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Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Release Date: Apr 02, 2010

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: (PG-13)

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  • 5
    Pretty bitchen movie. I liked how it didn't have some new verison story line of the old movie. That's the problem with hollywood they totally ruin old movies by making new ones and changing the story line same with books and worst of all MARVELreport this review for TOS violationICS! This was an awesome movie this review for TOS violatione on Liam Neilson how can you not like one of his movies and then you add that hotty Gemma and then Sam. So any one who is so ass up tight about how it was to flashy can go and .... themselves because this was really awesome.
  • 4
    Come now guys...I've checked this flic out 3 times and have enjoyed every single's action packed from beginning to end. I just hope to see a sequel sometime soon. Sam Worthington is an up and coming actor and he does a decent job in this movie. I think he makes a great demi-God and hope to see more of his skills and talents in the future. Check it out if nothing more than getting the chance to look at Sam!! Woah, baby......
  • 1
    More of the same from Hollywood. Remakes and this time, lots of special effects at the expense of a good story. Just rent the fucker. Sheesh.
  • 1
    the old movie is better!! it just left you hanging at the end!!!
  • 1
    Well, it looks like all the other reviews beat me to it on this one. Loved the cameo of the mechanical owl--would've been nice to see more if it. Same old tired script, new-fangled effects that have been found wanting. Unlike the original, this remake has no charm whatsoever. Clash of the Titans, no. Clash of the WTH Happened to the 3D, yes.
    Basically, what Matt & Susan said.
    ...& While we're on the subject of things NOT related directly to the reviewing of a FILM:
    For the love of ALL the Gods, people, it's spelled "definitely"--y'know, the word "definite" with an "ly" thrown on at the end for good measure?! There is no A in EITHER form of the word.
    That is all.
  • 5
    Linda you dumbass. Your supposed to review the movie and the theatre not your fellow movie watchers. Don't be so stuck up, just because you never have fun anymore and are married to a fatass doesn't mean you should bitch and whine about a younger generation. Your stereotypical outlook on teenagers disgusts me. Get a life and learn that you can't review a movie theatre population because it varies on any given day. I had a very nice experience watching this movie at AMC and anyone with an attention span greater than that of a squirrels (sorry Linda that is definately not you) will also enjoy their experience.
  • 3
    I saw it in 3D, and thought the effects etc were good, but the story line was fairly average. I wouldnt say it was bad but definately not impressive. This movie would be best viewed on the big screen so watch it at the theatres if you do want to see it.
  • 2
    Lot's of action and great special effects. Not much of a story line, kind of hoaky.
  • 1
    Don't waste your money on this movie if you where a fan of the old movie. The new Clash of the Titans completely butchered the old movie. 1st pegasus shouldn't be black? That completely destroys the whole virtue of him. They completely X out the owl? The owl was a huge part of the old movie.. it was a gift from the gods. The only good part in my eyes was the part with medusa.. other than that this movie was by far the worst remake ive ever seen. Persius doesn't even fall in love with Andromida... what is going on there? Very disappointing.. I'm now running out and purchasing the old movie to make me feel better.
  • 1
    A battle is being waged. Not the battle between the gods and mortals in Clash of the Titans. Nope, it's the battle between nostalgia and my love of new technology. This battle came to a head in this remake of the 1981 cheese ball classic that I loved so much when I was 7. Turns out, it wasn't much of a battle at all, as no amount of technological advancement can help this overblown "epic".
    The story hasn't changed much from the original film: Half mortal, half god Perseus must kill a bunch of monsters. I expected the script to be half baked, so it was up to two things to make me forget that I was watching a remake of a film I've seen at least 50 times: the effects, and the 3-D. The original's effects were created by Ray Harryhausen, using stop-motion models. As goofy as they look today, the effects in the 1981 film had a charm to them, and fit in right along with the over the top acting and story. Here, with the effects look "better", they don't belong in this movie. The original's effects added to the fun of the overall experience; here the effects make you expect more from a film that just isn't that good.
    Then, there's the 3-D. Even if I hadn't known beforehand, I could tell watching the movie that the 3-D was an afterthought. It's as if the producers went to see Avatar and said, "Hey, we need THAT!" Well, it works in Avatar, because James Cameron spent years thinking about how to integrate it into the movie. Here, I felt slighted. I spent $5 more on something the producers just decided to toss in. The 3-D adds nothing to the movie, and, in fact, makes the film seem flatter than it probably would have in normal 2-D. I would much rather have saved my money and rented the original than spent my time watching this underdone film.

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