Capitalism: A Love Story Movie Reviews

Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story

Release Date: Sep 23, 2009

Genre: Documentary

Rating: (R)

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  • 4
    I don't agree with many things Michael Moore does in his movies. I also agree with the persons who point out the hypocrisy of making a counter capitalism movie, while raking in the profits from said movie in the finest greedy capitalist fashion.
    Having said that, I must also point out that barring Jesus himself, no one is without faults. Michael Moore makes mistakes, and errors in judgment, as do we all. His movies are hit and miss too. Certainly "Roger and Me" remains a classic, and was right on target. Bowling for Columbine was off the target, and his interview with Charlton Heston was almost sickening. "Sicko" was just plain Great! Having worked in the Insurance Industry for many years, I assure anyone reading this that he was 100% right in his movies primary contentions. That brings us to the current movie.
    Once again, he does an excellent job, although misses the target here and there. Taken as a whole, it is one of his best movies. It makes so many valid points, that your mind wants to reel away from it. It's almost too much to let into your brain, since then you have to accept what a piece off garbage you are to the wealthy in this country. You are connived, brainwashed, force fed cattle, ultimately to be led to the slaughter house and be cut up for a profit. , The Halloween season was perfect for release of this film, because it's about the scariest movie out there, and even more so because it's so very real.Yes - It's worth the price of a ticket.
  • 3
    "Two things are infinite: The universe, and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe." -Albert Einstein
    As yet haven't seen the movie but will. I have seen most of his other movies and although they're obviously biased and often manipulative, they are also filled with real information, humor and hope.
    So since I can't as yet review what I haven't seen I will give it 3 stars (which is in the middle) and amend after I have actually seen it.
  • 5
    There's an old joke in Europe that says that "Americans start wars to learn geography". Americans are still pretty proud of who they are, even if they can't find Afghanistan on a map, or spell it. I liken them to passengers on the Titanic who didn't seem to notice anything was wrong until the water was swirling around their necks. Nothing seems to bother Americans. Nothing except movies that criticize them.
    There's a history of American movies propagandizing their audience into a dull and fuzzy notion of themselves. The Sci-Fi epic "Independence Day" not only had a president who could spell, he could actually lead the whole world against a incoming hoard of...ahem, illegal aliens. When this president landed his fighter jet, there weren't any premature declarations of "Mission Accomplished".
    While Americans are used to eating unhealthy, they're aren't quite used to eating this new stuff called Humble-Pie. Mic-hael Moore shoves it down their pie-holes with a shovel. I've never seen anything quite like it. The Cubans, who know what it's like to be on the receiving end of American "good will", have been enjoying this latest film in droves. All though Michael Moore is making a fortune from Capitalism and risks looking a little hypocritical, I say "why not"? It's not like he's an American banker, CEO or politician. He actually WORKS for his money.
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    When so much money is spent to get you into debt, a critique can't hurt. Capitalism is simply perpetuation of the trading patterns of societies from ancient times. It isn't a belief, it won't save you, and we must evolve to make ends meet. Capitalism is failing if sustainable resources don't agree with the invented "money" routines. More advanced societies, both on this planet and probably others, will allot energy credits and people will be better educated and critical, less hypnotized by the notion of owning material things. For example, does capitalism have a plan for the global ecology, the poor, the uneducated, and for evolving backward religious misconceptions? No, capitalism is merely everyone for himself, while a surviving society will prefere the common good---it's vastly more intelligent. And the new physics, the new energy capabilities of the post-quantum era allow for a community of mind in which old pretensions will wither, anyway. So, best to preserve individual liberties and checks and balances, but not be so stuck on SUV's, energy wasting flatscreens, and cage fighting. The economic debacle threatening you right now is the result of total "free" market thinking---it failed, and a better system won't.
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    Ron Paul tells the truth. Michael Moore is nothing but a confused person. Yes, he is blaming the banks, but he did not suggest people to strike to End the Federal reserve. The Federal Reserve (for anyone who don't know) is a private entreprise, and those individuals who owns it have to power to print as much money as possible without realizing they are decreasing the value of the dollar. Think about how much things you can buy with a dollar 30 years ago compare to today. Therefore, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff are my heros :)
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    You idiots who havent watched the movie shouldnt rate the film. I havent read the bible but i assume that jesus is a liar,complete sleezeballand overall idiot.
    Cynthia Haggard is whats wrong in the world today, she voices her opinion without even knowing what she's talking about(even admits it).
    I give it five stars to balance out the idiots who rate without watching.
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    Miguel A is right on the money.
    I haven't seen this movie, nor will I. Michael Moore is nothing more than a spoiled Hollywood moron. His movies are total lies, much like Oliver Stone's blathering remakes of history. You people honestly don't realize what an idiot Moore is? Try fact checking any of his movies. They're total lies intended to pander to the easily brain washed. I wonder if the socialist Moore distributes his earnings equally between himself and all the folks who are a part of the movies. Easy answer. NO. That ought to tell you something about the hypocrisy of his beliefs. Wake. Up. Geesh.
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    This is one of Michaels best movies ever. If you liked his previous movies you will definitely like this. It is an accurate description of how Bush and his gang stole from the American people. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone out there. Even people who watch the radical Fox "News".
  • 5
    Hilarious, informative, sickening, and fun - all at the same time! One of the most worthwhile films I've seen in a long time. Not just a time filler, but something that will haunt and inspire you to take part in this great experiment, Democracy.
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    Wow where do I start. This is the same old drivel that every Mike moore "moc**entary" has. First of all he has all the credibility of Hummer making an anti CO2 global warming movie. "come spend $8 to see me rant and act the fool so I can get rich". Remember this is an anti capitalist movie done by one of the ultimate capitalists on the planet. Weak weak weak. It got one star because you cant give it zero stars.

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