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2016: Obama's America

2016: Obama's America

Release Date: Jun 08, 2012

Genre: Documentary

Rating: (PG)

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User reviews on 2016: Obama's America

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    I voted for president Obama and I am sort of inclined to like this film but I did not. found this film to be quite boring and sluggish and overall a bit pointless. I expected to learn something new and exciting but there was nothing new in this film whatsoever. The film is not entertaining at all and I realize that doc**entaries are not supposed to be extremely entertaining but I expected something more than this. I did like the cinematography of this film and the pacing was quite good but everything else fell flat. Overall, I do not recommend seeing this film in the theaters.
  • 5
    '2016' - tells Obama's story in a powerful way :

    We went to see "obama 2016". You would not have believed how many people showed up to see this doc**entary. Every seat in the theater was filled, even though there had been an earlier showing that day, and more showings were scheduled for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We had to sit way down front - (I don't like sitting that close to the screen. It gives me a sore neck, and eye strain). The

    Audience was riveted. You could barely hear a sound from them, or detect a movement, and certainly not smell

    Popcorn. Yet the movie had no bombast, no violence, no sex and no spectacular visual effects.

    Everyone was so quiet. I don't think they were even breathing. No one wanted to miss a word. It was

    Refreshing to see how addressing adults as adults could be effective, in an age when so many parts of the

    Media address the public as if they were children who need a constant whirlwind of sounds and

    Movements to keep them interested. After the show everyone clapped. I haven't seen that many people in a movie theater since I was a teenager; or hear the audience start clapping at the end. The movie didn't try to put obama down; it just told how obama came to his Third World perspective of America and the facts about his life. How he came to be the person he is today. I hope you go to see it before they stop running it. Here is the link where you can find where, and when the doc**entary is showing.
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    This movie is surprisingly fair to Obama, its a very objective portrayal of the important life events and forces that have influenced and shaped Barack Obama into who he is now. I was already aware of most of the information presented, but to see all the data put together with many of Obama's own words added is truly scary.

    Di Sousa gives us a wonderful case study of how Obama's "theoreticaly-a-100%-income-tax-could-work" radical marxist parents shaped him into becoming the muslim sympathizing marxist that he is today !!
    Watch it with an open mind.... especially.....If you have ever wondered how Germany was hypnotized by Hitler and his smooth talk .... then watch this film... i.e "Sieg Heil" = "Hope and Change"

