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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Release Date: Apr 18, 2008

Genre: Documentary

Rating: (PG)

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User reviews on Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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    The Expelled propagandists are all writing these reviews. Beware!! Check out www.expelledexp osed.com to find out the truth behind this nonsense. This is creationist claptrap and is riddled with half truths, slander and outright lies. if you can think don't waste your time. No intelligence allowed - at least there's truth in advertising. Pathetic.
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    What can I say my wife wanted to see this movie. I wanted to see and action movie so we compromised and saw expelled. I was surprised it was funny and made me think about what other subjects that are off limits. This movie isn\'t so much about Darwinism as it is about our freedom to question the establishment.M aybe schools,the media and the scientific community should be more open to other ideas.
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    I thought this was going to be vry boring when my parents dragged me into the theater to watch this movie but instead I was extremely intrested in this doc**entary on Intellegent Design! I would reccomend this to anyone who has believes in Darwinism! THe CRystal theory cracked me up!
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    I took my family today to see Expelled, and found the film extremely thought provoking. I am happy that someone of Ben Stein\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\'s stature finally found the courage and backing to write and produce a movie echoing the sentiments of so many of us. Several years ago, as an adult, I began a study of the evidence for and against Darwinian evolution. I was amazed to find that no evolutionist could present a definitive answer to the question of the origin of life on this planet. I was stunned as I watched Mr. Stein interview Richard Dawkins, reknowned atheist and evolutionist. When asked how the first cell came to be, he remarked that \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "he didn\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\'t know how\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\" and then hypothesized that an alien lifeform may have come to Earth to plant the first cell here. And yet, he would have us believe that anyone who believes in God or religion (any God or religion) is an idiot. I must admit, after I overcame my stunned silence, I had to laugh at his feeble explanation. Perhaps we will never have comprehensive answers to the origin of life, the age of the earth or the true nature of the universe. However, all credentialed ID scentists should be free and encouraged to research, explore and debate with credentialed evolutionists, and draw conclusions based on evidence, regardless of where that evidence may lead. I recommend this movie to all who wish to promote free and honest debate within the scientific community, and to all who cherish the freedoms upon which this great country was founded. And I say, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Tear down the wall\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\" of scientific tyranny.
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    This movie has been long past due, but better now than never. It is about time the masses discover that macro evolution is becoming today\'s \"flat earth\" myth. Those who so passionately adhere to it, ignoring the overwhelming scientific evidence refuting it, remind one of the ignorant mentality of medieval church leaders who persecuted the first scientists for simply discovering what was already evident in nature. Today in America, these evolutionary scientists are doing the same thing, suppressing the truth, persecuting and punishing those other scientists with equal or better credentials, who are discovering that evolution is failing miserably at explaining the origin of life. I think Ben Stein is doing a pretty good job of preparing the people for what is sure to come next... irrefutable scientific evidence that the universe and all life was created by a supremely intelligent designer. If only the fear mongers would give up their evolutionary religion and let the true scientists publish their work.
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    I saw a really good movie called Expelled: No intelligence allowed! It was very good! It is also very thought provoking since it is made from a Jewish perspective. (I always enjoy knowing how others think and view the world.) The movie shows how the scientific community has blacklisted all scientists who explore the theory of intelligent design, even ones who mention it as a possibility or quote from others about the subject. It was amazing to see how many were either fired or their contract was not renewed as a result of speaking on the issue. Even a newspaper reporter lost her job as a result of the nonbiased article which she printed about intelligent design.
    It was ingenious how the movie paralleled the banning of books and democratic ideas in Nazism with the banning of the theory of intelligent design from the scientific arena. It also linked Hitler and his doctors\\\' belief in Darwinism to the fact that they believed in Euthanasia, quoting Darwin on the subject. I liked how the sanity of Hitler and his doctors was questioned and the answer was that these people were sane only operating on wrong theories. ( This fact that wrong, immoral theory can lead sane people to do insane things makes me think of the Columbine boys; they were wearing t shirts that said: \\\"Natural selection: the survival of the fittest.\\\" when they murdered their classmates. If evolution is true and there is no God, why was the world in an uproar over what they did?\\\" They did as they were trained; truth is relative. There are no absolutes!) Which brings me back to the movie, Expelled. One of the evolutionist interviewed on the movie admitted that with evolution there is no free will. So if this is true, how can there be guilt? We are all happenstance?
    Another reason I appreciate this movie is that it exposed the fallacy of \\\"Origin of the species\\\" since the book never mentions how a species came to be, only how a species could change in minor ways. Additionally, the movie explores the intricacies of a single cell and equates it to a nano factory. In fact, one scientist on the film said that in Darwin\\\'s day the cell was very simple, however today we know that the cell is as complex as a universe! Therefore, how much greater miracle it would take for such an organized cell to occur randomly! This is also explored in the film as the mathematical improbability that such an intracate cell could occur randomly. Best of all, it interviews well known atheist and evolutionist Dawkins who states that the species could have originated from aliens from another planet, but definitely not from God. When questioned what would he say if when he died he encountered God, Dawkins replied, \\\"Why did you hide?\\\" My answer to Dawkins is that maybe men hid themselves from the intracacies of nature and the order of the universe. Maybe men hid themselves from believing a God who sent his own son to die for us!
    My daughter said after seeing the movie: \\\"A scientist is not a scientist if he stops questioning.\\\ " How true, all theories must be explored. Furthermore, my daughter said: \\\"We need not be afraid of the answers, God can defend himself.\\\"
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    Sid did a great job of giving a lot of detail about the issues raised in this film, so I won\'t repeat them. I will say that it is the best doc**entary I\'ve seen in a movie theater. I too, am a scientist. I have a bachelors degree in Natural Resources from the University of Nebraska and have worked for USDA helping people take better care of their land with the NRCS for five years. Before that, I worked on research farms for UNL and University of North Dakota. Before that, I grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Nebraska in the Sandhills where you better have true concern for your pastures\' health or you\'ll be out of business when your grasses are replaced by weeds and the blowouts start growing and spreading turning your pastures into sand dunes.

