - but the whole 3D thing I think is pretty egregious. Do we really need to see non-animated and non-CGI figures partying in 3D? I don't really get the point...unless the point is to milk moviegoers of an extra 10 bucks to watch Carey Mulligan party it u Moulin Rouge-style in 3D. Yes, the visuals are pretty amazing in the first hour, but then the 3D totally loses its usefulness and you're left wondering what is going on with the story in the second half. I thought the 3D glasses were really annoying to have to wear in the second half when everything gets more normalized. I'd say see it in 2D and let the spectacle carry you away. If it worked for Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, it can work for Carey Mulligan in the Great Gatsby.
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    We just read this in class a few months ago and the whole time I was reading it I kept imagining what the movie would be like, lol. I saw the older version of the story with Robert Redford and it was pretty good, but this one really goes far beyond what the previous version did. Baz Luhrmann did an excellent job in making the movie relevant to today's audience with his hip hop music (go Jay Z! go Beyonce!) and the commentary on our culture's obsession with everything glamorous and celebrity. Gatsby is basically a celebrity of his time - maybe even a little Paris Hilton like or Kim Kardashian-esque - but he relishes it more than just a way to make money or to get his name out there. He thinks of his celeb status as being the reason he was born, the whole purpose of his existence. The actors are all at the top of their game here, especially DiCaprio. Somebody, please, just give him an Oscar already!
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    "The Great Gatsby" was always one of my favorite reads, both in and out of the classroom. I remember reading it for the first time in high school and (embarrassing confession) coming to romanticize Gatsby as some kind of loverboy a la Romeo that every young girl pines for after a great read. This movie basically gets the same job done, though I do wish that the first half which focuses more on the glamorous aspects of the novel was more focused on being faithful to the novel. The performances are all top notch, especially Joel Edgerton who, in my opinion, walks away with the movie. He is really spectacular in his part. Carey Mulligan who plays Daisy is also expertly cast and I have come to the conclusion that there's really nothing wrong she can do. She always wins me over. Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio obviously have a great rapport, though they seem to be playing themselves at time.
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    What’s that old saying? That all that glitters isn’t gold? It also, apparently, isn’t substantive, narratively-sound, or even slightly memorable if it happens to be the shiny epic wannabe The Great Gatsby from director Baz Luhrmann.
    Now, it would be too easy for a derisive critic like yours truly to go ahead and deem the film “The Not-So Great Gatsby” or even “The Anything But Great Gatsby”. But such snarkiness aside, the thing that really sticks in your craw after watching the movie that’s all flash and circ**stance is that no one seemed to remember that this was based on a famous and much-celebrated novel. Even those who aren’t literary purists – and I suspect, even those who haven’t read the book – will note the movie’s pronounced lack of narrative substance.
    For the sake of the devil’s advocacy, it might behoove me to point out what it right with the film. That’s basically limited to the production values (which are admittedly top notch), the glamour quotient – which exists in hyperbolic spades thanks to the special over-the-topness synonymous with Luhrmann – and the music, which is fun, frivolous, and completely wrong for the novel.
    But this is an adaptation. And adaptations are free, more or less, to take licence with their source material. That freedom, however, does not mean that they can strip the narrative down to its bare bones and then dress the skeleton up in a fancy tuxedo and try to pass it off as a living being. This is, essentially, Luhrmann’s folly. Much like his last film, Australia, it takes two very different tracks and tries to merge them by ignoring one at a time. If Australia began as an old fashioned 40s romance and then quickly warped into a war saga about the Lost Generation of Aboriginal children, The Great Gastby begins as a series of sexy parties with paparazzi fervor and then transmutes into an endless series of scenes between Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire where they are doing little more than consoling each other’s characters for . . . not being the other one?
    In short, the movie can be boiled down into two acts: Act I – Let’s all party like it’s 1929 to the music of Jay Z. And Act II – Stop the partying and hand the movie over to alternatively mopey exchanges between DiCaprio and Maguire.
    It isn’t bad. But it is deeply, severely flawed. You can’t even call it a “failed experiment” because there’s no real experimenting going on. It’s formulaic – and it doesn’t know it.
    And woe the knowledge that it could have – and should have – been so much, much more.
  • 4
    I have been waiting for this film to come out forever and I was so excited to see it on the big screen. I knew that he critics are going to hate it but I loved the film and I think it is totally worth seeing in the theaters. The film was amazing visually, I loved the photography of it and the costumes and just everything! Leonardo DiCaprio was absolutely amazing, I still can not believe that he has never even been nominated for an Oscar, it is such an injustice! Mulligan was also incredible and I think she captured the character of Daisy perfectly. I do agree with the critics that the values of the book were changed in this film and I bet it will anger the fans of the book, but I still liked the film and had a great time watching it.
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    I was very excited to see this film, I have been waiting for it to come out for such a long time. I was afraid that my expectations were too high and I will be disappointed with it, but I was not, I loved this film. I was surprised that critics did not like it, but I did agree on one thing with them, the main values of the book were changed in the film and that was the only thing that kind of upset me. Although, everything else was great, the film was amazing visually and I thought that Leonardo DiCaprio was a perfect Gatsby, he is such an amazing actor, I really hope that he will finally be nominated for an Oscar. I thought that Carey Mulligan was also great as Daisy and I enjoyed her interpretation of this character. The film was very entertaining and I think it will please a wide audience, I recommend seeing it in the theaters.

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