    This film is not unlike the detailed full-life macroscopic examination that the MSM (main-stream-media) directs toward conservative candidates for office.
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    It must be a great movie, there scrubbing it out of the theaters in the Sacramento area, that's California for you. I will probably have go to some other state to see it or I could order it from Amazon. It might be worth it, I could show it all friends and neighbors!!!!! Who really wants to have DINNER with Barack, anyhow?
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    Five stars to DD for having the courage to tell the truth. He says things that the "mainstream" media should have covered, four years ago. But, they did not actually care, for some reason.
    After the showing that we say, yesterday, the audience broke into applause and cheers. We actually met some that had been swept away in 2008 and voted for him. Since then,they have been actively educating themselves and REGRET what they did. Kudos to them. They do NOT want the America that obama and daddy dreamed of. THAT is pretty scary. Hey leftists, that think this movie was produced by birthers............newsflash, it clearly states that he was born in Hawaii..........hmmmm.........obama wants this country reduced in every way and he wants ALL countries equal. To the left wing people - do you really want that??! WHY? loss of SNAP; welfare and all the other entitlements..........Well did you know that obama has already cut medicare by $450 billion, in order to fund his joke of a "healthcare" program. Would you like to see a country that is getting it RIGHT??! Look North to Canada. Then you might see why obama has disdain for PM Stephen Harper. If obama slimes his way into office, this country will not even be recognizable and all because of people, who voted for hope and change. You have got some of the change - what do you think?
    To the left - who should be seeing this movie - educate yourselves, and then ask yourself, WHY, nobody on the left has come out with a movie touting your messiah.
    Romney/Ryan - 2012
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    So I went and watched this movie, I am on who didn't vote for Obama back then and sure won't again. When he was running he appeared fake and see through. Those who voted for him were sure in a trance and didn't hear what he was saying because all they saw as Obama himself said, "a black man who isn't angry." Say what you will but I am one of those who has become unemployed, denied benefits of any sort, and soon will have to pay for medical insurance because I don't want to be in line waiting for my appointment at a community hospital because of Obamacare saying I have to go to a specific medical care. I have heard Obama talk about his brief background but this film did show why he is against the "American Dream", shoot today in his eyes I am richer than where he came from, Kenya. He has already shown how he wants us to welcome the Muslims into the U.S. no matter if they are good or bad, reduced our military and weapons, restricted our resources for oil, spend billions on oversea matters, enjoyed our tax dollars on his and families vacations (shoot I wish I had a dad who flew me and my friends to Italy for the week, for for my birthday party in a private plane). Anyways this movie explains how Obama is totally against how the whites (colonist) have made America who they are. Even in the movie they have people say that Obama wants to make us even with the 3rd world countries, that everyone should be even in wealth. We should not want more and should give to other nations. We should not have more weapons than other countries and who are we to have more. You can see by the news how every other nation is growing in nuclear weapons and ours is getting reduced soon we won't be the nation that everyone feared or went to for help when they were in crisis. America will no longer be the country of the free and we will be in a communist order soon. You can see by the way Obama is ignoring the constitution and calling everyone chicken when they won't go his way. Come on people wake up and see who Obama is, don't follow him like all the people did in Jonestown. His drink will lead us nowhere but doom. Look at it now people losing their jobs, homes, and now lives. People killing themselves, employers, families, and innocent people because there is no "hope" and no where to turn to. Sure we don't like the running mate but hey the next person can at least stop this tyrant who doesn't love AMERICA!!!!! I couldn't believe it when the movie was over the ones who were Obama bound had second thoughts now. This is the first time I have gone to a theater showing where I could actually watch a movie in peace and no cell phones. Then no one left their seats during or even after the show. Go see it and for those who are blinded by Obama, wisen up.
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    See this movie. Obama must go. It is every Americans responsibility to get rid of this ass we call the president.
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    I have watched the movie, read the books and read all the reviews on this site. Everything from calling DeSouza a whack job to the normal Liberal mud slinging racist remarks. Francesca Botali, Marco Svengali, Jessica Bloom, Anastasia Beaverhausen, Jason Gray, Danielle Harpy, you went to this movie with your mind already made up. My questions to yiou are what freebies is your "Messiah" in the White House promised you to make you so closed minded? Had to be something. If you cannot read, hear or see the facts in front of you, you are sad people. You cannot be educated. Even a Liberal that is educated can read and decide facts (not hearsay, but facts as doc**ented) and arrive at the correct conclusion. This man yopu worship is dedicated to taking America down. He has treaties pending with the U.N. waiting for his re-election to sign them. Treaties putting more restrictions on American Citizens with the us of U.N. treaties bypassing our Constitution. Google/Yahoo search "Presidential Executive Orders 2009 thru Aug 2012". Again, read the facts of what he is really doing and quite sucking up the "Kool-Aid" you claim people who watch Fox news drink. Facts are a Liberals worst nightmare, that and running out of other people's money to give away. Liberals referring to this movie a "Right Wing Garbage, etc." yet everything they say is made up is doc**ented and shows Obama saying in his own words. Kinda tough to dispute that one if you tell the truth, but since when did a Liberal let telling the truth stand in the way? So to all you Libs out there that can't think or speak the truth for yourselves, Go explain to your parents, Aunts, Uncles and other friends and family why you voted for a man whose sole purpose is to end their life by taking away health care at 76 years old. Yes I know you are rolling your eyes. How about using them for their intended purpose. Gert a copy (it is online) of H.R. 3200 to Health care bill and read it. It is all right there for you to read. I did and many others have. What I stated is not only in there is is already starting to be put in effect. Do you want your children growing up in a free society? Then you better think before you vote for Obama.
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    Wow, what utter crapola. This movie is so over-the-top with its hyperbole it makes Andy d*** look like an angel. A gripping visual journey into a the depths of a birther, deather, racist's ass. Save your time and just go back to hoarding ammo and bibles in your safe room. Won't let me select 0 stars.
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    Dinesh D’Souza with his easy manner simply describes this president's upbringing with a laser focus on those who could not have helped but influence his thinking. Barak Obama's childhood and early adult experiences are alien to the America that nearly all of Americans feel and believe. This film is factual and devoid of partisan vitriol that one would see from the likes of a Michael Moore. Independents should see this film. Bottom line; very radical (anti-West, anti-America, anti-capitalism) and deeply politically active mentors including his father, his mother, his grandfather (who helped raise him), and a host of others literally surrounded young Barak from early childhood through adolescence. President Obama's actions and words (right from the president's mouth in his books and his speeches) when presented against the backdrop of his upbringing illuminate with frightening clarity the source or motivation behind the "change" he promises to bring this nation. If you are on the fence considering re-electing this president I submit that you cannot see this film and not then decide your vote.

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