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Release Date: Aug 24, 2012

Genre: HorrorDrama

Rating: (PG-13)

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    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters, unless you like to waste your time and money. The film is not scary not at all and I was very disappointed with it. THe film seems to be not put together very well and it is extremely chaotic and most of the time it makes no sense at all. The characters are not developed and the actors do not seem to care about this film at all and it really shows, basically it was hard to watch this movie. There are no decent scares, no thrills and the story is a mess. Overall, I suggest you stay away from this film and spend your money elsewhere.
  • 4
    Your truly is definitely in the minority on this one, but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It has some amazing special effects that make you sit up and take notice of how far CGI has come in recent years, even since the first Paranormal Activity movie. The story isn't really any great shakes, but the way the director staged some of the shots is really breathtaking from a CGI pint of view. The ghost figures that appear throughout the movie don't look like the fake movie ghosts we're used to seeing in movies like Pirates of the Carribbean and Harry Potter. They're not just faded human beings, they have a spiritual aura that kind of sets them apart. They look sort of animated to me so I'm guessing that whatever they used in "Avatar" is what was used here. I think the climax could have been cut in half - it's really way, waaaay too long - but all in all this is a good movie for the summer if you missed out on the other few horror movies since May.
  • 3
    I generally am a fan of scary movies (still love the Freddie Cougars, I gotta say) but this movie was pretty generic and bland affair. First of all, they set it in the suburbs. Haven't we seen enough of the whole suburban high school and college kids getting slashed to death thing? They should have set it in the distant past or the distant future, that would have given them so much more material to work with. Instead, the just heap old horror movie cliche upon old horror movie cliche until you just about hope that the ridiculous climax will wrap itself up nicely so you can get a refill on your popcorn (which is the only decent thing about this movie, to be honest). I was expecting a lot more and got very little for my money, have to say. I think the Bear Fight scene in "Brave" was waaaaay scarier than anything in this movie, even with the whole concept of the waking dead. Not scary at all, but still worth a peek if you like the genre.
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    Ever seen a movie where everyone is just going through the motions? They're not even making an attempt to try an act or even pretend that what's going on onscreen is real at all. This is basically what happens in this movie where every scary and horror movie cliche is employed to stunning non-effect. Apart from some well-conceived shots of the pretty young leads, there's really no reason to look at the screen during the entire two hour running time! I can't believe that a director like Todd Lincoln could possibly think that this movie would amount to anything even remotely entertaining. And what is with the lead Sebastian Shaw? He looks like he spent most of his time sitting in hair and makeup than taking acting lessons - he's SO wooden, even when he's supposed to be scared to death. They should have cast a lesser known name that can act. That would have made the movie somewhat watchable.
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    I don't like it when my kids beg me to take them to horror or slasher movies (what parent wants to sit through that drivel with their kids??) but I acquiesced this one time because my kids did everything I asked them to do (hey, a deal's a deal). This movie was actually not that scary which I was relieved by but my kids didn't seem to enjoy it that much because they thought it was like that other movie "Paranormal Activity". I have never seen any of those movies, but I thought this was a good movie for anyone who thinks their kids want to see a scary movie that won't give them nightmares. The teens in this movie look about 25-30 years old, but they are decent actors and very good looking. The acting isn't great (is it ever, in a scary movie??) but that's not the point. My kids said they might watch the sequel if they make one, but only if it's much MUCH scarier. I'll probably sit that one out.
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    I went to see this movie with a bunch of my friends and I will admit that I was the one who liked it the most. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of horror movies, especially ones that come out in the summer (they usually aint so great outside of Halloween). But this one stars the hotter than hot duo of Julianna Guil and Ashley Greene, both of whom I would pay to watch read the phone book. Sure, like all horror movies the women get killed off pretty quickly and then the guys have to get chased until they figure out how to destroy the evil demons. If you're like me and haven't seen every horror movie every made, you might like this one. I was genuinely caught off guard by some of the scenes, though my friends thought it was all kids stuff (they watch a lot more horror flicks than I do). It's not a smart scary movie like "The Sixth Sense" but it is a lot better than movies like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
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    Um, can you say "Lame"? If not, then just say "The Apparition", one of the lamest and least scary "scary" movies to ever be made. Everything in this movie is something you've seen before in far better and far scarier movies. Nothing in this movie is at all surprising or full of suspense or tension. You know exactly what's going to happen and exactly when if you've seen movies like "Scream", "Paranormal Activity", and "Poltergeist". It's about college students doing stupid things like summoning up the dead and then getting killed until a much later generation of teens shows up and gets involved in the supernatural scene that inevitably leads to the haunting of all hauntings...except this one is not scary at all! Honestly, I've seen cartoons that are scarier than this. You can't just recycle old ideas and expect people to be surprised. The predictable is never frightening. NEVER!!!!!
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    I did not like this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I love horror films and I go to see them in the theaters pretty often and I am almost always disappointed. I seriously do not know why I keep going to see this films and this movie might be the last one. The film was not scary, it was not original in any way and the performances in this film kind of sucked. Basically, I feel like I have wasted my money and I could have spent it in a much better way. I hope people will not see this film and save their money and time.
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    I do not know why i keep going to the theater to watch horror film, I am disappointed every time and I always regret spending my money on it. This film was no different and I could not believe that i felt for it again and spent my hard-earned money on this horrible film. First of all, it was not scary at all and the story was silly. The characters were underdeveloped and quite stupid and the cast was not the greatest either. I thought the idea was actually pretty good but it was not executed the right way. Overall, I do not recommend seeing it in the theaters.

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