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Release Date: Jan 14, 2011

Genre: Comedy

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 4
    flipppppin hilarious movie
    defiantly a must see
  • 3
    The Dilemma, the new Vince Vaughn comedy, is all about a pretty serious topic. The movie revolves around how to tell your best friend that his wife is cheating on him. The movie, and specifically Vince Vaughn had to tackle this tough topic while not losing that “thing” that has kept movie goers flocking to see Vaughn’s performances for years. The movie shows Vaughn in a much more adult-light than I was use to. This movie is very different from the sophomoric humor in some of Vaugn’s greatest hits like Old School and Wedding Crashers, because it tackles a tougher subject and the dialogue is deeper. The movie is set in Chicago and the films director (Ron Howard) really uses a lot of famous architecture from the windy city. Vaughn’s costar, Kevin James, also has a very different role from his usual Paul Blart characters. Overall I thought the movie was very good and funny although sad at times.
  • 2
    I can not believe that this movie was directed by such a talented director-Ron Howard. He made so many beautiful films and then came up with this disaster. Why would he ever do that? He must have been paid a nice amount to sign his name to this project. The movie is a complete failure. It is predictable, boring, chronically not funny and the acting is mediocre. I did not care for any of the characters and the situations that they got themselves into. I was really hoping for a great comedy, but all I got is a bunch of actors thrown together without any purpose or direction. I could not wait until the movie was over and I could leave and write this review warning everybody not to see this sinking ship of a movie. It was one of those unfortunate times when I wanted my money and my time back. Do not see this movie if you do not want to be bored and annoyed.
  • 3
    Vince Vaughn and Kevin James come together for this buddy buddy comedy film directed by Ron Howard. I am definitely not use to seeing comedy movies directed by Ron Howard but I very much enjoyed this film. The two co-star’s characters have been friends for a very long time (in the film) and one of them runs into a very serious problem. He finds out that his long time friend’s wife is cheating on him. I don’t know what I would do in this situation but I know that it wouldn’t be easy. Ron Howard does a great job of illustrating the difficulty of this terrible situation. One problem with this film is that I kept asking myself if it was supposed to be funny. With such a serious topic tackled, I sometimes felt bad for laughing. Maybe that was the point of the film. I didn’t love this movie but it had its funny parts. It was worth the money seeing but I wouldn’t say it was any of their finest roles.
  • 3
    Ron Howard directs this comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as long time friends and now business partners. They run a high-end automotive design firm together and are on the edge of a major breakthrough. The movie takes a serious turn when Vaughn finds out Kevin James’ character’s wife is cheating on him. The major issue with this film is that I kept feeling like the writers of the film tried way too hard to insert comedy into a topic that is so unfunny. That does not mean you can’t make a comedy film about serious topics, because many films have been able to achieve that, but this film just felt forced. The movie very much relies on the fact that Vaughn has been able to draw in movie goers with his charm for years. I am not quite sure why Vaughn has that certain chemistry with audiences, but it has seemed to work for years in many films. If you are a big Vince Vaughn fan you will probably still like this movie but otherwise I would not suggest seeing it.
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    There was a time when Ron Howard directed nothing but comedies (with a sprinkling of fantasy thrown in there just to switch things up). These days, he's a serious director with best picture and director Oscars. So it was weird to see his name on The Dilemma, his first "comedy" since Ed TV over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, he should probably stick to dramas at this point, as this movie is a total mess, and not really that funny at all.
    Vince Vaughan plays Ronny, and Kevin James plays Nick. They are business partners and friends. Ronny's life is thrown into turmoil when he suspects Nick's wife of cheating and follow her around to get proof. If that were the whole story, it might work, but there's way too many other things going on here. There's Ronny's former gambling addiction and his impending engagement. There's Ronny and Nick trying to sell a hybrid car they've designed. There's supposed slapstick and serious issues and a whole bunch of other stuff that would work in other movies, but not this one.
    I have a lot of issues with this film, the biggest being that it's a comedy, and just not very funny. I also have a real issue with Vaughan. He supposed to carry this movie, but his jerk schtick is wearing thin. In other films, we've been able to see the nice guy underneath, but here he's just a dope. Everyone else acts as if they are in completely different movies, some over acting, some playing understated. In this movie, it makes sense, since not even the filmmakers seem to know what kind of movie they're trying to make.
  • 4
    The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, is a comedy about two best friends and what happens when one finds out the other’s wife is cheating on him. I also would like to mention that this movie is directed by Ron Howard, one of the best directors of all time. I enjoyed this film. It delivered on exactly what I thought it would and bottom line it was funny. I wouldn’t go to this movie expecting anything spectacular, but if you are looking to see a film where Vince Vaughn is Vince Vaughn and Kevin James is Kevin James, this is a film for you. The movie was consistently funny because I love both of the main actors. Jennifer Connelly also does a great job in the film. I didn’t really get the “Ron Howard” feel of the film, but maybe that is because I am not used to seeing comedy films directed by him but instead dramatic films. Either way the movie’s plot was average and the storyline was expected. This didn’t detract too much from the movie because the entire movie was expected. Regardless it was still very funny.
  • 4
    I would like to preface this review by saying I am a big fan of most of Vince Vaughn’s movies. I think he is one of the funniest actors alive and his timing is unbeatable. The Dilemma might have been the first movie starring Vince Vaughn that I did not enjoy. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, The Dilemma is about two best friends and one friend finds out the other’s wife is cheating on him. This theme has been done and done again. The Dilemma ends up being another buddy buddy comedy and doesn’t take any risk at all like a movie such as The Hangover did. I don’t know how I can even mention The Dilemma in the same review as The Hangover. The two stars own an auto design firm and have been friends forever. The story takes a twist when Vaughn sees James character’s wife cheating and Vaughn’s characters sets out for answers. During his investigation, he learns that Nick (Kevin James) may have some secrets of his own. The movie is predictable at all times. I will say that it does have some funny scenes but not enough to save it from me wanting my money back. I would not recommend this film.
  • 2
    The Dilemma, directed by the famous Ron Howard and starring the two funnymen Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, seemed like just another flop of a movie. Everything about this film before I saw it screamed flop. When I actually saw this movie, this is exactly what was delivered. The film had so much promise being directed by legendary Ron Howard and starring two very funny actors but the premise of the film was just boring. The film is about two best friends (Vince Vaughn and Kevin James) where one of the friends finds out the other’s wife is cheating on him. I feel like this is just like that other movie Vaughn was in, about the couple’s vacation. The movie was not funny at all and the story was just ridiculous. This film is going to get lost in the hundreds of other terrible comedies that come out this year. Vaughn and James relationship in the movie is not believable and the worst part again is that it was just not funny.
  • 4
    The Dilemma is a comedy directed by Ron Howard who also directed “Cinderella Man” and “A Beautiful Mind”. The movie stars Vince Vaughn as Ronny Valentine, Kevin James as Nick, Jennifer Connelly as Beth, Winona Ryder as Geneva Channing, Tatum as Zip, and Queen Latifah as Dana. I was very surprised that Ron Howard decided to make a comedy and i was kind of scared to see it, I wanted it to be good because Ron is one of my favorite directors. I was not disappointed and laughed mu butt off. With such a good cast of comedians and such a wonderful director, the movie was bound to be good. I do not like Vince Vaughn, because he plays the same guy in every movie, but he was actually watchable in this film. Winona Rider was totally awesome and she is still so hot. Jennifer Connelly was really good as well and she is so beautiful it is hard to look away. The story is not very original but the way the movie was shot and directed, the story became alive and it was really funny and energetic. Overall I thought it was a good comedy with great actors and I recommend seeing it.

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