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Release Date: May 18, 2012

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I know that this is supposed to be a disaster movie, but I think that usually means that the movie is *about* a disaster. Instead, this movie IS a disaster: it's a total wash from top to bottom with absolutely nothing to recommend it. It fails at every level you can possibly imagine, even at the CGI which you would think Hollywood would have down to a science by now. If an old fuddy duddy like me can pick out the obviously animated moments, then you know this movie is in big trouble.
    I still couldn't figure out what the point of any of this was. I guess it's to reiterate that aliens are bad and that our planet will always be in danger so long as we exist. My kids thought a few of the action sequences were "bad ass" as they put it, but even they thought the story was lame. I would say that it's better to let your husband or boyfriend take the kids to this one - it's strictly for the neanderthals!
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    Sometimes you watch movies and you wonder how they got made. I mean, really, why would they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie like "Battleship" when there are so many better ways to spend that money?
    I'm sorry to say that I spent my weekly allowance watching "Battleship" - I mostly went because the trailer looked pretty good and I wanted to see Rihanna's big screen debut. BIG MISTAKE. The movie only seems to be either really dull or really loud - and after the 150th explosion you start to feel numb to it all. The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming! Right . . .
    I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone except those who don't mind a movie that has nothing to offer except CGI. And even the CGI isn't that impressive! Wotta waste.
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    I can't believe I spent $13.50 to see this! My head is still throbbing from the endless line of explosions in the movie. Actually, I would say that this is not really a movie - it's just a collection of explosions and loud bangs that go on and on and on!
    Remember how godawful "Transformers 2" was? Well this one is actually worse. The whole cast just seems to stand there in terror as the bombs fall. There's no acting going on in this movie and I can't even remember the main character's name. All I remember is the giant alien that emerged from the ocean, which is what the movie is really about. The movie would have been much better if it were about the aliens instead of the lame humans we have to watch throughout.
    All I can say is that I'm thankful I didn't listen to my boyfriend who wanted to see this in 3D. I would have walked out!!!
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    Good gawd, what were they thinking?!? Taking a BOARD GAME and turning it into a movie? Am I alone in feeling that this was a terrible idea from the get-go? Is Hollywood totally and utterly out of ideas?
    This is nothing more than your standard potboiler action adventure CGI orgy movie that has NO story. NONE. In fact, I challenge anyone to prove that there is any plot in the movie - it's just lame CGI sequence after lame CGI sequence. The characters are standard issue cardboard cutouts you've seen in movies dating back to the 80s (if not before) and you will be bored out of your mind if you even try to figure out who or what they are.
    As for Rihanna making her screen debut, let me put it this way: Meryl Streep has nothing to worry about.
  • 5
    Seriously? I don't care what people said about this movie, and how it only made so much when it actually cost soooo much.
    I liked the movie. I liked the action in the movie, I liked the storyline of the movie, I liked the characters, and I liked the respected battle/soldier aspect. I liked that there was pride in the movie and i liked that old soldiers were mentioned.
    I also liked Taylor Kischt in this movie. That man is soon to be a great actor, and is not boring at all to watch. Nor is he to gaze at and day dream about (haha)
    But really? This movie should have made more, and been rated better.
    Haven't you people ever played battleship? Didn't you have an imagination as a kid? This movie recreated that childhood imagination.
  • 5
    I loved this movie, lots of story and lots of action. I'm taking my grandsons to see it, they'll love it too.
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    It was not as awful as i though it will be but it was definitely still pretty bad and I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I do not recommend seeing it in the the theatres because it is definitely not worth your time, i suggest to read a good book or listen to some good music instead. The film was incredibly stupid and loud and annoying and I was just so tired after this film. The actors in this film are there to spit out stupid dialogue and be killed, the characters are not developed at all and special effects play the main role in this film.
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    The trailer for "Battleship" says, "From the producers of Transformers and G.I. Joe," and that's about right. This big, bloated explosion fest combines aliens and military power into one huge assault on your senses. You're looking for gunfire and missiles and buildings being destroyed? Perfect. You're looking for a story? Seriously, from a movie based on a video game. We start off with a little bit of a story. Alex Hooper (played by Taylor Kitsch, whose last film was the unfortunate "John Carter") plays a screw-up who, after committing a goofy crime, finds himself forced into the Navy. Just in time, because during some war simulations off Hawaii, aliens show up to do some damage. Then story falls by the wayside and we get some crazy lapses in logic and a whole bunch of things blowing up and CG mayhem. Character development? Please. Rhianna is one of the stars of the movie. If you're looking for great acting, you're better off going to an art house, or even seeing "The Avengers". This is about putting teenage butts in the seats, and it does a fine job of giving that crew what it wants. That and hottie Brooklyn Decker. For the rest of us, it's a big mess that you'll forget about before it's even over.
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    This film was incredibly dumb and I did not like it a bit. I know people always have an excuse for films like this, they say that it is mindless entertainment and it’s fun to watch. Really?! Why would you want to pay to see a film, it’s just going to make you dumber, I don’t get it. This film had a huge budget and it was full of ridiculous special effects and I could not care less about any of that. All of the characters in the film are not developed and are there just to blurp out silly lines and maybe die, it was truly sad to watch. Also, the film was incredibly long and I could not believe that the filmmakers would make you sit this long for such crap.
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    I have to say that I am not a big fan of movies of this type: huge budgets and heavy reliance on special effects and this film did not differ in any way from the movies that I do not like. It was completely mindless entertainment and I know it is fun for some people but I can not stand that. The film was incredibly dumb and and I really feel that it killed some of my brain cells and I am dumber just because I saw it. It is a film that knows that it is big and dumb and embraces it, now some people will find it fun to watch but I feel like I have wasted my time and money.

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