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Broken City

Broken City

Release Date: Jan 18, 2013

Genre: DramaSuspense/Thriller

Rating: (R)

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    Broken City is a broken movie, mostly because the movie seems to operate on the notion that tough guys are inherently interesting, which anyone who has ever seen a Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie will be able to tell you firsthand is patently false. Just because they managed to get a bunch of tough guy actors together like Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe together in a movie where they play cops and powerful politicians doesn't mean jack, especially since these characters have all the depth of a petrie dish. As for Catherine Zeta Jones, I think it might be time for her to consider retiring. Yes, she still looks like a million bucks, but she seems about as interested in acting as does the kid working the drive thru who messed up your order. This is a pretty embarrassing mess of a movie and I think they should have known at the scripting stage that this was gonna be a disaster. Maybe that's why it came out in January aka Hollywood's dumping season!
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    Well color me drab, y'all! Seriously, guys, I just could not wait for this movie to be over. I was all like "what is going on here?!" and then I realized that I didn't care what was going on because it's impossible to get involved with the storyline or to feel any kind of sympathy with these cardboard cutout characters. Mark Wahlberg as a NY cop? Wow. Russell Crowe as yet another menacing East Coast politician? Hold me down. And Catherine Zeta Jones as a colder-than-ice hellcat? Yeah, never woulda expected it! I hope you can detect my severe irony in this statement because everything and everyone in this movie is just going through the motions. They have literally no desire to try to do anything even remotely different or interesting. I guess some people will like it (those who enjoy cliches) but it ain't for me, that's for sure. Go see "Les Mis", it's waaaaay better!
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    Okay, so this movie gets five stars just because it has Russell Crowe back on screen doing what he does best, which is play tough guys. After seeing his wooden acting and singing in "Les Miserables" I was so glad to see one of my favorite actors back on screen doing what he was born to do. He really knocks it out of the park in this role. I was kind of surprised to see him take the art since he doesn't have the lead role, but he's still remarkable in it. He also had really good chemistry with Catherine Zeta Jones who plays his cheating wife. Kyle Chandler also totally nailed his part. Mark Wahlberg is good, great in some scenes, but he really isn't the type to be able to carry a movie. He is better suited to supporting roles like in "Ted" and "Movie Night". He is kind of a one-trick pony and even though his body is crazy hot, his face is not (sorry ladies) and I hope they don't make the mistake again of making Russell Crowe play second fiddle to this ex underwear model.
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    I went to see this movie with a few of my buddies and we all agreed that it was a guys movie. I think that the only women who were in the theater were either dragged by their husbands or were diehard Russell Crowe fans. I was neither but I still found myself enjoying the movie because it goes where very few police movies dare to go. It starts out one way and then it veers off into a totally different direction which is surprising to say the least (I won't spoil it for you, don't worry). Mark Wahlberg somehow always ends up in movies and roles that really let him shine even though I don't think anyone really considers him a good actor, which is a shame because he's just as good as Ryan Gosling in my book. Remember 'Ted"? How he totally nailed that part in an utterly surprising way? He does the same here, and he manages to steal the movie right out from under A-list actors like Russell Crowe and Catherin Zeta Jones.
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    I did not think this movie was good enough to warrant the participation of big names like Catherine Zeta Jones and Russell Crowe (who I am still getting over from his frankly bizarre performance in Les Mis). I do not generally care for Mark Wahlberg or his brand of movies, but in this one he actually seems to be playing his part with some seriousness. I believed him in it even though I still wouldn't say he's a terribly good actor. I think he just ended up playing a version of himself. As for Catherine Zeta, she looks great in this movie but she really seems to have next to no idea how to play this part. She just looks so austere as she tries to act in this movie. I also think that Russell Crowe is showing signs that he is really not interested in acting anymore. I think all he wants to do now is cash those paychecks and be on his way. It's all pretty convoluted and none of it is memorable at all.
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    Even though it’s woefully clear from the get-go that Broken City is a pretty inadequate movie insofar as story, plot, and basic narrative tension is concerned, there is one saving grace to the entire proceeding, and his name is Mark Wahlberg.
    Wahlberg is one of those rare “accidental” actors whom critics and audiences rarely take seriously (he was an underwear model!) but who seems to turn in memorable performances, one after the other. If we saw him as the lovable lout of last year’s hilarious Ted, we also buy him wholly as the NYPD cop Billy Taggart in Broken City. His performance is always credible and sincere, even when everything else about the movie isn’t.
    Taggart’s career is falling apart, and he can barely make ends meet. He is called in (as these washed up cops usually are) to confirm that the first lady of New York (Catherine Zeta Jones), married to the city’s mayor (Russell Crowe), is having an affair with a rival politician’s chief of staff (Kyle Chandler). What he finds isn’t what he’s expecting – and it leads to his unraveling.
    The whole thing gets very convoluted very fast, and it’s only Wahlberg who makes the movie at all interesting or watchable. Zeta-Jones comes off as almost a parody of upper class snootery, while Crowe gives what is probably the least memorable performance of his career. A sad case of parts adding up to less than their whole.
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    I thought this film is going to be much better, I mean the trailer looked good and the film has a great cast. Unfortunately, the movie was pretty bad and I definitely do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I thought the film was boring, it had no thrills and I did not find the story to be compelling in any way. The acting was not great either, it seemed that no one was really invested in this film and Russell Crowe looked really unhappy throughout the film. The film was dull, humorless and it felt really artificial, I was very disappointed. Overall, I think the film was predictable and I do not think it is worth seeing in the theaters.
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    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I thought the film was outdated, boring and the story was pretty bad, I wish I did not waste my time on this film. It had a pretty good cast but all of the actors seemed to be very unhappy to be in this film and I can understand why. Russell Crowe looked miserable and annoyed the whole film and the only one who kept the story kind of going was Wahlberg. The film is not thrilling at all and it is one of those films that you will forget the second you leave the theater. Overall, I suggest skipping this one and saving your money and time.

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