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District 9

District 9

Release Date: Aug 14, 2009

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Rating: (R)

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  • 4
    The beginning of this movie I felt was rather slow, doc**entary and a long route to provide the background and plot for the movie, however this was reasonable considering that this was critical to the understanding of the movie. The movie style changed about midway through when the main character was no longer reporting his findings. At this point I was enlightened and found the movie quit original with a much deeper meaning hinging around the societal struggles of the South African minority groups. It brings this meaning across through use of "aliens" rather than pointing out a particular minority group. This enables the audience to gain a more universal understanding in capturing the plight of minorities in South Africa. In the end the main characters physical metamorphous from colonial ruler to alien represents his psychological understanding of the struggles of the minorities.

    Overall this was a fine picture, using non-traditional movie making with good picture and acting in successfully getting the directors point across.
  • 3
    I don't know what everyone is talking about. I don't think the graphics for the aliens were that great. They didn't look real and only appeared slightly better than video CGI.
    The plot was interesting and the social issues that the movie attempts to tackle are a little over done. The plot moves too quickly at times and the ending is flat out horrible.
    If you are a sci fi fan I'd recommend seeing this one in the theaters but don't expect to walk away thinking it was the best sci fi film you've ever seen.
  • 5
    Go! Go! Go! District 9 is a deep, eloquent, poignant, visionary and entertaining, action packed scifi posing and weaving pivotal questions about our choices and our potential to express our humanity or inhumanity. It's a 21C Blade Runner. District 9 is slated for cult classic status.
  • 1
    this was one of the worst pictures i had ever seen.....tolerance is an issue which needs to be explored, but not with this medium....subtitles? why, the dialogue was so low, i felt like i was reading a comic book in first grade......hated everything about this film, the actors, special effects, unrelated action sequence at the end....this film has no plot, no actors of recognition, bad fake accents, a blair witch(i also hated) docudrama feel....same people who like this probably own a copy of cloverfield.......wife wouldnt let me walk out, so i napped..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • 1
    i went see district 9 and the theater we were in was so gross there was something all over the wall there was gum all over the seats and floors there was popcorn everywhere it should be shut down it was so unsanitary the seats were stained and the bathrooms were so gross you'll probably catch something
  • 5
    I joined this site to let people know that this was one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I realize that anyone can say that but I have never said this. Maybe if it had gorgeous aliens naked, that could have improved it, but regardless of my lack of humor, and probable loss of respect with a comment like that, I absolutely loved it!
    I've read some reviews that said that people saw people walk out. I think that they probably went to the rest room :-) Anyone who walked out on this movie probably liked the latest transformers movie! What a weak piece of crap that was. All that needed was just one more robot battle and it would have had a story line. The only reason I didn't walk out on that is that my 8 yr old nephew was enjoying himself.
    Honestly, this movie was original, had no hollywood-style writing (with one exception, which you might understand, near the end...but ok, nobody's perfect) no million-dollar actors, (as if that guarantees that you can act) incredible special effects (without being the reason for watching) and a continuous flow of excitement...no dead areas for me (meaning, slow points where I was back to reality-I really thought it was riveting.) Seriously, the effects were not the story. It was the story that was the story. And there will be a sequel (sp?) The whole South Africa location was awesome for indirect Apartied references.
    This was, for the science-fiction fan, the new Star Trek. I don't want to oversell it, (probably too late) but seriously, it might have been the best overall movie I have ever seen. This movie had a depth to it that a lot might miss, so if you are into it as an action movie, you will probably miss it. But if you realize the beauty of messages that were vaguely hidden in Star-Trek, you'll absolutely love this.
    I don't have any relatives or friends connected to this movie, I swear. I only signed up for this site to write my very first review ever....I'd vote for several academy awards on this one!
  • 5
    I love this movie. It has it all, love, action, adventure, like a modern day Raiders of the Lost Ark. The "Mockumentary" was superbly done! (best since Spinal Tap). My overall take is this is set in South Africa where Apartheid took place, at that time the area for the blacks was District 8. In the USA we have the area known as WARDS in NOLA. This movie shows how governments create a society in which it can create and blame all its ills. Keep the focus off what causes the sickness in the first place. There are some very intense scenes in which I became very engrossed in. Being a ex white collar junkie, I picked up on things maybe the "normies" did not. It shows how a man tries to do his job in a humane way, gets wrapped up in the society, accidently gets a taste of what the neighborhood junkies are looking for and his life turns to s***. The phone calls with his wife are as compelling as any addicts plea to come home. It is a tragedy what happens to him and his fight to regain his freedom. This movie, even though considered a SciFi has a much deeper meaning. Look for it and you will see it. It is a direct reflection of how life in the cities around the world act towards different people. In Iowa a few years back, a group of ascetic Jews moved into a small town and took over a packing house. The Jews kept to themselves and in time had a very profitable business. Now the Jews were failing to pay somebody off, because the INS had to trip over about 300 packing houses that employed illegal aliens before they ascended on Postville IA. What I am saying, even in small town America the outcast are all said to come from the other side of the tracks. The best thing to do is move them out of sight of the good folk! That is what this movie is about....so the shallow people that walked out...you are the most to blame for the prejudice that exist today. Your are just too blind to see it and too stupid to do anything about it.
  • 5
    Best movie of the summer!!!
    It's good to finally see a main character who isn't your typical cookie-cutter Hollywood pretty boy or beefy action hero. Our "hero's" morals are not set in stone. In fact, you actually start off hating the guy. He's a wormy, opportunistic, bureaucrat. It's only until he becomes a victim of his own cooperation that he is faced with the hard truths of the alien partide in District 9. By the end of the film you almost want to hate all humanity. This movie has special effects and action that rival all the big name (and much MUCH worse) summer movies of 2009, and it even had a smaller budget.
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    Interesting how the previews never showed the idiot main character and his adventures. It absolutely shocked me to watch how those previews were sooo misleading. Even the preview where an alien is interviewed and asked "how do your weapons work?" wasn't even in the movie.

    I did feel like walking out midway through, but I stuck around. The movie didn't get any better.

    The main character was annoying as heck and clearly the producers wanted to share a message or statement through the film. Those never work. The statement I received was that 1) If you're a CEO or in charge then you are a complete incompetent idiot. 2) If you're a Colonel or so, you're a cold hearted killer. and 3) To have any type of courage and bravery at all as a human being, you have to turn into an alien first to accomplish it.

    As related in previous, don't waste your money on this.
  • 4
    Very effective movie. A very loud (and violent) statement about prejudice in general and apartheid in particular. I thought the doc**entary style worked for the most part. I think the weak (initially) character of the protagonist and his evolution into an individual with more depth countered the depiction of the aliens very effectively. In the end, the message that we are all the same beneath our skin was told in a very poignant manner.

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