    So, I\'ve plenty of experience with putting up with teachers and fellow scientists who had been fooled into believing in macro evolution. It\'s not real science it\'s dogma. This movie does a good job of showing that. It also does a good job of showing how evolutionists suppress the truth and try to prevent others who don\'t agree with them from convincing others that there are major problems with Darwinian Evolution. Real scientists never say that any theory is fact and they never stop testing and refining and sometimes even disproving theories. Too many \"scientists\" have decided that macro evolution is fact and have stopped questioning it. That isn\'t science, it\'s faith.
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    As a former evolutionary animal behaviorist (ethologist), professional zookeeper, emergency veterinary assistant, licensed wildlife rehabilitator, biology teacher, and family counselor the release of the movie, EXPELLED, has been of great interest to me. It was better than I could have ever imagined, and accurate in that I know of many scientists who\\\\\\\'ve been censored and persecuted for even mentioning the possibility that recent data and evidence lead to the logical inference of an intelligent designer. EXPE LLED is not a “Christian” movie, nor was it produced by “Christians†. Also, it is not a movie about “creationismâ € or even “intelligent design theory”. It is an expose about censorship and persecution fostered by militant atheists in academia against the thousands of PhD scientists who question the underlying hypotheses and theories that compose macroevolutiona ry assumptions. A ll beliefs especially scientific beliefs should be rational and never blind. They should be based on logical (logikos) thinking with sufficient objective evidence to show them worthy of trust. One of the most important questions for our modern era is why thousands of reputable PhD scientists now reject macroevolution (see a sample below). Sadly, this significant, cornerstone question is often unwittingly ignored and replaced by far less vital ones. Such as, why did the producers of the movie, EXPELLED, control who would be allowed to “preview” the film prior to its release? The answer to that question is simple. They wanted the public to go to the movie and examine the evidence personally and directly, instead of following the opinions of others like sheep. Since personally becoming convinced that “Intelligent Design” is the most logical inference of the scientific and statistical evidence, I’ve been grieved over hundreds of cases of censorship and persecution that I’ve witnessed against scientists who questioned macro (vertical) evolution or presented evidence that contradicted it. When just the initial concept of the movie was revealed, attacks against it began using unethical “straw-man” arguments and ad hominem tactics. This was before the film was even completed. Later, some who did see early previews further ignored the significant scientific questions raised, as well as the censorship of evidence, and the persecution of renowned scientists. When one person yawns, others around them tend to yawn. We are socially contagious. People are sheep, sheeple as someone once coined. Therefore negative reviews, even if distorted and biased, lead people to blindly trust and follow rather than check out a presentation personally and its evidence thoroughly. Most significantly and dangerously is the historical reality that beliefs produce actions, as seen in the cultural fruit of the philosophical roots of Nazism, Marxism, varied forms of Communism, racism, eugenics, genocide, etc, all of which are inseparably connected to the concept of \\\\\\\"natural selection\\\\\\ \" and \\\\\\\"surviva l of the fittest\\\\\\\" . Please note that “evolution” is a broad term simply meaning change. The real question for science, scientists, and in fact for everyone is not about the accepted reality of selecting or breeding of dogs