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Release Date: Feb 11, 2011

Genre: Drama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    The Eagle is a movie about two men in 2nd century Britain who go on a question beyond the known world that tests the boundaries of their loyalty, friendship, and humanism. Directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Channing Tatum, this movie is about the infamous ninth legion of the Roman Empire. The problem with this movie is it told a very boring version of the Ninth Legion story. I just couldn’t take this movie seriously because the accents were so bad. Channing Tatum I will say did a very good acting job though. I really believed him in this role even though his accent wasn’t any better than the rest of the cast. I think the story about the Ninth Legion is a very important one but this movie just didn’t deliver. The fight scenes were pretty cool though and there was lots of blood. This made the movie a little better but not good enough to recommend to anyone.
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    The director deliberately made the Romans speak American English; to fit it into two hours he had to cut most of Rosemary Sutcliffe's sub-plots (the love interest, etc.) and he made it a lot bloodier, but still it focuses on the books themes, loyalty, honor, and friendship. Tatum and Bell both started out as dancers, but they are both very credible actors,. See it on the big screen. and read the book.
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    I have to say that these type of movies are not my favourite but I actually kind of liked this film. The first half of the movie is very fast paced and fun to watch, however it slows down in the second half and failed to pick up after. I did enjoy the film visually and the acting was alright, it did need more depth and development. I think the characters needed more charisma and the relationship between Esca and Marcus needed more depth because it was hard to root for them. Otherwise, the visuals were beautiful and I loved the misty mountains, rivers and woods, the director took a full advantage of the surroundings. The sets in the movie were made flawlessly and the costumes were great. I would give the movie a B- and definitely suggest seeing it in the movie theaters because it is awesome visually and it is worth seeing on the big screen.
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    I actually enjoyed watching this film and I am pretty surprised that I did. It was absolutely awesome visually and the costumes and the sets were pretty cool as well. The film was beautifully shot in Hungary and Scottish highlands and it was very pleasing to the eye. Special effects were pretty good and the fighting scenes were well done. Overall, technically the movie was very well made, however I had a difficulty with the story. I mean in reality a slave would never continue to aid his master if he was given an opportunity to escape and avenge his people. I agree that keeping your word is important but it is not more important then freedom and if I was Esca I would have killed Marcus with absolutely no hesitation. Overall, I recommend seeing this film because it is well made and entertaining.
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    Well I was pleasantly suprised with this movie. To be quite honest, unless it is an EPIC point of history, set in the actual location with 3-4 big NAME actors and actresse, with at least 2 1/2 hours of air time....these fantasy, medieval, historical, war flicks usually do NOT usually do well. This movie was chalk full of action and chivalry, honor and brotherhood. Will you hear grumbles about Tatum's acting?....sure.....but I feel his acting capabilities are growing and considering he was playing the noble, aristocratic son leading a roman garrison, then adventuring off with his trusty slave/henchman into the northern British netherworld...he did a great job. I admit I had to get past the attempt at his roman accent which he dropped 10 minutes into the movie to return to a bronxy gangster bad boy thug accent he carries with him. The second thing I had to move past was the fact that although the 9th legion did indeed exist..then vanished....there are so many accounts as to why and what happened afterwards that this obviously MOST LIKELY DID NOT happen...but that is ok. The movie was lengthy to develop the characters AND had action spaced along its length in enough scenes (although the fight scenes could have been a bit more 'dramatic and 'flairy'). The main thing I did NOT see critics focus on was how full of camraderie, honor, and chivalry not to mention loyalty to your fellow brother/man, this movie holds. This is the type of movie to remind people that honor in the face of adversity and steadfast devotion to a just cause are what more people need to bring into the modern world. I personally walked out of the movie with the feeling that the stranger to my right was someone I would go to great lengths to defend in the name of humanity. The many times in the movie when the "I will not leave your side" or "men we shall not let those solders die it is my responsibility" scenes cropped up I felt a tear in the corner of my eye and my arm wanted to pump my fist into the air and go "yeah baby!!". I do recommend seeing this movie and you wont feel your eyelids creep downward. Hats off to "The Eagle" and really hats off to the actors, settings, language and culture usage, and hats off to an HONORABLE plot.
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    The Eagle is a hard movie to review. It's not a bad movie. In fact, it's beautifully shot, has an interesting story, and some great action. It's a throwback to an earlier time in filmmaking, where the focus was on manliness, honor and heroism without the intrusion of the ladies. Channing Tatum stars as Roman Marcus Aquila, who travels into the far reaches of the Roman Empire to find an eagle and a Roman army that disappeared with it. He brings along Jamie Bells' Esca, a Briton who is conflicted about his relationship with Marcus: the Roman saved his life, but he's also part of the occupying army. Off into Scotland they go, where they face the savage Seal People. The problem here is Tatum. First off, he speaks with an American accent. I find it strange when directors make no attempt to have their actors even attempt to, well, act. And that's the second problem. Tatum just isn't a presence. He's just there, not really reacting to the world around him. I wanted to feel something for the character, but Tatum is so plain, it was hard to really get invested. I could tell The Eagle was entertaining, but in the end, I just didn't care enough.
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    The Eagle was a very cool movie. Channing Tatum is the star of this film and he really pulls off the role. He isn’t really known for his acting but he had a pretty decent performance in this movie. Let me stop to say that it was very weird to hear “Romans” speak with American accents. This is one aspect of the movie that really threw me. The movie didn’t do anything new but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It followed a winning formula of brotherhood, honor, and fathers and sons. I have seen this story a bunch of times but I always enjoy it. The movie was really beautiful to watch because the director was able to capture the scenery amazingly. Very predictable but at the same time enjoyable. I will definitely suggest this movie to my friends.
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    The Eagle, starring Channing Tatum takes a dive into second century Britain. Let’s talk about Tatum’s performance first. Tatum is a somewhat new actor on the scene but has been blowing up lately in huge blockbuster movies. In this film, I wouldn’t say his performance was great but it also wasn’t poor. The next thing to talk about is the action, which was awesome. The fight scenes and bloody battles were really fun to watch. Also, the scenery and locations where they shot the film were absolutely beautiful. There were a couple bad parts of the movie though. First of all, the accents were really bad. I don’t know if the movies director decided not to hire a speech coach or there was just no teaching the actors this accent, but it just wasn’t believable. Lastly, the soldiers in the movie weren’t believable. It’s not that their acting was poor, it’s just that I didn’t believe them for the soldier role because they were not in the best shape. If you are looking for any action movie to see, this one wasn’t bad.

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