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    Ok, let’s be serious for a moment and focus in on this movie and not have any other agendas. In my humble opinion this has to be one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen. I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone if I even worked on the set.
    What happened Mr. Del Toro, run out of good script writers, do you have any idea what a plot really is? I pray this isn't an example of what to expect from you in the future.
    Finally for the reviewers who gave this movie a three star rating or better, did you actually see the movie with both eyes open and no headphones on???
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    Honestly, this movie is just plain bizarre. I thought it was quite stupid. The only scary part about it was all the things jumping out at you and loud noises. I think it had alot of details that were not necessary and they were misleading. In my opinion, I would not waste your money to see this movie. It definitely was not worth seeing.
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    DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!! WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER!!! Do not waste your money!! BAD ACTING! BAD PLOT! NOT SCARY AT ALLLLLL!!! I have never written a review before, but I am so angry for wasting my money that I must write review for this one. I'm searching for all the websites where I can write review for this movie. Please save your money and do not watch this movie!! it'll piss you off.
    This director Troy Nixey better not make another scary movie.
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    Let’s just say the only thing I didn’t like about this movie was the loud kids in the theater yelling things the entire movie. Other than that, this movie was nearly perfect. It was beautiful and dark, produced by Guillermo del Toro which was obvious by a lot of the scenes. He is known for beauty, houses, gardens, and more. The family in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark moves into a gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere. I don’t want to give much away about the film but the CGI was great. The problem with horror flicks nowadays is that they think the best way to scare people is to not show anything. Thankfully, this movie was not like that. They showed enough of the “evil” to be scary but not too much where you can see everything. The perfect balance. Definitely would see the movie again.
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    This is a horror film that is directed by Troy Nixey but the screenplay is written by Guillermo del Toro and that is why I went to see this film. Ever since I have seen “Pan’s Labyrinth” I have been obsessed with Guillermo del Torro, i think he is a genius and I absolutely love his work. Even though, this film was not directed by him, one can feel his influence in the film. The atmosphere and the visuals are amazing, the shots of the house and the gardens are magical and it took me back to my childhood. The film was scary and intense, there were couple irregularities(creature’s hand lying in the middle of the room and no one noticing), otherwise the film was great.
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    This was a pretty decent movie overall. Guillermo del Toro was behind this horror flick called Don’t be afraid of the dark. I am a huge horror fan so I was a little nervous going into this looking to not be disappointed...and I wasn’t. A very unique horror flick this was, based on little monsters that hide in a furnace and feed on children’s teeth. Children’s teeth??? Very freaky and very cool. The premise of the film wasn’t the only good thing, Katie Holmes and the little girl in the film did good as well. It was a very dark film and the scenery was beautiful. The home that the family move into was huge and partly scary. Very much a del Toro film. He had his signatures all over the movie. Definitely would suggest anyone to see this movie.
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    What a great movie. Finally a scary movie that was worth seeing. Don’t be afraid of the dark is different from other horror flicks I’ve seen. The story seemed to be based off ancient folk lore. It was produced by Guillermo, a producer known for beautifully filmed scenes. This movie was no different. The visual effects were amazing as well. The little evil elfish things that the movie consists of (sorry for the spoiler) are done so well. They look so incredibly real while still being very scary. The build up to seeing them was done well. Katie Holmes was also great in the movie. The only thing I didn’t like about Don’t be afraid of the dark is that there were some pretty glaring plot holes.
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    I actually really liked this film and I had a great time watching it. It definitely had Guilleromo Del Torro’s influence, I know that he did not direct this film but you can see his special touch throughout the film. The opening scene of the film is extremely disturbing, I honestly covered my eyes. I think that the actors did a good job and I even liked Katie Holmes, she was very believable and achieved depth for her character. I did find some inconsistencies throughout the movie, the scene where the creature’s arm is chopped off and nobody seem to care or notice and the audience is left confused. Otherwise, I thought that the film was pretty scary and entertaining.
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    It's kind of annoying reading everyone cut this movie down just because it wasn't as good as Pan's Labyrinth. Yes Pan's Labyrinth was an excellent movie BUT, for stater's these two movies are in two entirely different genre's, therefore the creatures in D.B.A.O.T.D aren't going to be as elaborate or good looking as those in Pan's. 2 this is a remake therefore making it better as some have said is a good thing, BUT you can't completely change it then it's not a remake for one and two it usually ruins the movie. I haven't seen this movie yet I am going tonight to watch it, I liked the original and am excited to see how this one is. Also people should stop judging how it will be/how it was just because "it has Guillermo Del Toro's name attached to it" (sarcastic undertone) seeing as how Pan's was great BUT in my opinion The Orphanage was awful. One last quick side note stop judging this as a Horror movie it clearly wasn't and isn't, now-a-days everyone including the movie industry wants to lump categories together as you can see up top it says Horror, Suspense/Thriller which is exactly what it is, it's a Suspense/Thriller movie not a Horror movie. So people need to also stop seeing the word horror and immediately think the creatures/demons should be all bloody and gory and ripping people's faces off learn to have variety people.
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    Every once in awhile, you need to see a horror film that doesn't focus on gross deaths or funky ways for people to be tortured. What you need is just a scary house and the demons that live there. Luckily, you've got Don't Be Afraid of The Dark, a remake of a 70s TV movie from writer/producer Guillermo Del Toro that's improves on the original.
    Sally moves into a creepy mansion in Rhode Island that her dad and his new girlfriend are fixing up. She starts hearing voices, and soon inadvertently unleashes demons who start wreaking havoc all over the place.
    While the film can't really finish what it starts, and the creatures are a little too goofy, there's still enough scares in the beginning and middle to make it a fun little ride. If you're looking to get a little frightened this weekend, you could do worse.

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