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Release Date: May 16, 2012

Genre: Comedy

Rating: (R)

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  • 5
    Oops, I did it AGAIN! By that I mean I busted a gut (or two . . . or three) while watching Sacha Baron Cohen in yet another hilariously brilliant role that just makes you wonder how he does it! The man is just utterly genius in everything he does - Borat, Bruno, Ali G, and now as Prince Aladeen. I think there was one point in the movie where I was laughing so loudly I actually forced myself to clap my hands over my mouth, lol! I almost felt bad but then everyone else was screaming with laughter so I guess I shouldn't have minded, lol. If you haven't heard by now, this one's not a doc**entary style spoof like his last two movies, but it still feels like it is. You never know exactly what's real and what's fake but take it as it comes because you'll definitely see some reality in the crazy cray cray antics of Prince Aladeen. I wish they had just let him wreak havoc instead of hatching that whole plotline of the fake prince - but I still laughed ALL the way home. A total comedy must see!
  • 5
    If you laughed at all during "Borat" or "Bruno" you'll surely find lots to laugh at in "Dictator". The movie has Sacha Baron Cohen playing a made-up North African dictator named Prince/Admiral Aladeen who seems to be a combination of a lot of playboy dictators and princes known for their extravagance and fondness of everything outrageous.
    There are a lot of crazy sequences in the movie that make you laugh out loud. Though not as outrageous as anything in "Borat" or even "Bruno", "The Dictator" makes fun of its main character while still letting the audience like him for being basically a little kid in a grown up body. He does a lot of stupid and insane things, but you'll understand and laugh along because he doesn't know any better. He's only interested in his own pleasure, which becomes a problem when he heads to New York and is replaced back home by his evil uncle played by Ben Kingsley.
    The best part is that Megan Fox shows up as herself, has an affair with Aladeen and then leaves him after she has her way with him. It's not nearly as funny as what happened between Borat and Pamela Anderson Lee (or even Bruno and Ron Paul) but that's mostly because we know it's based on a script instead of the improv and satire of his earlier movies. Definitely worth checking out.
  • 2
    I did not really wanted to see this film but my boyfriend dragged me and here I was wishing I was not here. I did not like this film and I do not think it is worth seeing in the movie theaters because the film is kind of boring and not really funny. I was grateful that the movie was short but even those 83 minutes seemed long. I did not really laugh or was shocked by this film and mainly just sat and waited for something interesting to happen, unfortunately it never did. I also thought that the film had a weird pace and it was not edited correctly. Overall, there are many better films that came out lately and I suggest you see those instead of the Dictator.
  • 4
    Ha! Ha! Ha! OMG!!!! Here's the deal, forget all those losers who are clowning on this film. The fact that they hate it means you will love it! It was meant to make them mad, that's WHY IT IS SO FUNNY. If you loved movies like Friday, Super Bad, American Pie, Harold & Kumar's Christmas, this movie is right up your alley. Giving it 4 Stars might be much but I can't give it 3 1/2 and it's a solid 3 1/2. I got more laughs out of this movie than anything I've seen in a long time. Best money I spent in a long time!
  • 3
    I thought the film was alright but I do not think it is worth seeing in the theaters because it is not worth the price of the movie ticket. I thought the film will be way funnier but for the most of the running time I just kept waiting for the laughs to come and they did not. I also did not think it was shocking, just silly in my opinion. THe film’s pacing seemed a bit off and everything else suffered because of that, but I bet that most of the people will find it to be alright and happily spend their money on this film. Overall, I did not have a good time watching this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters.
  • 2
    This movie was very vulgar. I am surprised it did not get an NC-17 rating. If this movie cannot get an NC-17, then they should get rid of the rating. I was duped by the previews as it looked like a normal comedy. However, I actually felt dirty when watching it. I give it 2 stars because the movie had a chance for a short while before it completely disintegrated into a vulgar comedy. My wife and I conferred and agreed that there is no way we'd admit to having seen the movie. It was so trashy that I'd be ashamed if anybody knew that I had seen it.
  • 1
    If you like swearing fxxxx yxx etc go watch the movie. If you want simulated sexual self gratification go watch the movie. If you want to watch idiotic people selling organic vegetables go watch the movie. There were a few actually funny moments - very few - go watch the movie. No wonder Hollywood id going broke. We do not need to watch pornographic movies that don't have a decent plot.
  • 3
    I was a little surprised by "The Dictator". I was expecting something along the lines of "Borat" or Bruno", where Sacha Baron Cohen jokes on unsuspecting real people. Instead, I got a movie with a plot. That's not to say that it's not just as funny or irreverent as those other movies. In fact, the plot is really just a loose line to hang a bunch of very funny bits on that reminded me a bit of Chaplin or the Marx Brothers, but much more risque. It runs at a perfect 83 minutes. Any longer, and it might have worn out its welcome. Cohen plays Aladeen, the dictator of the African nation of Wadiya. In the US to speak to the UN, he is kidnapped and replaced by a double. He finds himself in debearded, and no one believes he is actually the despotic leader. He finds himself falling in with a hippy chick (played by Anna Farris). All of this allows Cohen and director Larry Charles to skewer everything from politics and economics to vegetarians and feminists; of course, it's done in the most crass and in your face way as possible. The acting is OK overall, but Farris gives one of her best performances, and I don't think Megan Fox has ever been better (that's a slight compliment). The film making itself is pretty weak, and it's really poorly edited, but Cohen is so funny and he hits his targets enough to make it worth seeing.
  • 4
    I thought the film was fun and outrageous and i had a great time watching it and so will you so i recommend seeing it in the theaters. I think this is the first film that Sacha Cohen has done that is fully scripted and I think it worked out pretty well for him. Some of the scenes did not work very well but overall it was good and I had loads of fun watching it. THe main character is so outrageous and unlikable and somehow against your common sense you start to root for him and that is a great accomplishment for Larry Charles and Sacha Cohen. Overall, if you want to laugh and have fun I suggest you see this film.
  • 3
    I was not too impressed with this film, I did not find it to be very funny or amusing and I do not think it is worth seeing in the theaters. The film felt a bit off and i think it is because the timing was off, and there were way too many scenes where it was not funny at all. i also thought that the film was kind of mean overall and that bothered me. When the film was good it was really good and I laughed out loud but I feel like there were not enough moments like that. Overall, if you want some mindless entertainment then i guess you should see this film, it is fun enough.

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