from an ancestral wolf kind (microevolution ), but the belief that new kinds of creatures were produced by mutations from a hypothesized original bacterial cell. Micro (horizontal) evolution is primarily the sorting of existing genes in a population. All evolutionists, creationists, and ID theorists agree about this horizontal process of “change” within “kinds”, which was actually first described and studied by those who believed in an intelligent creator. In contrast to micro (horizontal) change, the idea of “macro” (vertical) evolution hypothesizes that mutations over time added trillions times trillions of new DNA coding from an original “one-celled† organism to produce the myriad of complex creatures that inhabit our planet. Add to that the intricately complex biochemical processes, physiological structures, and the interdependenci es within or between, and the statistical improbabilities become scientific and mathematical impossibilities . The hypothesis of a mutational mechanism for macroevolution is negated (nullified / falsified) by the vast majority of scientific and statistical evidences now known. Lastly, back to the original question above: why are there thousands of respected PhD scientists who reject macroevolution? The answer like all answers should be reached through logical examination of the evidence presented by the writings and research of the best experts on both sides of the issue. Since we are already inundated with macroevolutiona ry proponents in academia and the media, below is a very brief beginning list of just a few NON-evolutionar y scientists whom you can google and began your own direct study. Please beware of the sheeple tendency to blindly trust authoritative and biased proclamations of others. For more extensive lists of non-evolutionar y scientists you can simply google \\\\\\\"ID scientists\\\\\ \\", \\\\\\\"creatio n scientists\\\\\ \\", etc. See: Dr. John Sanford, Geneticist, Cornell University Dr. Richard Lumsden, Biologist/Paras itologist, Tulane University Dr. John Baumgardner, Geophysicist, Los Alamos Laboratories Dr. Raymond Damadian, MD, Inventor of the MRI Dr. Lee Spetner, Biophysicist, at Johns Hopkins Dr. Michael Behe, Biochemist, Lehigh University Dr. Russell Humphreys, Astrophysicist, Sandia Laboratories Dr. Kurt Wise, Paleontologist who earned his PhD at Harvard under a leading evolutionist. Sincerely,
    Sid Galloway
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    Critics who say things like \\\"anyone who cant see the bs in this movie and the hole idea of it is a moron\\\" are clearly the ones freaking out about bringing intelligent philosophical discourse back into university chambers. First, a \\\"hole\\\" is not necessarily the same thing as a \\\"whole,\\\" although in the minds of some critics, this may be the case. Secondly, critics who speak of \\\"scientists who are loosing there jobs\\\" probably should have someone explain to them that the issue is \\\"their\\\" jobs \\\"there\\\" at the university that are being lost and reined in (not being loosed), thanks to critics of little intelligence who don\\\'t know right from write who write as if they are right when they are left alone there to their unchecked leftist spouting rants falling left of where reason leaves off.
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    ok.. fist off.. ben stein isnt a scientist... anyone who cant see the bs in this movie and the hole idea of it is a moron.. sorry if this applies to you.. who ever you are.. u should prob do some research for your self before u read into anything this film says.. it lies about evolution and the big bang over and over
    also as for the so called scientists who are loosing there jobs..
    religion isnt science..
    u cant mix them..
    hence the jobless \\\"scientists\ \\"
    im sorry if u dont understand anything im saying here or perhaps if ur getting angry.. but its the truth..

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