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    When you have such big swings in rating this doc**entary it can mean only one thing; it has political over tones. The over all motive of this doc**entary was to convince the viewers that Obama and now Clinton will carry out Howard Zin's grand scheme to destroy the constitution and turn the US into a socialist/communist government. It was a pretty interesting history lesson up thru Bono's speech. It made me proud to be an American. After that, it was the Zin, Obama & Clinton conspiracy that did me in and leave before the show was over.
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    I should have known better when I saw the 10% aggregate rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 'It's an eye opener' my father said (he got to choose the film.) Good lord. Good god almighty. This is one of the stupidest, most hilariously idiotic pieces of hysterical American Exceptionalism propaganda I have ever wasted time on. Seriously, people? Seriously?
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    Fascinating film. Did you know that the first American woman to become a millionnaire by her own work was an orphaned African American woman? Or that America changed the world by becoming a rich nation not by taking other people's stuff through war, which was always a common way nations became wealthy throughout history, but by creating wealth here at home? Did you know that slavery was a common practice throughout the world at the time slavery existed in America? Or that slavery exists in the world even today?
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    Recently saw this film, and I must say it was an "eye opener." Actually learned a lot from this movie. It also contained some surprises (from the left and the right). I wish virtually all Americans could view this doc**entary at least once. Glad I invested a couple of hours and eight bucks! Definitely worth seeing, regardless of your political persuasion.
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    The only "crackpot, crook, and thief here is the liberal loser who left one star and never saw anything more than the movie poster. Since "America" is not a Satuday-morning TV cartoon, and way above your age range and rating, you'll have to wait a few years before they'll let you get into the theatre by yourself to watch the "G-rated" stuff.

    Speaking of stuff, Mr. Occupy Mom's House, who cracked on corporations, let me ask you a few questions:

    Did you use your own computer to write your review? Own a Cellphone? Automobile? Bicycle? Scooter? Skateboard?

    Does your residence have a Refrigerator? Stove? TV? Sink? Toilet?

    From where do you get your gasoline? Gas Station? Siphon hose?

    Do you ever buy food from a store? Milk? Soft Drinks? Toilet paper? Anything?

    Have you ever worked a day in your life for a private business?

    Everything you have and use on a daily b asis is a direct result of capitalism and the corporations who manufacture them.

    Maybe D'Souza should make a sequel: "America: Imagine what life would be like without Liberals?

    Who were the people that captured the slaves from Africa in the first place? If your answer was "African Tribes," give yourself an "A." If you answered "Muslims," give yourslef an "A" also.

    But, if you answered "Europeans" you flunked.

    As far as "Who conquered who," you might as well go back to Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthals or if you want to talk about who and what killed 80% of the Native American Indians, you have to start with the Spanish and Portuguese explorers in the 15th Century - yet Lief Erikson, the Norse European bea. t them here by 500 years? Did he bring germs with him, too? No one knows.

    Better yet - Archaeologists can't agree on where the first ancestors of the Native American Indians came from - which may be as far back as 16,500 years ago. The old "Clovis" theory is toast.

    Then, of course, you had different Indian tribes killing off rival tribes and stealing their land long before any white men showed up.

    FYI: The smallpox blankets were given to the Indians by the British Army in 1763 - before America was born. Also, more than 100 years before 1776, there was one outbreak of smallpox among the Hurons caused after the fall of Ft. William Henry during the French and Indian War. When the garrison surrendered to French General Montcalm, his Huron allies were upset at not being able to garner scalps from the English. The Hurons dug up several graves (not knowing that those dead English colonists had died of smallpox) and took their scalps, spreading the disease back to their villages.

    Try reading genuine history books written before the 20th Century.

    I will be seing America a 2nd time this Friday so that I can give a more reasoned review.

    BTW, "2016: Obama's America" was a dog of a movie. This time around, D'Souza did not rely solely on Obama's, phony fairy-tale biography that Bill Ayers wrote. Dinesh did his homework on "America"
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    The people giving low ratings here seem to not be giving reviews of the movie at all but instead are taking shots at America and the movies maker. I for one love my country and I realize this world without her would be a truly evil world. So me and my family will definately be seeing this one!
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    A refreshing overview of American history focusing on what makes America great. Sure to leave Stalin rolling over in his grave. :)
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    Just saw this with my family -- what a great movie. Sadly everyone in the theater, except our kids, were over about 50. And that's largely why America has descended to where it is. An entire generation is like the previous reviewer -- they've drank the kool-aid and have no idea how to evaluate the facts for themselves. It's getting to where it is only the older generation that remembers what things used to be like and what we are in the process of losing.
    One refreshing reminder we got from this movie though was that no matter how much ground this socialist resurgence gains, at the end of he day America is an "idea" and that can never be destroyed. It will ultimately come back.
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    Corporate Propaganda Movie America:
    I was doing great with this one (in spite of the overemphasis on a version of the US Revolution/Civil War/WWII that omitted the entire role that corporations played in instigating, financing and starting the hostilities (respectively). While they were giving me new info and telling people about Howard Zinn - all was fine.

    And then, the whitewash began. It was still OK to learn about the African Americans owning slaves - but, were there really as many of them as there were white slave owners? or did I hear that wrong? I didn't even freak out when they started justifying the white's land grabbing on the Indians - at first. But when they attributed the American Indian Genocide to random disease and said that the Sioux nation has had a Billion dollars "set aside" for them... Oh please. Set aside? What are they, underage or something? And about that disease. I clearly remember blankets contaminated with Small Pox.

    Then came the real propaganda. Did we know that American let Iraq "keep it's oil." Yea? Really? I think we're still there and the mega O&G companies wanted their same same 30 year no increase contracts. And then this one, "America was giving the Afghani people food aid not really going to war to steal their mineral wealth for mega corporations using OBL as an excuse." That's when I got up and walked out.

    Dinesh needs to see a dentist and read Thom Hartmann's book "Unequal Protection" and learn how corporations really created the America he was trying to doc**ent. I wonder how much they paid him for this schlock? Oh, and the aerosol spraying in the skies was amazing.
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    D'Souza's a crackpot, a crook, and a thief. Why in the wide, wide, world of sports is anyone interested in what he says, unless it fits in with their already-skewed views?

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